Microblading Supplies: What You Need in Your Microblading Salon

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 28, 2022
microblading supplies
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Microblading has proven to be a lucrative career and it’s no wonder new microblading artists emerge every day.

As the market is saturated with microblading artists, it can be hard to make yourself stand out. In order to provide a perfect service and get returning clients, yes, you need to invest a lot of time in learning and practicing.

But you also need to invest in quality material right from the start. New artists are unsure what they need and which brands to choose when they are just starting out.

To help them, here are some must-haves and microblading supplies recommendations.

Microblading Supplies – The Essentials

Let’s start with the most essential microblading supplies, followed by a list of all the things you need in your PMU salon.

Microblading Blades

The right choice of microblading blades is essential. Even though the artist’s technique is the most important, the right tools can affect the results to a great extent.

It’s smart to try out different blades before making a final call. Also, if one blade is great for the beginning of your career, it doesn’t mean you can’t switch to a different one once you master your skills.

Microblading artists usually use angled or slanted blades (S blades) when they are just starting out. Once they become more skilled, they tend to switch to U blades. U blades are extremely popular.

You can get a holder that needs to be sterilized after each client and blades separately, or disposable tools that usually consist of a plastic holder and a blade, and are tossed away afterwards, which is a more popular option nowadays.

Here’s a couple of our suggestions:

PhiBrows Microblading Tool 18 U ECC 0.18

One of the best-sellers! The 18 U Ecc. 0.18 blade is very fine, and its pins are have a carefully designed U configuration for best pigment implementation.

PhiBrows Microblading Tool with U24 Nano Blade

Elegantly designed and loved by so many microblading artists, the PhiBrows Microblading Tool with U nano blade is made of stainless steel and it’s ideal for extremely thin, curved strokes.

Mellie Microblading U18 NANO .15mm

U18 nano blades are the favorite among microblading artists. There are a lot of good brands on the market and Mellie U18 nano .15mm is among the sharpest and best-quality blades out there.

Microblading Pigments

You want pigments that will have great retention and won’t change hue and turn into an unattractive color with time. Stable, safe and quality pigments are essential, and there are some brands that really stand out.

Perma Blend Pigments

Certified vegan and cruelty-free, these pigments are one of the most popular in the PMU community. Microblading artists praise them because they are stable and rarely shift into an unusual color.

There are various collections under the Perma Blend brand, and they are slightly different. Some of the most popular are Tina Davies, Brow Daddy and Evenflo pigments.

Mapping Tools

First you need to decide what works best for you. Most artists use a couple of tools to make their mapping as precise as possible.

The most popular tool is a mapping string. Learn how to use it and see our recommendations in this article: Brow Mapping String: Why Artists Love It + 5 Recommendations.

Here are some additional mapping tools, that will make your work easier, especially if you are just starting out:

2PACK Microblading Eyebrow Ruler

Another essential item for most microblading artists is a caliper. It helps them make sure the eyebrows are equal. Perfect tool for brow artists trying to ensure even length of the clients eyebrows.

It’s made of plastic and easy to handle. This affordable item is a perfect aid especially for beginners.

100 Pack Eyebrow Ruler

Another great tool for beginners, an eyebrow ruler sticker is simply placed on the forehead and peeled off afterwards.

PhiBrows Microblading BB Compass

PhiAcademy’s BB Compass is also a very popular microblading mapping tool. It provides great precision. Made of high-quality stainless steel.

Microblading Pencil/Marker

Outline pencil or marker is something most artists can’t go without. They always try to find a pencil that won’t smudge easily, and make them lose their mapping. Most PMU artists recommend Sharpie China Marker on Amazon.

Brow Daddy Framework Master Pencil

Brow Daddy Pencils are also very high-quality, but some artists find them unusually bulky. They actually enable better precision, but it takes time to get used to them.

They come in black and brown.


Numbing cream is also something you need to have (if the laws in your area allow it). There are two types of numbing: primary and secondary, even though a lot of artists nowadays skip pre-numb and only numb when the skin is open.

The most popular cream is Zensa, which can function both as primary and secondary numbing.

Other Microblading Supplies You Need

Apart from these essentials, there’s a list of other supplies you’ll need for your microblading salon.

Salon Furniture

You need to choose furniture that’s comfortable, handy, sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Microblading bed and stool – choose the right microblading chair or a massage bed (see our recommendations in this article) for your clients, and a comfortable stool (most people recommend saddle chairs).
  • Light – a good ring light is a must. See our lighting suggestions here.
  • Service trays where you’ll have all your microblading supplies on hand. They should be made of stainless steel and suitable for proper sterilization.


Here’s what you’ll need to keep your microblading place clean and safe for the clients:

  • Disposable face masks
  • Disposable rubber gloves (for tattooing, no latex)
  • Sharps container (it’s a legal requirement for disposing of all needles and blades)
  • Medical grade disinfectant / disinfectant surface wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol 90%
  • Barrier Film
  • Bed covers and dental bibs
  • Autoclave (optional)

Additional Microblading Supplies

And finally, a list of miscellaneous products that come in handy:

  • Green Soap
  • Soft Gauze 4×4
  • Small paper cups for water
  • Distilled water
  • Q-tips
  • Disposable spoolies (mascara wands)
  • Makeup Wipes (to remove makeup pre-treatment)
  • Tattoo rings and cups for pigment
  • Brow scissors
  • Eyebrow razor
  • Tweezers, tread, or wax
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Pigment electric stirrer
  • Anti-bacterial foaming cleanser for after the treatment
  • Plastic foil (for over the numbing)

Final Investment – Aftercare Kits for Clients

Even if you do everything perfectly during the treatment, once your client leaves the salon, it’s up to them to follow proper aftercare and ensure great healing. To make sure they use suitable products, you should send them off with an aftercare kit that contains everything they need in the first 2 weeks.

Here’s an article that covers why aftercare kits are so important and what they should contain.



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