Hairspray for Eyebrows: Does It Work?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 8, 2023
Title Hairspray For Eyebrows: Yay or Nay?
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Whether you are someone who loves makeup or doesn’t wear it often, one thing is for sure; you probably enjoy a nice pair of eyebrows.

The biggest beauty trends on social media are almost always centered around brows. If we look at the previous few years, we went from Instagram-ready, 2016 brows, to natural and bushy ones. 

You may have probably used a new makeup technique yourself at least once while rushing somewhere. The most popular tools are brow gels, pomades, and pencils, but have you ever tried using hairspray for eyebrows? 

Let’s look at this trick from different perspectives to see if it actually works.

Can You Use Hair Products on Eyebrows?

Generally, yes, just be careful not to get them in your eyes.

In the complicated, yet magical world of beauty, makeup artists and innovators often take unexpected paths and discover new methods.

One of those moments happened when they discovered that using hair products for eyebrows actually makes sense. Those products are made for hairs on our heads, so why not try them out on brows too?

One of the first hair products that found its way into our makeup routines and is most widely used is hair gel. If you want that laminated look, this product will change your life as it holds the hairs much better than your regular eyebrow gel from the drugstore and silks every hair. 

If you don’t have hair gel or just ran out of it, we present you the next suitable option: hairspray. It is a convenient and swift resolution when you are running late or simply want to try out something new and experiment with your look. 

How Can I Use Hairspray for Eyebrows?

All you need for this trick is your favorite hairspray, a spoolie brush (or a toothbrush, depending on what you prefer), and a mirror.

We recommend looking in the mirror first and brushing your eyebrow hairs in the direction in which you want them to go.

Then, spray a smaller amount of hairspray onto the spoolie and brush your brows in that direction.

A good tip is to wait a bit for hairspray to get tacky (but not dry) when applied on the brush and then go in. By doing this, you will make sure that the brows actually stay up and not fall down after an hour or two.

Usually, one spritz of hairspray will be enough, but feel free to add as much as you need to get the desired look.

Of course, this makeup technique will work best if you trimmed or plucked your eyebrows before doing your makeup, to get that clean, fresh appearance.

Tinted brows that have been lifted with hairspray will look like you just got out of the beauty salon. You can even book a waxing or threading appointment if that is something you usually do.

Which Hairspray for Eyebrows Should I Use?

Exactly what you will use depends entirely on you. Take into consideration your skin type and sensitivity, as well as your current eyebrow routine.

If you have been using hair gel previously, then you are probably acquainted with using hair products on your brows. 

Feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with. Most MUAs usually use the Got2Be Glued Blasting Freeze Spray for that immaculate hold. 

Safety Concerns

Now that you are acquainted with this old-but-gold technique, it’s time to discuss the do’s and dont’s when it comes to applying it to your brows and the process of removal.

As with any other beauty trend, it’s important to think about safety first and whether it will cause any harm to you long-term. 

We don’t want to compromise our skin or hair health in any shape or form. Here are some issues that may occur when using hairspray on your brows:

  • Skin sensitivity, allergies, and redness. The area around your eyes and eyebrows is thinner than the rest of your face, which means more sensitivity. Products with alcohol, perfume, or similar may be risky. We recommend patch-testing on a small area of skin to be sure. 
  • Avoid eye contact. Spraying the product into your eyes on accident is pretty bad. Therefore, always spray the spoolie brush first and then apply the product on your face. 
  • Eyebrow hair health. Although generally considered safe, excessive use of hairspray, as well as not properly removing it at the end of the day may clog your hair follicles and cause problems like acne, hair loss, and others. 
  • Unconventional or DIY products. We recommend avoiding any products that have been made at home or not properly tested, to dodge potentially unknown risks. 
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Tips for Flawless Application

Now that you are familiar with everything, it’s time to mention the good stuff. Let’s go through all the tips and tricks together.

  • We recommend doing your brows first or last, after setting your makeup, but ideally, you should do them before your foundation to avoid smudging it.
  • Simply do your skincare routine and then spray the spoolie brush and apply the product to your eyebrows evenly. You can then finish the rest of the face normally.
  • When hairspray is applied to the brows, the best method is to let them get tacky a bit and then brush them in the direction you want them to stay in. Not only will they stay up all day long, but you will get that laminated look!
  • Try adding a concealer underneath the brows to shape them in whichever way you want. This is a simple but very effective trick to make your makeup look like it was done in a salon!
  • If you have really thick, textured brows and have trouble with them staying up or getting flat, simply use a small makeup spatula or simply press them with your finger while the product is setting. 

Many people on social media have been combining the soap method with hairspray, so if you’ve been using soap to do your brows, try spritzing it with the spray instead of water, and then go in with your normal routine.

This will ensure a better hold and overall look.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are running out of your regular brow products, or want to try something different and exciting such as hairspray for eyebrows trick, swapping your old routine for something new might be a life-changing experience, even if it’s just your makeup.

Using hairspray for your eyebrows is an older, but trustworthy method and a great way to level up your brow game! 



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