How to Get Aesthetic Freckles? Semi-Permanent & Permanent Methods

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 28, 2023
Three methods for aesthetic freckles
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For years people have been trying to hide them under thick layers of makeup, only for them to now appear on full display. It’s freckle season!

Freckles have been becoming increasingly more popular ever since the natural beauty movement started taking over. So, not only are freckles now accepted but they are desirable to the point of creating fake, aesthetic freckles!

There are a few ways to recreate this look, which more and more people are beginning to do. Here are all the ways those that were not born with natural freckles can join the aesthetic freckles trend.

Regular Makeup Aesthetic Freckles

If you really like the freckled look but weren’t blessed with them naturally, there is a way to fake them using products you probably already have. Using special products for fake freckles or just the good old brow pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow, bronzer, etc. helps you recreate that sun-kissed look with ease.

The downside of freckled makeup is that it only lasts for a day, so drawing on the aesthetic freckles daily can become tiring after a while. Maybe it’s time to think about something more permanent…

Henna Aesthetic Freckles

Henna freckles are a great semi-permanent solution for those looking to skip the daily routine of putting on makeup freckles.

Henna tattoos are safe to do by yourself. Henna is a natural dye that’s been used to color hair and skin for centuries. It leaves marks on the skin for up to a few weeks, after which it fades away. Ready-made henna paste is easy to use; learn how to do it yourself here.

When applying henna freckles, you need to have in mind that aesthetic henna freckles results will look much lighter than the actual henna you apply to your face.

These results last about a week or so, depending on your skin type, skincare products you use, and your lifestyle and activities.

Henna freckles started as a DIY trend but salons saw how hesitant people were to do it on their own and risk looking, well, weird until the freckles fade out. So, salons quickly started offering this trend as a service.

Not only are henna freckles a great solution for not having to draw your freckles on daily, but aesthetic henna freckles results are also a great way to test the waters out if you are thinking of doing something more permanent, like a fake freckles tattoo.

Aesthetic henna freckles results Image source: Instagram @mrs_brows_x

Permanent Aesthetic Freckles

Freckle tattoos are a form of cosmetic tattooing that lasts up to 3 years, depending on several factors like skincare routine and skin type. After some time these tattoos fade and you can choose to refresh them or let them disappear.

With permanent faux freckles, you don’t have to worry about smudging them or washing them off. If done properly, they blend nicely into the skin, making them extremely natural-looking.

If you are someone with skin “imperfections” or large pores, this treatment can help you become less self-conscious about that. By covering your face with something cute, you will be more inclined to skip covering up what you dislike by focusing on something you like. Plus, it will help your “imperfections” blend in and look like they are part of the freckle pattern.

Freckles tattoo resultsImage source: Instagram @adia_tattoo

How Are They Done?

Freckle tattoos can be done in a few ways – they can be done using a machine, or with the stick and poke method, which is a more traditional, free-hand method.

Either way, the skin is broken and pigment or ink is inserted into the punctures. After that, the skin goes through a healing process as the pigment or ink settles into the skin and stays there for several years.

Pigments are usually chosen to fit your complexion and look as natural as possible, but some clients choose a different approach – colorful rainbow freckles!

Read more about tattooing aesthetic freckles in our Comprehensive Guide Through Freckle Tattooing.

Rainbow Aesthetic Freckles

These freckle tattoos are definitely a statement!

As the trend emerged, so did many opinions about it; some criticized it and warned clients they might regret it, while others loved the idea of expressing their personality in such a creative way. Regardless of divided opinions, if you are considering doing a rainbow freckles tattoo, think about all the pros and cons before booking your appointment.

Rainbow aesthetic freckles are done in the same way as regular freckle tattoos. The only difference is in pigment shades.

Rainbow freckles tattooImage source: Instagram @tattoosbymagda

Aesthetic Freckles in Different Shapes

Of course, this trend also originated from getting creative with makeup, but it soon caught on in the permanent makeup industry as well.

While most clients choose round-shaped freckles, there is also another way to express yourself by choosing to do the tattoo in a different shape. Hearts, stars, crescent moons, and even flowers can be tattooed anywhere on the face you want them.

You can choose to do it in a more natural shade, like brown, or go full-out by choosing one statement color or even doing multicolor freckle tattoos. Both henna and permanent tattooing are viable methods for this type of aesthetic freckles.

Star shaped henna frecklesImage source: Instagram @hamsahenna

So, Which Faux Freckles Method Is Right for Me?

The best piece of advice is to try out a less permanent version before getting permanent freckles tattooed. Try out henna freckles first, decide if you like the way they look on you, and then book your appointment.

Henna freckles last significantly longer than those that are drawn on with makeup. But still, they are significantly less permanent than freckle tattoos.

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