When, How & What to Eat After Lip Blush?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 13, 2023
Eating After Lip Blush: Do’s and Dont’s
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In the world of lip tattooing, a touch of color transforms your lips and brings a wave of confidence to your life.

Now, as you embark on this self-love journey, you need to know when, how, and what to eat after lip blush. Think of this article as your comprehensive guide through the twists and turns during the healing stage.

But, there’s more to it – we will reveal the best foods and ingredients that will nourish your freshly-tatted lips! From mouth-watering meal ideas to allergies, here are tips and precautions to take in terms of eating after lip blush.

Lip Blush Aftermath – What You Need to Know

When it comes to beauty transformations, lip tattooing has definitely become a must-have. Who doesn’t want to wake up with perfectly tinted, pigmented lips? This subtle, but still noticeable difference will turn heads.

It’s important to know that the magic doesn’t end in your artist’s chair, but at home.

The client has to pay some special care to their lips for a few days to ensure there are no complications and that the healed results turn out as even and as saturated as possible.

And a common question artists get is “Can you eat after a lip tattoo?”

Rest assured – yes, you absolutely can!

What to Eat After Lip Blush: The Delicate Beginning

Navigating the first few hours after getting your lips tattooed is crucial for avoiding any complications.

There is a lot of information and misinformation available online regarding any beauty procedure, not just this one. So, it’s natural for you to be confused and might even get anxious about when and what to eat after a lip tattoo, scared you’ll mess something up.

Ideally, give your lips about an hour or so to soak up the ointment your artist has applied. Since your lips may still be numb from the anesthetic, your appetite probably won’t be that high.

But after that, if everything feels okay, you can eat, but in a specific way, and some things are better than others.

Fruits like avocado, bananas, cooked pears, and apples don’t require aggressive munching. You can even make smoothies with berries, strawberries, or spinach, and add Greek yogurt for creaminess and texture.

Chicken broth and miso soup are perfect as they are liquids that can keep you full for a few hours – just don’t take them hot. Heat can intensify swelling, which your lips will be prone to in the 1-2 days after blushing.

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Eating After Lip Blush – Dos & Don’ts

Lip blush is essentially trauma to your skin. During the healing process, nurturing your body is key to smooth and fast recovery. Understanding what to eat after lip blush will make your healing process less uncomfortable.

Make sure to incorporate protein sources like soft-cooked eggs or tofu, which will be easy to chew and replenish your energy levels.

Avoid spicy and sour foods, as they can sting your recovering lips.

It’s also important to avoid alcohol during the healing stage as it can greatly aggravate and burn your lips, and slow down the healing process. Alcohol can significantly dehydrate your lips.

Last, but not least, stay hydrated! This is probably the most common advice you will ever hear and for a good reason. Drink plenty of water, and avoid touching the glass or bottle with your lips to avoid an infection.

So, let’s sum everything up so you have all the important information in one place:

Take smaller bitesAvoid spicy foods
Chew gentlyDon’t pucker your lips
Eat softer foodsAvoid using straws
Use a lip balmDon’t drink alcohol
Stay hydratedAvoid aggressive movements
Eat a nutritious dietAvoid hot or freezing foods and liquids

How to Eat After Lip Tattoo: Minimizing Discomfort

Seeing yourself with freshly blushed lips can be a magical experience. However, eating after this procedure is an art in itself. It can be challenging to open your mouth fully, which is understandable. Here are some tips to make this process easier:

  • Stick to smaller bites. Cut your food into miniature pieces or take more controlled bites so you don’t hurt or scratch the recovering tissue and minimize the strain on your lips and muscles.
  • Chew gently. Take all the time you need to chew slowly to prevent unnecessary stress on your new pout.
  • Avoid eating hot foods or freezing drinks. Lukewarm, room-temperature meals will be perfect to avoid creating sensitivity.
  • Steer clear of sticky foods that might get stuck in your mouth. Not only is it hard to chew, but clean as well.

what to eat after lip blush treatment

Tips on Drinking After Lip Blush

As for the hydrating part, which is as important as the previous one, you might want to look into these tricks:

  • Sip smartly; feel free to enjoy water, herbal teas, and even coconut water to refresh yourself and keep your body hydrated all day.
  • Use a straw. Using it will help keep your lips clean, dry, and infection-free. Use it for the first few days while your lips are tender.
  • Lip balm is your bestie! Not only should you be hydrating your system from the inside, but your lips need outside moisturization as well. Of course, talk with your technicians to see what options are available.

As you may probably know, after a few days, your lips will start scabbing. It is important to avoid sudden, aggressive movements to avoid disrupting the healing process. If that does happen, the scabs will have to form again, and you are practically back on day one.

You should also take care of the way you are brushing your teeth after lip blush treatment.

Special Cases: Allergies and Food Restrictions

If you are wondering what to eat after lip blush even though you are prone to allergies, we got you.

When going through a healing journey, everyone is different, and so are you. That’s where the benefits come from – you can adjust your diet and nutrition to your needs.

A good practice is to introduce all the new foods gradually so you can see for yourself which ones are harmonious with your body. Also, don’t be shy to ask a healthcare professional for advice! Getting professional recommendations can be helpful.

What to Eat After Lip Blush: Final Thoughts

Going through the healing part of your post-lip tattoo journey may sound daunting, and some of the stages can be annoying.

So we want to reassure you once again that it’s really not that bad and it’s over before you know it, so there’s no excuse to not keep up with all the aftercare instructions and take all the precautions.

And this includes adjusting your diet a little bit – it’s only for a few days!

With our thoughtful approach to understanding what to eat after lip blush, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Embrace your new, juicy lips and enjoy every meal!

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