AstroFrecks! Adorable Constellation Freckle Tattoos

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on October 17, 2022
constellation freckle tattoos
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Since the fake freckles trend emerged, people were finding ways to make them more permanent – which is how fake freckle tattoos came to be.

As with every trend, the more popular the procedure becomes, the more spin-offs appear. Nowadays, faux freckles come in many different forms – including rainbow-colored freckles and freckles in different shapes like hearts and stars. So why not choose to do it in an actual star shape – a real zodiac constellation freckles?

Let’s see what’s so magical about these constellation freckle tattoos and take a look at some shining examples we’ve spotted.

What Are Constellation Freckle Tattoos?

Constellation freckle tattoos first appeared in 2017 and are also referred to as zodiac constellation freckles and astro freckles.

They spawned as one of many variations of faux freckle tattoos, a permanent cosmetic procedure that provides you with a long-term solution to drawing on freckles daily. These freckles don’t run or smudge, they won’t get messed up due to sweat, and not even swimming will ruin them.

Depositing pigment into the skin rather than applying it on top of the skin, as it would be done with regular makeup, results in natural-looking freckles that can last up to 3 years.

As the names imply, these freckles are placed in the shape of star constellations. Imitating the shape of the night sky is the only thing that differentiates in the process of creating “regular” faux freckle tattoos and constellation freckle tattoos.

what are constellation freckle tattoo
Image source: Instagram @magickbrows

How Are Astro Freckles Done?

Constellation freckle tattoos are done with the same method as any other fake freckle tattoo: by injecting cosmetic tattoo pigment into the skin.

There are several different techniques – the traditional stick-and-poke and cosmetic tattooing with a manual tool or a machine gun. It’s important to note that these tattoos aren’t the same as regular tattoos.

Cosmetic tattoos use pigment that is several shades darker than the client’s skin tone and fades after a certain time, as the body breaks it down.

The cosmetic tattoo technique achieves much more natural-looking results, compared to traditional stick-and-poke tattoos, those done with ink. Still, the main step in creating the constellation freckles tattoo is the same in both techniques.

To recreate the star map on the client’s face, the artist applies a stencil of the constellation first. Then, following it, they create a freckle in places of stars, obviously without doing the constellation lines.

This placement looks random to those who don’t know it’s a constellation, especially if you choose to blend it in with random freckles as well. But you know the secret meaning!

Why Astro Freckles Became So Popular

This trend went viral a few years ago and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Especially now that spirituality, crystals, and astrology are getting mixed in with fashion and beauty trends, thanks to TikTok.

And having a more personal and spiritual connection to your cosmetic tattoo is right up that alley.

But besides trends, the main allure of astro freckles is their hidden meaning. Once on the skin and healed, they look like regular freckles to anyone that doesn’t know that they hold a celestial secret, hiding the meaning of it in plain sight.

Image source: Instagram @_nomad_society

Zodiac Constellation Freckles

When deciding on the shape, inspiration is often taken from the client’s own natal chart. And while you can choose to do any constellation like Orion, Little Bear, or the Great Bear, most people decide to get their own astrology sign.

Hence the name, zodiac constellation freckles.

Zodiac constellation freckles can represent your own sun and moon sign or those of someone you love.

In that sense, these dainty face tattoos can hold a lot of meaning behind them. Paying a tribute to someone you love, without outright tattooing their name on you is just so precious. Think about it – each time you look in the mirror there’s a small reminder of that person!

In Conclusion

While there is a lot of charm to astro freckles, keep in mind that this is a tattoo after all. Meaning it lasts quite a while. So make sure it’s something you actually want to be seeing on your face every day. Experiment a bit with makeup first, before you decide to book an appointment.

Try doing some astro freckles with a brow pencil and wear it for some time, to make sure it’s really something you like before you get them tattooed.

Or, you can try doing them with henna, for effects that last about a week. Here’s everything you need to know about henna freckles.

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