Lip Blush Before or After Fillers: Which One Goes First?

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 22, 2023
lip blush before or after fillers
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Lip blush is a kind of cosmetic lip tattooing and one of the biggest trends in the permanent makeup industry. Ever since the face masks came off, people started enhancing their lips and paying attention to them as much as they started enhancing their eyebrows.

Since the predictions say that lip blush is going to be the biggest trend this year and in the years to come, we want to know all about it. And one of the very common questions that pop up is whether to get lip blush before or after fillers.

Let’s find out.

Should I Get Lip Blush Before or After Fillers?

If you are a fan of both lip fillers and lip blush and plan to get both, it is recommended that you get lip blush first.

With lip blush, a permanent makeup artist will do the outline and reshape your lips, and it can be a good guideline for the lip filler technician, to know where to add volume.

Also, lip blush lasts longer than lip fillers. So, when your lips lose their new shape, lip blush color will not seem odd, since it was designed for your pre-filler lips.

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When Is It Safe to Get Lip Fillers After Lip Blush?

Lip blush is a form of tattooing so it takes some time to heal. It’s not safe to get lip fillers until the lips are completely healed from the lip blush treatment.

The surface of the lips will be healed after 2 weeks, but the entire lip blush healing process lasts 4-6 weeks. After that, most clients will need a touch up session, so the PMU artist checks how the lips have healed and adds or modifies color if needed.

The touch up is another tattooing session, although usually less intense than the first one. Lips will take some time to heal, but it’s only after that that it’s safe for the fillers to be done.

So, approximately, it’s recommended to wait 2 months between lip blush and lip filler appointment.

But Can You Get Lip Blush After Lip Fillers?

Yes, that is also fine. Some artists will even find this a better option because the fillers change the shape of the lips and lip blush after lip fillers will enhance the new, not the old shape.

However, it all depends on the PMU artist and the technician who does your fillers, so it’s better to consult them to decide which to do first. As said above, most will recommend getting lip blush first, but it’s not a problem if it’s the other way around.

Just make sure to let everything settle first.

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When Can I Get Lip Blush After Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are injections and freshly done lips are sensitive and they need some time to heal and take their final shape. It’s recommended to wait at least 2-4 weeks before getting lip blush after lip fillers.

If you can wait longer, that’s even better. Give your lips time to fully recover and for the fillers to take their final shape.

Never do one procedure right after another. The results will not be satisfying and it’s too much trauma to the skin of the lips.

Which Is Better, Lip Blush or Lip Fillers?

There’s no right answer to this question. The point is, which one is better for YOU if you want to choose just one of these lip enhancements. And it all comes down to your preferences.

The treatments are completely different. Lip fillers are hyaluronic injections and can really make a difference and enhance the size and volume of the lips. A small amount can do wonders, but you can also get more dramatic results.

And lip fillers last 6-12 months, after which your lips take their original shape.

As for lip blush, it’s a tattoo. Not a traditional, body tattoo, but a similar one. The PMU machine and pigments instead of ink are used.

Lip blush cannot really MAKE your lips bigger, but can create the illusion of bigger lips, just like lipstick. If the goal is to make your lips look bigger, lip blush can do that, but not significantly.

What it can do is extend the color of your lips slightly, as most people have a lighter stretch of lip skin around the rosy parts which is pale, but still has the properties of the skin of the lips. Lip blush can shade in this stretch up to the vermillion border, the point where facial skin starts.

It’s not advisable to tattoo lips over the vermilion border to make the lips look plumper. That will look unnatural and fake. Also, the color over the vermillion border will fade slower, and it will look uneven.

Lip blush can make a difference, but not as much as lip fillers. However, it does look much more natural.

It’s a subtle enhancement for those who want their lips in the shade of their favorite lipstick all the time, as well as those who want to enhance the shape of the lips and the volume to some extent.

It’s not a 3D enhancement, though.

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PMUHub Tip

We always advise consulting a qualified and experienced professional who can assess your individual needs and provide recommendations for the best course of treatment.


Both lip blush and lip fillers are currently the most popular lip enhancement options. If you plan to make your lips plumper and enhance their color at the same time, but you are not sure whether to get lip blush before or after fillers, we’d recommend getting lip blush first.

But whichever treatment you decide to go for first, it’s important to follow the aftercare routine and wait a recommended amount of time between the treatments.

If you’re looking into lip augmentation options alternative to lip fillers, check out this article.

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