PMU Salon Decoration Ideas – Make It Stylish While Adhering to Regulations

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 19, 2024
salon decoration ideas
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Okay, your skill is the main thing that will make or break your business. But since PMU and similar beauty treatments are luxury services after all, you have to pay attention to all aspects of your service – you’re selling a beauty experience, after all.

So, as soon as financial circumstances allow it, you should put some cash and effort into salon decoration.

To help you equip and decorate your salon, here are some of our salon decoration ideas in 2 general styles, along with furniture and accessory suggestions!

We’ve also compiled a list of regulations your salon has to adhere to, and some preliminary decisions you have to make.

Thought Process Before You Start Decorating

Before we get to the fun part – the actual salon decoration ideas – we have to go through the requirements your salon has to meet, and some factors that will help you plan your (re)decoration process.

Rules & Regulations for Your Workspace

Since permanent makeup implies working with blood, the space where you’re working has to follow certain health and safety guidelines. These vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the most general rules are:

  • You have to have a sink in your working area, and it needs to supply hot water.
    You have to have soap and paper towel dispensers closeby.
  • Every surface has to be suitable for wiping and disinfection. Floors, all counter surfaces and service trays shall have a smooth, durable, nonabsorbent finish (metal, hard plastic, vinyl or laminate are some of the acceptable materials).
  • You cannot have textile around your workspace.
    The working area needs to be physically separate from the reception and waiting area.
  • Your certification and license should be clearly displayed – it’s best to frame them and hang them up on a wall.
  • Before you can start working, your salon needs to have all the necessary licenses and pass an on-site inspection.
  • If you’re doing any renovations and changing up the plan of the salon space, you might need to submit some paperwork to your local inspection authority.

Your salon decoration ideas must be in line with these regulations. The list is not final and may not apply to all jurisdictions. Always check with your local authority and your insurance provider.

Plan Your Space

Your space should primarily be functional. Meaning, you shouldn’t let your decor disturb your work in the sense of movement. You need to be able to move around swiftly and have easy access to your client from all sides.

So plan accordingly and comprehensively. Your space is limited, even if it’s bigger, and you definitely don’t want it cluttered.

Before you order any piece of furniture, make sure it fits into the area and doesn’t limit your movement in any way.

beauty room ideas beauty beds and pmu lamps
Image source: Instagram @plushandoak

Decide on a Color Palette

Another thing you should plan in advance. Pick a couple of colors and stick to them. Apply your color palette wherever possible, from your floors and walls, down to accessories.

It’s ideal if you can use the colors from your logo. A color palette is part of your business’ visual identity, along with general style, and you should try to create a wholesome visual experience.

Your brand will be more memorable, and your PMU salon more attractive.

Introducing more than 3-4 colors might work in some cases, but it’s a very thin line between maximalist interior and just plain tacky.

beauty salon decoration ideas color palette
Image source: Instagram @estudiojm.arq

Let’s Get Decorating

We’ve chosen to present you with 2 most general decor styles – minimalism & maximalism – both of which are quite popular among beauty and PMU artists. From there, you can mix and match and create your unique interior.

Minimalist Salon Decoration Ideas & Suggestions

If you want to achieve a contemporary, minimalist esthetic, you probably want to stick to a couple of neutral colors: white, black, beige tones, and perhaps 1 additional color.

You want clean, sharp lines with smooth textures. If you want to introduce a pattern, it should be subtle, ideally in 2 shades of the same color.

You can add some accessories and details, but don’t go overboard.

Let’s show you what we have in mind, one category at a time:

Compact Cabinetry

Elegant Lighting

Keep your lighting minimalist and elegant. Stick to neutral tones and make sure its position is centered.

Clean Wall Decor

Again, keep it clean. Choose a style of frame you like and get several of them. You can frame your paperwork in them, and some artwork. Alternatively, you can hang up something related to your work, like different brow shapes.

A Custom Neon Sign

If you want to take wall decor up a notch without going overboard, you can get a custom neon sign with the name of your business. Go with a thinner, sharper font, and a color that matches the rest of the room.

Modernist Accessories

The surfaces you’re not using during the treatment can be decorated with accessories. Simple, clean and geometrical will complement the space perfectly.

Chrome Soap & Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper towel and soap dispensers aren’t all unattractive. You can actually find ones with nice design, but it might take some digging.

Maximalist Salon Decoration Ideas & Suggestions

On the other hand, working in beauty allows you to have some fun with your space. Maximalist interior implies introducing layers, textures, vibrant colors, patterns, and different accessories.

Cabinetry with Textured Surfaces

One thing we advise is you don’t get cabinetry with glass frames. Your supplies are probably really colorful and not all of them have nice packaging, so you don’t want this mess showing. Other than that, choose whatever you like.

The panes of cabinetry are large surfaces, so chances are this piece will draw attention.

A Cute Chandelier

Shiny or vintage, lighting is another thing that can be decorative object. You’ll have ring lights around your chair anyway, so a chandelier won’t be your primary light source, which means you can have fun with it and not worry about intensity so much.

Shiny Custom Name/Logo Sign

Neon might work in some maximalist interiors, but in case you feel it would be too much with everything else going on, you can get a more subtle, shiny one. Silver and gold are classic choices, but rose gold has also been popular lately.

Glitzy Accessories

Maximalist interiors allow you to unleash your creativity, especially with accessories. Introduce some detailing to accentuate spots in your space you feel are most attractive.

Just don’t go overboard – too many trinkets collects dust and you don’t want that.

Silver or Gold Soap and Paper Towel Dispenser

Finally, choose either silver or gold for your paper and soap dispensers, whichever suits the rest of the interior, to complement your sink area.

Final Note

At the end of the day, it’s important your workspace makes you feel good. You’re the one who’s going to be spending a lot of time there, so decorate in a style you like. Just make sure you’re not overcluttering.



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