Step by Step Guide: How to Open PMU Salon

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Having your own salon and running your own business is your dream come true. And it is closer than ever! You finally feel ready and wonder what the steps to opening a salon are. Stay tuned, PMUHub is here to help!

Step 1: Choose the right moment

Opening a salon immediately after completing permanent makeup training requires a lot of investment and very few people are able to afford it. The best option is to start small. New permanent makeup artists usually start at home (if it is legal in your country) or they rent a chair in an already established salon or spa.

Before you start, you need to really think it through. You are not ready if you don’t have at least a small client base and you gain some experience in working with people. Only when you see that your services are popular and when you have a steady number of appointments weekly, you are ready to go on your own. One more condition is that you already have enough saved money to invest in good quality equipment and the decoration of your salon as well as the promotion of your new business.

Step 2: Find a perfect location

Carefully research attractive locations for your salon. If your town is saturated with brow artists, it will be harder to stand out. Try to find an area without a reputable salon nearby. Make sure your place is easy to reach and has a parking spot for your customers.

Having a salon in a busy street has its pros and cons. The advantage is that many bypassers will notice it, and that’s a good way of promotion. However, it is more important to promote your business properly online, because that is where people are looking for everything they need. Bear in mind that customers in the beauty industry like peace and no one to disturb them during a relaxing treatment, so it shouldn’t be a loud environment.

Step 3: Get all permits

Once you find a perfect place, it is time to sign a lease. However, it is not enough. You need to get all the permits you need to open the place. Laws and regulations for the beauty industry vary from country to country and are prone to changes. Find out which are for your state.

The first thing you need to do is to get a business license and then contact the local health department to see what the conditions are. They need to come and inspect the place and see if it is suitable for a salon and what possible changes you need to make. Once everything is in order, they issue the establishment and biohazard permit. You will also need an Employer Identification Number (EIN), Building permit, Sanitation, OSHA requirements and an Insurance for your salon.

make your pmu place stand out

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Step 4: Make your place stand out

Pinterest is a good place to find ideas for the interior decor of your salon. You may notice that most of the beauty salons look clean and use feminine colors such as pink and white. You can pick up some ideas online, or hire a designer if you can afford one.

It is important that your place looks clean and relaxing, to give your customers the ultimate pampering experience. The furniture should be functional and modern, as well as elegant. Put some mirrors around, this will also make the place look bigger. You can also display the products you use on the shelves. This will make you look more trustworthy. Let your place be known for the outstanding service, kind employees and relaxing atmosphere.

Step 5: Marketing

Now it is time to promote your place and the best way to do it is socials and Google. This also requires some investments but definitely pays off. First, make great pictures of your work, that is the most important tool for attracting new clients. Add the pictures of your salon as well, people like going to nicely decorated and furnished places. Make sure your social media pages are updated regularly with pictures of your best works.

Run promotions and referral programs to attract new clients. Hire a marketing specialist to help you reach your target audience and promote your business.

Step 6: Hire more staff

Once you develop your business, you can introduce some other services. You can hire more staff to offer some other treatments. This is a great way to attract more customers and share expenses.


A beauty salon can be a steady, profitable business, especially because permanent makeup is becoming more popular and is probably here to stay. Beauty is always something that people need, but to keep your business ongoing, you need to improve yourself, follow the trends and include new popular services.

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