Henna Brows Price - Average Henna Brows Cost

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on June 3, 2024

If you’re thinking about getting the henna brow tint, you’re probably wondering how much do henna brows cost? Read on to find out the henna brows price.

Henna Brows Price - The Average Henna Brows Cost

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Henna brows are a great semi-permanent brow enhancement solution. It’s a completely non-invasive treatment – basically, a natural brow tint – which gives you a shaded pair of brows that last up to 5 weeks. Since the treatment is quick and relatively simple, it’s a much more affordable solution than brow PMU.

If you’re considering getting this treatment, read this short guide through the henna brows price to find out how much do henna brows cost.

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What’s the Average Henna Brows Price?

The average henna brows cost is around $45, but there’s a wide price range and the treatment can be found at much cheaper, but also at much more expensive prices.

The henna brows price range is from $20 up to $100.

The prices vary from salon to salon, and there are many factors that affect the final cost.

The Average Henna Brows CostImage source: Instagram @bonda.brow

What’s Included in the Henna Brows Price?

Henna brows are a one-off treatment, basically a form of tinting, but they’re often done in combination with several other treatments. Primarily, brow shaping.

Since the goal of the henna brows treatment is to give you the brow arch of your dreams, your natural brows have to be shaped first. Shaping can be done by threading, waxing, or tweezing. You can get tinting alone, without brow sculpting, if you’re satisfied with the shape of your arches.

A trick many techs use to maximize the effects is a scrub that removes dead skin cells from the skin underneath the brow hairs, so a quick exfoliation is also part of the treatment.


Since certain types of henna are known to cause allergic reactions in a portion of clients, a patch test should always be done before the treatment. It’s a short visit to the salon where a tiny drop of henna is applied somewhere on your skin, and if no reaction occurs within 48 hours, you’re good to go. The patch test is usually not charged extra.

What Does the Henna Brows Cost Depend On?

Here are the main factors that determine how much do henna brows cost:

Brow Shaping Technique

If you get a 2-in-1 treatment that includes both brow shaping and henna tinting, the price is higher than getting the henna tint on its own. The total henna brow cost, therefore, adds the price of the shaping on top of the price of tinting.

Different brow shaping techniques are charged different prices. Threading is usually the most expensive, since it’s the most complex method; waxing is a bit cheaper, and regular tweezing is the most affordable option.

The Exclusivity of the Salon

Well-known salons that generally have higher prices tend to charge a higher henna brows cost. Those less renowned or salons that were recently opened charge prices towards the lower end of the scale.


A less significant factor, but it still affects the henna brows price. In large cities, the prices of all beauty treatments are higher than in smaller towns, and this trend reflects on the henna eyebrows cost, too. However, in large cities, clients have more options to choose from, so the price range can be wider than in locations where only a handful of salons offer this treatment.

Will My Skin Type Affect the Henna Brows Price?

In terms of a single session, no, it will not. The price of the treatment does not depend on your skin type.

However, since henna brows tend to fade faster from oily skin, if you want to get henna brows repeatedly, you’ll need to book sessions more often, and the cost, in the long run, can be higher.

Will My Skin Type Affect the Henna Brows Price?Image source: Instagram @beautybycassidy._

Which Is More Expensive, Henna Brows or Regular Brow Tinting?

The regular brow tint, which uses an artificial dye to color the brow hairs, is somewhat cheaper. The price of a basic tint is around $30 (if it’s done on its own*, without brow lamination).

Henna tinting is a bit more expensive at the average of $45. Since henna brows are done with natural products, and since it combines a shading effect with hair coloring, its slightly higher price is justified.

*Both treatments generally include brow shaping.

How Do I Choose a Salon Depending On the Price?

Just like with all beauty treatments, the best practice is to find someone who charges around the average price in the area. That way, you can be sure to get a quality service, without overpaying. Research the prices in salons in your area and compare them to get a clear picture of the average local henna eyebrows cost.

Of course, the price shouldn’t be the primary factor when deciding on the salon. You should always base your decision primarily on reviews or recommendations from sources you trust, and the overall quality of their work. Check out the before-and-after portfolio of the salon you’re considering.

How Much Does a DIY Henna Brow Cost?

The average henna brows price and the price range listed above refer to professional services. But you can also do henna brows yourself, at home. Of course, this is a cheaper option.

If you want to DIY henna brows, you need to buy a henna tinting kit. There are many of them available, and their prices range between $10 and $30, but here’s the thing – you can use a single kit for 10+ applications.

Some kits promise to provide enough product for as many as 30 applications.

We do need to warn you, though, that you should be careful about what you’re buying. With so many options, not all of the products are of equal quality. So it may not be such a great idea to buy the cheapest kit available – you might not get great color (lower quality henna tends to turn out orangey), or might not last very long on the skin.

How Much Does a DIY Henna Brow Cost?Image source: Instagram @ohana_brows

Does a Henna Eyebrow Treatment Pay Off?

With henna brows, you get a relatively good value for your money, especially if you go for the DIY version. You get 2-5 weeks of great brows. Of course, if you decide to get professional services every couple of weeks, the bills can pile up, but if it gives you a confidence boost and saves you time in the morning, we say it’s definitely worth it.

Henna Brows Price – Main Takeaways

Henna brows are among the most affordable brow enhancement options that give semi-permanent results. The average price is around $45, and for that price, you get a brow sculpt, and darkened brows with a shaded effect.

If you decide to DIY it, the treatment is even more affordable. With the average price of a henna tint kit being around $20, and considering the fact that a single kit can suffice for 10+ applications, it’s definitely a cost-effective solution.



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