Brow Daddy Pigments: Most Popular Shades + Why Artists Love Them

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 26, 2024
Brow Daddy Pigments
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Brow Daddy – a name you will come across often, and with raving reviews and impressions. A brand that offers top-quality services, sought-after courses, and a growing range of products for permanent and semi-permanent makeup treatments.

But if there’s one product the brand is best-known for, it’s Brow Daddy pigments. Even beginner artists who may not be so familiar with the background and history of the brand know about the pigments.

Released relatively recently, they quickly gained a ride-or-die following. Let’s see why!

What’s the Deal with Brow Daddy?

Brow Daddy is one of the biggest names in PMU in the US, and worldwide.

Someone who introduces himself as a brow aficionado, Ruben (AKA Brow Daddy) has been building his brand for years with passion and dedication, perfecting his craft and developing his signature technique – a recognizable Ombre Powder Brow.

With a technique developed to perfection, he needed supplies to match! So he teamed up with Perma Blend, another industry leader, and created a collection of pigments that will allow others to provide the level of service he himself insists on.

Other products followed, of course, but Brow Daddy pigments are truly star products. And for a number of reasons!

What’s So Great About Brow Daddy Pigments?

The general consensus is that Brow Daddy pigments are great, but different artists have different reasons for liking them. If you’re thinking about trying them, we’ve done the research for you.

Here’s what artists claim to love about Brow Daddy Pigments:

Brow Daddy Pigments Are Made by Perma Blend

Perma Blend needs no introduction. The industry’s leading manufacturer and innovator, a brand you can’t go wrong with.

Perma Blend have made a name for themselves by developing a huge pigment shade range that can be matched to the client easily, in formulas that heal well, into realistic work.

But perhaps what they’re best known for are their collaborations with PMU artists.

One of the artists they successfully collaborate with is Brow Daddy, and the result of this collab is a stunning range of shades in well-known and loved formulas. Developed by artists for artists, you can’t go wrong with Perma Blend!

Artists claim they notice some minor differences from one collection to another. For Brow Daddy in particular, they note that the texture is even smoother and silkier than with other collections.

High Pigment Load

Brow Daddy is really affordable. Hear us out!

The thing you’ll hear from artists repeatedly is how highly pigmented Brow Daddy pigments are. They have some serious pigment load, and little goes a long way.

Artists claim they need to do fewer passes with Brow Daddy in comparison to some other brands.

So, while the Brow Daddy pigment collection is slightly more expensive than the rest of the Perma Blend range, it’s likely you’ll go through your bottle at a much slower pace.

The formula has the recognizable thin consistency of Perma Blend pigments, so you’re supposed to use it sparingly anyway.

Amazing Retention

On top of the high pigment load, from artists’ experience, Brow Daddy pigments have such great retention that some clients don’t even need touch ups. This backs the brand’s claim that the formula provides 80-100% retention.

So it’s not just promises – Brow Daddy delivers!

They’re Suitable for All Brow Techniques

Brow Daddy pigments have got you covered for both microblading and all machine brows techniques.

This is really practical for artists who provide multiple services – no need to invest in separate pigment lines and have them sitting around longer, and they can use the same shade if they’re doing combo brows with microblading + machine shading.

You Can Mix Them for a Custom Shade

The range offers 10 really versatile shades, but if you want to provide your clients with a truly bespoke experience, you can mix different shades to get the perfect one. They work really well together and mix smoothly.

It’s Not Just a Pigment – It’s a Luxury Experience

The whole Brow Daddy brand is all about glamor, and the pigments exude luxury.

They paid attention to every single detail of the product presentation, from the glitzy gold bottles, to the sturdy packaging, whether it’s the boxes of individual pigments, or the sturdy vault-style box of the Gold Collection set.

Let’s face it – we’re all fools for packaging, and Brow Daddy pigments look and feel expensive. They look great on your tray or on your shelf, so if you set them up nicely, they can double as salon decor!

They really know how to build an experience, and allow every artist to be part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Daddy Pigments

In case you have some extra questions, here’s a quick FAQ about Brow Daddy Pigments:

Are Brow Daddy Pigments Premodified?

Some of the pigments in the collection are premodified, others are not. Some of them are neutral, while others are cool-toned. You can warm up every shade further with Honey Magic.

When you get to know the color range, this variety allows you to find the perfect shade for every client.

Can They Be Modified Further?

Yes! The shade Honey Magic can be used to add additional warmth to any of the pigments in the collection. It can also be used as a standalone color for red-headed clients.

Or you can mix different shades together, as we said.

What Shades Are the Most Popular?

The Brow Daddy pigments range features 10 pigments which are supposed to cover all your clients. The medium and darker shades of brown are really versatile, and it’s no surprise that these are the best sellers.

Some of the favorites are:

Golden Goddess

Medium to dark blonde, great for clients with blonde hair. Dark enough to give prominent results, but complement lighter skin, hair and brows. It has a warm mass tone and slightly warm yellow undertones.

Honestly, it looks like liquid gold.

Dark Teddy

A medium brown, very versatile. It has yellowish undertones, so it’s just warm enough, and it doesn’t turn grayish.


With Schokolade, Brow Daddy gives a nod at his beginning – the first training he took was in Germany. A deep, dark, rich brown that looks chocolatey and very natural. It has a cool mass tone, but warm undertones.

Honey Magic

Best described as a ginger tone, Honey Magic can be used as a standalone color for read-headed clients, as a modifier, or as a corrector. It’s used to warm up any of the pigments from the collection.

Extra Note

With Brow Daddy Pigments benign runnier, a classic Perma Blend formula, what artists warn about is the fact that they can dry really quickly as you’re working.

This doesn’t say anything about the quality of the formula – it just means it takes some getting used to.

Learn more about Perma Blend pigments here.



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