7 Top Microblading Tools on Amazon + How to Choose

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 6, 2023
microblading tools on amazon
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Microblading artists usually search for the best possible tools to help them make their work as perfect as possible. Microblading blades and pigments are the most important things they worry about and they ask for recommendations often.

Since microblading tools need to be disposable, they need something easily available and affordable. And Amazon is one of the best places to find them.

Let’s find out what are the best microblading tools on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Microblading Tools on Amazon?

When it comes to microblading tools, they need to be sterile. That means that you will likely choose a plastic microblading tool where the holder and the blade are integrated. This tool is completely disposed of after use.

The other option is to have a metal holder and disposable blades. In this case, the holder needs to be sterilized in an autoclave. Since autoclaves are expensive, microblading artists largely turned to completely disposable tools.

When you are choosing the right blade, there are different things to consider. You can choose between a flexi and a hard blade and more importantly, to pick the right shape and needle configuration.

The most popular shape is the U-shape, but some artists will also go for slanted blades.

Here’s a detailed guide to microblading blades.

Top Microblading Tools on Amazon

Here’s our list of the best-selling and best-rated microblading tools on Amazon.

Tina Davies Professional 18 U Nano Microblade

As said above, U-shape blades are the most popular, especially for artists with some experience. And this one is one of the thinnest blades available, with its 0.18 mm diameter.

This very sharp blade is actually a nano blade. That means that the needles are thinner, and more delicate than standard microblading needles.

Now, more and more microblading artists use nano blades, so the term nanoblading started popping up.

This microblading tool is completely disposable, and has an ergonomic handle for enhanced precision and more comfortable hand position. You also get pigment rings and sticky rulers in the package, which can really come in handy.

Tina Davies Professional 16 Curved Nano Microblade

For those who prefer a curved or slanted blade, Tina Davies Professional 16 Curved Nano Microblade makes a great choice. The reviews say they are sharp, create crisp lines, are very professional and affordable.

Mellie Microblading U18 NANO .15mm

Mellie Microblading U18 NANO .15mm is also one of the most popular disposable microblading tools on Amazon. It’s a sharp, good-quality blade, convenient and perfect for creating delicate hair strokes.

This is another nano blade which means that the needles are extremely thin – 0.15 mm in diameter.

Mellie M Series Microblading Disposable Tools

Mellie M Series Microblading U18 .20mm is the most popular and best reviewed microblade in this collection. Artists are satisfied with its quality and the fact that it doesn’t get dull quickly.

PMU Products Disposable Sterile Microblading Pens

Currently, there are 3 different versions of this microblading tool, depending primarily on the shape of the blade. They offer 18U blade, 12 Slope Blade, and 15M1 Blade. They are said to be an affordable option but also a good value for money.

Madluvv Nano Disposable Premium Sharp Blades.18mm (18u)

Madluvv is another popular brand of microblading tools on Amazon.

This 18U nano blade is said to create crisp and long-lasting hair strokes. Microblading artists say that this blade is so special because it literally glides through the skin. They also say that they are easy to use and hold ink well.

Madluvv Premium Microblades

Another microblading tool by this brand comes with different needle shapes. This is said to be another great product. These microblading tools are sharp, and easy to use, they glide easily and feel comfortable in the hand because of their design and the fact that they’re lightweight.

You can choose between 3 size options.

To Sum Up

Finding a perfect microblading tool is sometimes not an easy task. That is why you may need to try out different shapes and needle configurations as well as different brands in order to figure out which blade gives the best microblading results for you.

Hope you’ll find something that you’ll be satisfied with in our list of microblading tools on Amazon.

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