This Barbie Is a PMU Artist! Here’s What’s in Barbie’s PMU Bag

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on March 6, 2024
barbie pmu artist
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Over the years, Barbie has changed a lot of careers – in fact, that’s kind of her trademark. She has conquered the worlds of fashion, entrepreneurship, and even space exploration. But what if this multi-talented character were to venture into the world of permanent makeup?

We’ve decided to toy with the idea of a Barbie PMU artist and hopefully inspire you to Barbify your PMU salon!

Barbie’s Signature Pink PMU Toolkit

If Barbie were a PMU artist, her toolkit would undoubtedly be – you guessed it – pink! Thankfully, she would have a lot of options to choose from as there are so many pink PMU tools and supplies already on the market.

For PMU artists seeking to add a touch of femininity and fun to their artistry, the color pink is a perfect solution – and isn’t that exactly what Barbie represents?

We’ve previously touched upon how you can embody the Barbie look, but now let’s focus on how you can give your business some Barbie vibes.

Here’s all we think PMU Barbie would use – divided into several categories for easier navigation. Let’s start with the most important – PMU tools.

PMU Machine + Accessories

You can’t do a PMU procedure without a quality machine, plus all the add-ons it requires. Whether it’s machine brows, lips, or eyeliner – investing in high-quality tools is crucial to achieving excellent results. Here are all the tools you’ll need – in pink!

If you want more information about these specific supplies, you can check out our product reviews on why we suggested these products:


The pigment is the foundation of any great PMU procedure. This is what dictates the quality of the results and longevity of the tattoo. Premium pigments are what can guarantee your clients receive results that are secure, hypoallergenic, and durable.

You can read all about how to choose the best PMU pigments for each PMU procedure here, but to stick to our pink theme, we’ll leave you with the most Barbie-esque lip-blushing shades:

To explore more pink pigments, click here and to explore all pigments, click here.


Besides the must-haves like pigments, machines, and needle cartridges, you can find a wide variety of PMU accessories and tools that can boost your efficiency.

PMU supplies are meant to make PMU artists’ jobs easier and they entail things like measuring tools that help ensure perfect symmetry, pigment mixers that help seamlessly blend the perfect shade for your client, and all the disposable supplies you need to assist you through the procedure.

Here are a few pink must-haves:

You can find more permanent makeup accessories here.

Disposable Supplies

Finally, disposables are here to make sure your every client stays safe, healthy – and clean! This category is composed of 2 types of products – ones you need for hygiene and ones you actually use on each client. So let’s examine each category a bit closer:

Protective Disposables

These are single-use items used during the procedures that help ensure a clean and hygienic environment for the safety of both artists and clients. They are a fundamental practice in the industry as this step is what ensures the safety of the clients and prevents cross-contamination.

You can read all about how you can keep your salon spotless here.

Here are some common PMU disposables that would fit PMU Barbie aesthetic:

Client-Care Disposables

Before and after every PMU procedure, you need to prep the skin, numb it and then after the procedure you need to apply aftercare ointment to soothe and protect the micro-wounds.

This means you need disposable tools to apply it, as well as products to provide for your clients to continue the regimen at home. Here are some of the best options on the market, that just so happen to be pink:

Barbie’s Dreamsalon

Lastly, let’s also touch on the salon decor. Barbie aesthetics can easily be used as a salon inspiration!

Picture a dreamy studio adorned with pastel colors, funky-shaped mirrors, and trendy furniture. Let your imagination run wild. We’ll help by suggesting these pink studio must-haves:

Barbie PMU Artist Uniform

And finally, don’t forget to dress the part!

Find more scrub options here!

So, Will You Be Embracing Your Inner Barbie?

We’ve hand-picked some of the most popular products so you can channel your inner Barbie even when it comes to setting up your PMU tray.

Luckily, in the realm of PMU supplies, embracing a pink-themed aesthetic isn’t that hard. Just make sure you do your research and don’t risk quality over cute aesthetics!



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