11 Lip Blush Facts You Should Know Before Booking

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 22, 2024
lip blush facts
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Lip blush is currently the most popular permanent makeup treatment. The reason for that is that people saw the numerous benefits of it.

It doesn’t just improve the shape and color of your lips, it also makes them look plumper and, since you will not use lipstick that often, your lips will not get dried out – they will look healthy and hydrated.

Seeing all these before and after pictures and great results, it’s no wonder so many people are considering this treatment.

Here are some useful lip blush facts you should know before you book.

#1 Lip Blush Is a Tattoo

Yes, lip blush is a tattoo, but not the same one as the traditional body tattoo. Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing, which means it’s a bit more sophisticated and different from decorative body tattoos.

It’s said that lip blush is a tattoo because the treatment is done in the same layer of the skin – the second layer or the dermis. Other similarities include using a machine that is very similar to a tattoo gun and permanent makeup pigments, again similar to tattoo ink.

Permanent makeup machines are modified tattoo machines, adjusted for delicate PMU treatments. And the pigments are formulated differently than the tattoo ink, which leads us to number 2 on the list of lip blush facts.

#2 It Fades After Some Time

It is known that tattoos on a face fade faster than others, but permanent makeup fades even faster. And it’s because of the pigments that are used. The body breaks them down more easily and at a faster pace, so no cosmetic tattoo should stay visible forever.

Lip blush lasts 2-3 years on average, but it depends on different factors such as skin type and lifestyle, as well as the lip blush artist’s technique.

But one of the most interesting lip blush facts is that it doesn’t look bad as it fades. It just loses its intensity and you can book a touch up to refresh the color.

lip blush touch up

#3 It Can Be Uncomfortable

Lips are a very sensitive area, so piercing them over and over for more than an hour really does sound painful. However, the artists will use a numbing cream to reduce the discomfort and make the treatment bearable.

The pain level is not the same for everyone. Some people will just feel mild scratching, while others will complain that it really hurts, but beauty is sometimes pain, isn’t it?

Learn more about what lip blushing feels like here.

#4 It Requires a Healing Period Afterwards

Being a tattoo, every permanent makeup includes breaking the skin and inserting pigment. Thus, a sort of wound is created and it needs to heal, just as any other.

The surface healing is done after approximately 2 weeks, and includes different stages, such as scabbing and peeling. The full healing process is complete after 4 to 6 weeks.

Don’t be scared if your lips look too dark immediately after the treatment and when they start scabbing – it’s a normal part of the healing process and the color will be much lighter once the lips are healed.

#5 Aftercare Is Very Important

This is another thing all permanent makeup treatments have in common and one of the most important lip blush facts.

Aftercare instructions, given by the artist after the treatment, are very important to follow. The freshly done tattoo needs to be cleaned and moisturized regularly and some activities should be avoided during the healing period.

Messing up the aftercare routine increases the risk of lip infection and poor results.

#6 It Usually Requires More Than One Session

Most permanent makeup treatments require a touch up after the healing period is over. That is to add more color if needed because some of it will disappear during healing.

With lip blush in particular, the degree of color fading can be up to 50%, so for some people more sessions are required, usually no more than 3. This is to make sure the retention is good and the lip blush will last as long as possible.

#7 It’s Important to Find the Right PMU Artist

Finding a certified, licensed, and, desirably, an experienced artist is what you are looking for if you want your lip blush to be perfectly done and to avoid the risk of complications.

Certified artists are trained to perform the treatment in sterile conditions and know how to make the treatment as bearable for the client as possible, while providing perfect results.

#8 Not Everyone Is Eligible for Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a pretty safe procedure if performed in the right conditions and by someone who knows what they are doing. However, not everyone can get a permanent makeup treatment.

Lip blush is not safe for you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Also, certain conditions are contraindications for lip blush, and those include:

  • ongoing chemotherapy
  • any serious medical condition
  • and susceptibility to scarring.

Proneness to cold sores isn’t a contraindication, but it requires special prep.

#9 It Can Be Combined with Lip Fillers

Lip blush will improve the shape and color of your lips, but If you really want to enhance your lips, lip fillers will be much more effective for plumpness. And you can absolutely get both.

However, these two treatments can’t be done immediately one after the other.

Read this article to find out how much you need to wait between lip blush and lip fillers.

#10 It Can Neutralize Dark Lips

Dark lips neutralization is possible with the lip blush treatment.

Usually, more than two sessions are needed to achieve the desired results, but the improvement is visible after the first treatment if it was done right, if the client followed the aftercare rules and the pigment retention is good.

You can learn all about dark lip neutralization in this article.

# 11 It’s Totally Worth It

Yes, those who’ve had the treatment say that it’s totally worth the money and the hype.

It helps people increase their self-esteem and look fresh and pretty as soon as they wake up. It is low maintenance and lasts for a long time. Also, you don’t need much more makeup if you have lip blush on. The spotlight is always on your perfectly shaped lips.

Final Note

Coming to the appointment prepared is super important, but if you find a reliable, trustworthy artist with lots of experience, you don’t have to worry about virtually anything.

If they’re doing their job right, they’ll make sure to inform you about everything you need to know, do thorough consults, perform a patch test, guide you through the healing and aftercare, and make themselves available for all questions afterwards.

Here’s how to choose an artist.

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