Introducing Bellar Air: Microbeau’s Latest Version of the Most Popular PMU Machine

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 15, 2024
Bellar Air PMU machines
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In the surveys that PMUHub conducted among permanent makeup artists, Microbeau’s machine, Bellar, really stands out as one of the favorites. Artists’ favorite thing about this elegant machine is that it is lightweight, but precise and consistent. And gives great results.

Since there’s always better than the best, Microbeau improved this beloved machine further. First, they went out with Bellar V2, but the real revolution came with Bellar Air.

Let’s see what’s so remarkable about Bellar Air and what you can expect from the machine.

How Is Bellar Air Different From Its Predecessor?

The first version of Bellar is so popular because it’s lightweight and quiet but still precise and strong. The permanent makeup artists praise its consistency and quality.

When it comes to Bellar Air, it has new features that make this machine smart and futuristic. The first noticeable difference is that it’s wireless.

It comes with a detachable battery that lasts for hours, and you can also get a 2-battery + machine combo, so you can switch batteries in the middle of the session, without interrupting it.

It has a screen with a simple yet useful interface in the middle that shows the following information:

  • The battery status
  • The speed of the machine (in Hertz or Volts)
  • Give level
  • Timer (useful for those who charge by the hour)

There are some super smart features for real professionals. The option of detecting the needle, so it gives the utmost e-give response, then the hard power off to save the battery as well as click grip adjustment.

It’s important to point out that Bellar Air is ambidextrous – the buttons are not on the side but across the machine, and you can switch the screen, so it’s suitable for both right and left-handed people.

Major Bellar Air Features

Here are some main features of the Bellar Air machine:

  • The voltage range is 4v – 10v, but you can adjust on the screen whether you want to see the speed in Hz or in V.
  • The machine weights 110g with a battery (in comparison, the first Bellar weights 89g)
  • Fixed 2.1mm and 3 mm stroke length, which means you can either buy the machine in 2.1 mm OR 3.0 mm stroke, the cam is fixed.
  • It can be paired with the Darklab app via Bluetooth.
  • It can be paired with the Killswitch footswitch pedal via Bluetooth.

major Bellar Air features

Can It Be Wired?

Yes. It comes with a DC connector so you can use the machine without the battery, but with the standard power cord.

Which Treatments Is It Good For?

Bellar Air is a perfect choice for machine strokes, now called nano brows. Nano brows are basically the future of PMU since many artists are switching from manual to machine technique.

Other types of machine eyebrows, such as powder brows or its pattern ombre brows look soft and natural when done with this machine.

Bellar Air can be used for any other permanent makeup treatment and it’s a very popular choice for lip blush and permanent eyeliner.

Its slow speed of 4V is something many artists have been waiting for. This feature helps them achieve better results especially when doing powder brows or ombre brows.

Image source: Instagram @supernaturalbrows

Which One Is More Versatile: 2.1mm or 3.0mm?

Most artists prefer the 3.0mm stroke length for shading, i.e. powder, ombre brows and microshading, and the 2.1 stroke length for nano brows.

But it doesn’t have to be the rule, shading can also be done with 2.1mm and nano with 3.0mm and get great results. Light-handed people prefer the longer stroke option.

It is said that 3.0 is more versatile, so if you can’t get both, this one is a perfect option.

Image source: Instagram @advancedink_bythuylam

What Colors Are Available?

So far, Bellar Air is available in 3 colors: Microbeau Blue, Stealth (black), and Prima (pink).

The machine comes in a luxury case that protects the machine from damage when you travel.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Some artists may think that the Bellar Air cam is switchable from 2.1mm to 3.0mm, but it’s not. A fixed cam means you can’t change your stroke. You buy either 2.1 or 3.0. There are some machines that have switchable cams, but not Bellar.

When it comes to price, it is on the higher side, but Bellar Air is one of the most advanced and luxurious machines on the market, and Bellar is known for its quality features, so the price is more than justified.

Different colors of Bellar Air permanent makeup machine

A Statement of Technology and Luxury

Bellar Air is “Microbeau’s breakthrough wireless innovation and the most refined user experience.” It is the ultimate PMU machine for all the artists who look for perfection with a touch of luxury.

The reviews are positive, highly praising this latest version of the Bellar machine. It is especially loved by artists who enjoy this cordless experience.

Where Can I Buy Bellar Air?

Right here! Yes, the PMUHub Shop is one of the official distributors of Microbeau’s machines, so you can find all three versions of Bellar in our shop.



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