Best Thread for Eyebrows: Top 5 Choices for Artists & At-Home Threaders

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 24, 2023
best thread for eyebrows
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Eyebrow threading is a growingly popular brow grooming technique, giving the wax and tweezers a serious run for their money. Brow threading is usually done at a salon or beauty parlor by an experienced threader, but more and more people are interested in DIY options.

That’s great, as long as you’re willing to put in the time. Threading takes a lot of practice to master – which means pros and amateurs alike need to stock up on the materials. But what is the best thread for eyebrows? PMUHub rounded up the top 5 choices.

First, a Bit About Eyebrow Threads

Eyebrow threads are exactly what they sound like: threads used specifically for eyebrow grooming. They can be made of natural or synthetic materials, and you can even improvise with plain old sewing thread (we wouldn’t recommend that, though, since it’s too thin and can be rough on your skin).

Brow threading is similar to plucking: stray hairs are captured and removed directly from the follicle. The difference is that the person performing the treatment uses eyebrow thread instead of tweezers.

When done by an experienced threader, this method of eyebrow grooming is very precise, efficient, and far less unpleasant than tweezing or waxing. Its results also last longer.

For more details on how it all works, check out PMUHub’s Ultimate Guide on Eyebrow Threading.

What Kind of Thread Is Best?

While threads can be found in a variety of materials, most expert threaders insist that 100% cotton is the best choice. If you can get organic, even better. It’s the most effective, the gentlest on the skin, and the most sanitary option.

So, whether you’re an experienced threader in search of salon supplies or an amateur brow enthusiast looking for at-home solutions, here’s our selection of the best thread for eyebrows available online, supported by expert eyebrow threaders:

Griffin Threading Thread

Griffin threading thread is suitable for the brows, upper lips, face, and body. The cotton used is specifically cultivated for threading and the whole product is very eco-friendly. It’s combed to ensure uniform structure, which gives it extra strength and minimizes risk of breakage.

Threaders praise it for its sturdiness and smoothness. Some note that it’s a little thicker than other threads, which is ideal for those who want a more secure grip.

Vanity Extra Soft Threading Thread

Vanity Extra Soft thread is processed for uniform structure and gets antibacterial treatment before packing. The even structure makes the thread very gentle and extra soft on the skin.

It also ensures optimal thread strength so it won’t break mid-session. The combination of strength and softness makes for a painless, smooth experience.

Organica Eyebrow Thread

Organica eyebrow thread is made of certified organic cotton and suitable for both facial and body hair removal. This makes it ideal for beginner threaders who may want to practice on their own legs first. You can choose between individual purchases or sets of up to 8 spools.

This thread is gentle on the skin and very durable. Threaders praise it for getting a firm grip on eyebrow hairs and offering a pain-free experience, much less uncomfortable than some other thread types.

Vanity Threading Thread with Scissors

Another great product by Vanity, this thread is 100% organic cotton and spun very finely, so you get maximum precision when threading your brows. The pack of 5 sets has 10 spools per set.

Vanity thread can be used for body hair removal too, but it’s primarily designed for threading eyebrows. The pack comes with handy stainless steel eyebrow scissors by Behal International. Best of all, each spool of thread gets antibacterial treatment before packing.

Bella Threading Thread with Scissors

This is another set which includes Behal International’s stainless steel eyebrow scissors. Eyebrow thread by Bella Organic Beauty is fine, precise, and smooth on the skin. The standard pack of 2 boxes contains 8 spools of thread in each box.

This eyebrow thread is made of 100% organic cotton and designed for durability and minimal breakage. Best of all, it’s reusable – follow the manufacturer’s instructions for machine wash maintenance.

In Closing

Eyebrow threading is a versatile grooming procedure, but it requires a lot of practice. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, stock up on some brow thread and start developing your technique.

It’s usually recommended to practice on your own leg hair, since there’s less discomfort than working on the sensitive facial area as a beginner. If you need a plucking session before you’re confident in your ability, go to a pro.

If you’re already an experienced threader, pick your favorite and good luck! Maybe this list will inspire you to try some new threads and take your customer experience game to the next level.

You can also read PMUHub’s colab with Diandra Leigh Dente, founder of DLD Brows, for a professional threader’s insights on the benefits of eyebrow threading and more in-depth information on the kinds of threads used.



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