5 Best Eyelash Tint Kit Choices: Singles and Combos

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on March 28, 2023
best eyelash tint kit
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Eyelash tinting is a highly popular treatment that provides the perfect middle ground between mascara and lash extensions. It uses a special dye to darken the lash strands, making them look longer and giving your eyes a bold, open look.

With the best eyelash tint kit you get a perfect waterproof mascara effect without the hassle of actual mascara every morning, but also without the long-term commitment of extensions.

It’s often done in combination with a lash lift or perm, but you can opt for tint only. The color will last for up to 8 weeks, i.e. the length of your natural lash growth cycle.

That said, you do need to keep redoing the treatment every two months or so. Considering that each tinting treatment costs anywhere between $40 to $75, many people decide to save money and time by DIYing their lash tint.

But is it a good idea? And how do you choose the best eyelash dye kit anyway? PMUHub investigates.

Is It Safe to Use an At-Home Eyelash Tint Kit?

Yes, if you choose a quality product, do a patch test, and follow the instructions to a T. If you take all the precautions, even an Amazon eyelash tint can work just fine.

Generally speaking, lash tinting is a safe, low-maintenance treatment that isn’t complicated to do at all. The best eyelash dye uses eye-safe, vegetable pigments and the best kits come with eye protection and all the necessary tools.

That said, you are applying products to the most sensitive area of your face. Be patient and follow the manufacturer’s instructions religiously.

Also, keep in mind that there are some color additives used in cosmetics that the FDA hasn’t approved for use in the eye area. You should always check the ingredients on the kit you’re considering.

Check out our guide on how to do an eyelash tint at home for more detailed information.


Before you commit to tinting, do a patch test. There’s a small chance that you might react negatively to the tinting solution if you’re prone to allergies or if your skin is very sensitive.

Best Eyelash Tint Kit Choices – Top 5 DIY Products

Here are the top performers on the DIY lash tint market, both for tinting only and for lift + tint combos.

Best Lash Lift and Tint Kit: Lomansa Eyelash Lift and Black Color Kit

Lomansa kits are ideally suited for those who want to DIY a lash lift + lash tint combo treatment. They’re pro quality but very beginner-friendly. One kit contains all the tools and supplies for 15 applications.

Lomansa stands out with its satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not 100% pleased with your kit, contact them and they’ll make it right.

Best Eyelash Tint Brand: PERMANIA Training Kit

PERMANIA produces tints for both lashes and brows. Its formula is tailored to give natural results, so you don’t have to worry about overly intense shades and unnatural hues on your lashes.

You can choose between black, dark brown, natural brown, and ash gray hues. The product comes packaged in a vacuum tube, so hygiene and safety are guaranteed. One kit provides enough tint for up to 10 applications.

Best Eyelash Dye Formula: Libeauty Glossy Black

Libeauty eyelash dyes come as shimmering creams with full opacity that stay on your lashes for around 6 weeks. Their kits include all the supplies for an efficient at-home tinting process and are both beginner-friendly and suited to professionals.

The best feature of Libeauty’s eyelash tints is their keratin formula. Not only do they give your lashes intense color and beautiful definition, they also keep them healthy and nourished.

Best Eyelash Tint for Sensitive Eyes: Aryana New York Eyelash and Eyebrow Color Kit

Aryana New York stands out with its sensitive vegan formula. The product comes in gel form and features black and brown tints. Since it’s tailored to be gentle, both pigments look exceedingly natural.

The Aryana tint is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals, making it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious beauty fans everywhere. One kit offers up to 10 applications.

Best Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint: Estel Only Looks

Estel Only Looks produces pro-grade dyes that are suitable for both eyebrows and eyelashes. This tint has a low pH level, has a soft texture, and contains no perfume additives, so it’s suited to people with sensitive skin.

You can choose between graphite, blue-black, classic black, and warm brown tint, so you can mix and match to get the tone that’s ideal for your skin and hair color. The product is only the tube of dye, which might seem like a downside at first, but it’s actually a unique advantage.

You get to pick and choose the tools you are most comfortable with instead of having to rely on what comes with the product. Likewise, if you already have brushes and pads of your own, you can just get the dye you want and save money on buying a whole kit.

In Conclusion

You absolutely can do an eyelash tint at home and save yourself some money and time on all the salon visits. Just make sure you choose a reliable product, always do a patch test first and take your time to get familiar with the instructions before you start tinting.

Your eyes are your most sensitive facial feature – you definitely don’t want to wing it!



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