How to Choose the Best Microblading Chair? Tips and Top Picks

By Emily M.| Last updated on September 19, 2023
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Setting up your microblading salon requires lots of research and asking for recommendations.

One of the most important items is a microblading chair. You want it to be comfortable for your client to sit in for a couple of hours. You also want it to be practical for yourself, to make your work easier and reduce back pain due to a bad posture and position.

Read this article to find out what to take into consideration when choosing a microblading chair and see what microblading chairs the artists love.

PMUHub’s Recommendations

We conducted a survey and asked artists to recommend their favorite microblading bed/chair.

Here are their and our picks:

DIR Facial Beauty Medical Aesthetic Bed INK

Microblading artists love this chair because it’s sturdy, adjustable and doesn’t take too much space. As one Amazon review says:

I love this massage table/chair for my Microblading and eyelash extensions work. It moves in any position easily and it is super quiet…

I can adjust it to any height while I work without disturbing the customer. I love that I have the option of hand control or foot control. If I have gloves on, I do not have to worry about getting them contaminated while trying to operate the table.

In addition, my customers can easily get in and out of this table/chair with minor adjustments from me. They also report that it is very comfortable. This is a great chair to work with and it looks wonderful in my spa.

LCL Beauty Electric Height Adjustable Massage Facial Bed

A more affordable electric bed that microblading artists love.

The quality is naturally somewhat poorer than with more expensive chairs, but both artists and clients are pretty satisfied with it. The chair is fully electric and will not swivel. The height, back, and leg rest can be adjusted using the remote control.

The only disadvantage that the artists complain about is that the chair doesn’t sit all the way up.

BarberPub Salon SPA Massage Bed

This one is among artists’ favorites at a decent price. It’s also electrical and has a remote controller, to adjust the height easily and quickly. Clients say it’s comfortable and it’s perfect for artists who struggle with back pain.

Budget-Friendly Microblading Chairs

If you are looking for something more affordable, here are some of the microblading artist’s favorites:

OKAKOPA Tattoo Table and Chair

If you are looking for an affordable chair, OKAKOPA tattoo table is one of the best rated on Amazon.

It’s sturdy, adjustable and it has a removable armrest, which makes it easier for clients to stand up. A detachable headrest of this microblading table can be used as a pillow or removed for a completely leveled surface.

Artist Hand Massage Table

This adjustable microblading bed is pretty affordable and artists love it while clients say it’s pretty comfortable. The clients say it’s an excellent chair for that amount of money.

What Color Should I Choose?

When it comes to the color of your microblading bed, it depends on your salon’s aesthetics. Yes, white is always the most elegant and clean choice, but it’s really high maintenance, especially because pigments are involved.

So, most artists say the black one is a safer choice.

But if you really want to get a white one, cover it with plastic bed protection. Or try covering the foot area with a piece of clear vinyl as they do at dental offices, and the headrest with dental bibs. Those are the areas that are hardest to clean.

What Else Do I Need to Think About When Choosing a Microblading Chair?

First off, it doesn’t really have to be a chair. It can be a recliner, facial chair, or massage bed (more on that below). When choosing your go-to microblading chair, it’s essential to be adjustable, sturdy, and comfortable.

Here’s what you should consider:

The Size of Your Salon

Some artists work in small rooms and they need a microblading chair that will fit. Microblading chairs take less space than microblading beds, so artists who work in small rooms prefer them.

A lot of artists use a barber’s chair or a dental chair because they don’t take up as much space as a bed, and it’s easy to move around each side of the client’s face as needed.

the size of your pmu salon
Image source: Instagram @huemon_beauty

Do You Sit or Stand While Microblading?

Most microblading artists sit behind the client while working. It’s very hard to microblade for 2 hours standing up. The artist chooses a comfortable stool to sit on and have their clients lie down.

But most of them will want their clients to sit up while they are mapping their brows, because the brow bones relax when the client is laying down. For this reason, a lot of artists choose a chair or a bed that can sit up easily.

Your Height

Some beds or chairs are not suitable for people of different heights. That’s why it’s useful to get a microblading bed that can easily go up and down, so you have enough space for your knees to put under the headrest.

Reclining Option

If you go for a chair, choose the one that can go all the way down, to 180 degrees. Otherwise, it will be complicated to reach your client’s eyebrows when you work behind their head.

Weight Limitations

You wouldn’t want a client to feel as though your chair can’t support them. Choose a bed with a weight limit of 350-500 lbs or more, so that all clients feel safe and comfortable.

Should I Go For A Microblading Chair, a Salon Bed or a Dental Chair?

It all depends on your preferences.

According to a PMUHub’s survey, most artists use a universal salon bed, also called a facial bed.

It may be the best choice because it has a small headrest so you can reach a client easily, but also enough space for the artists’ elbows to rest, it has a good leg rest and it’s said to be the most comfortable for the clients.

If you choose an electric microblading bed, it’s easy to adjust its height, without disturbing the client. Also, it’s easy to put it up when you want to place your client in a sitting position.

A dental chair is a strong number 2, according to our survey. Most microblading artists love it because they are usually very quality and can hold a lot of weight.

A reclining chair is usually a good choice for people who want to save space. Artists sometimes complain that these chairs are not that comfortable for clients to sit in for hours, and with some, the artist would have to stand. It’s great for shorter services, like waxing lamination and lifting.

PMUHub Tips

Make sure your microblading chair/bed is sturdy enough, it has an adjustable height and getting one with a removable armrest is also a plus. Pay attention to the weight limits.


Don’t rush when choosing a microblading chair. Make sure you consider all the factors listed in the article and think about what’s important for you. Our advice would be to choose a microblading bed that is comfortable and easily adjustable as well as of good quality so that you don’t have to change it after a few months.



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