Permanent Lip Tint VS Tattoo Lip Stain – Which One Should You Get

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on October 17, 2022
permanent lip tint
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The world of permanent makeup is booming with treatments and techniques.

Lips have been having a real moment in the past few months, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t dream of beautifully shaped lips that are full of color that doesn’t come off?

Lip tattoos can recreate different types of lip makeup. With so many styles and colors to choose from, picking the perfect shade of permanent lip tattoo can be quite a challenge. So, we’ve put together this article to help guide you through your decision.

Let’s take a look at what is permanent lip tint and tattoo lip stain, and how to choose the style that suits you best!

What Are Permanent Lips?

Permanent lips are a term that combines all the available cosmetic lip tattoo treatments on the market today.

The procedure is perfect for lipstick lovers since they no longer have to worry about their lip products coming off during the day, while drinking and eating, due to sweating, or even swimming!

However, the name may be misleading, since permanent lip treatments don’t really last forever.

Instead, they are long-lasting procedures during which cosmetic tattoo pigments are injected into the surface layer of the skin, making the lips more prominent and even in shape and tone.

Unlike traditional tattoo ink, our body breaks down cosmetic tattoo pigments over time and absorbs them, so the permanent lip tattoo you get today won’t look as fresh and full over color over time. It’ll gradually fade over the years unless you refresh it.

what are permanent lips
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What Is a Permanent Lip Tint?

If you’re a lover of nude lipsticks and lipliners, then permanent lip tint is the best choice for you!

A permanent lip tint is a subtle way to enhance your natural lip color and is often times referred to as the your lips but better treatment.

Permanent lip tint can be done in several lip shading patterns, but the color choice is always light and natural. The lip blush technique is the most popular way of creating a permanent lip tint since it covers the whole lips in even pigments and creates a softly defined outline.

The point of a lip tint is for it to blend smoothly with your lips, making them look like they’re naturally the color you want them to be, instead of looking like a thick layer of makeup. This is also a great way to cover any imperfections and unevenness in lip tone or shape.

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What Is a Tattoo Lip Stain?

If you can’t imagine your makeup look being complete without using a vampy red lipstick, then you should probably opt for a tattoo lip stain!

A tattoo lip stain or lipstick tattoo is all about high pigment saturation. This means that the general color choice for creating this look would include dark or bright reds, purples, and browns.

The tattoo lip stain is a more opaque version of lip blushing, adapted to provide maximum coverage and color intensity. This is achieved by doing a lip liner first following the natural lip border, thus creating a very defined edge.

Tattoo lip stains are the best solution for neutralizing dark lips and covering lip scars of different origins.

what is a tattoo lip stainImage source: Instagram @lipblushbaby

Permanent Lip Tint VS Tattoo Lip Stain – Key Differences

The best way to choose between getting a permanent lip tint or a tattoo lip stain is to know their differences, so, let’s take a quick look:

Permanent Lip Tint

  • Permanent lip tint uses only light, natural-looking shades like nudes and pinks.
  • It is a versatile look that can be gradually enhanced and made more prominent.
  • It is a blended technique that doesn’t have a sharp, crisp outline.
  • The implementation usually requires 2 sessions of lip blushing for the pigment to become more noticeable.
  • It can correct slight unevenness in lip tone and shape, but can’t really do much for dark lips.

Tattoo Lip Stain

  • Tattoo lip stain uses dark and opaque pigments like reds, purples, and browns.
  • It gives off a very bold look from the get-go, which is not very easy to tone down.
  • It is done by firstly applying a permanent lip liner and precisely defining the lip outline.
  • If you want an opaque look, the color has to be built up gradually, and you probably won’t get the intensity you want with only 2 sessions.
  • It is suitable for dark lip neutralization and camouflaging lip scars.

So, Which One Should You Try?

Choosing a lip tattoo style comes down to your personal preferences.

If bright, opaque lipsticks are an essential part of your everyday makeup routine and you’re sure you’ll like the style in a year or 2, getting a tattoo lip stain can be a great option.

But if you’re not absolutely sure you want to commit to bold lips, we suggest opting for a more subtle permanent lip tint and building up the look for special occasions.

Find out more about natural lip tattoo styles by clicking here.

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