Lash Bath: What Is It and Why Is It Necessary?

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 26, 2024
lash bath
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Eyelash extensions are awesome, but they need to be maintained properly. You can’t just get them and then not wash your eyes for as long as the extensions last. That is really bad and you risk getting an infection.

Your eyelash extensions need a lash bath! Yes, you’ve read it correctly. They need to be cleaned regularly. So, let’s find out more about at-home and professional lash baths and their benefits, and which products are the best for cleaning your extensions.

What Is a Lash Bath?

It’s very simple and the name practically says everything – it’s a bath for your lashes.

When you don’t wear extensions, you wash your face normally and you rub your eyes and lashes to remove all the makeup residues, bacteria, and oils.

But when you have extensions, rubbing your eyelashes is not desirable – you need to be careful not to pull them. So a lot of people just skip that part – they wash their face but not their eyes.

But eyelash extensions must be washed! And not just by splashing water on them. No, the process is a bit different.

what is a lash bath
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How to Do a Lash Bath at Home?

You should give your lashes a proper cleaning every evening when you remove your makeup.

With a wide brush and a suitable lash cleaning foam, remove all the dirt and rinse the lashes afterward. Make sure they are dry afterward. Use a clean cotton pad, face cloth, or even a hair dryer on the cold setting to dry the lashes after cleaning them.

To learn how to clean your lashes properly, read this guide.

What Are the Best Lash Extensions Cleansers?

If you want to do a lash bath at home, the first question is which products to use. Some lash tech advise micellar water, because it removes the build ups properly, while others say it’s oily, even though there are no oils in it.

Baby shampoo is something that used to be the go-to for cleaning lash extensions, but professionals advise against it, because it affects retention.

The best option is to invest in a lash foam specially designed for cleaning eyelash extensions. Here are some of our favorites:

Professional Lash Bath – Is it Necessary?

A professional lash bath is a service offered by lash technicians in their salons.

It is perhaps the best way to ensure your eyelashes are cleaned properly. The advantages are numerous: the technician is experienced enough to know which products work best for removing all the dirt from your lashes. They will also make sure to clean your lashes and preserve the extensions at the same time.

Doing a lash bath at home, especially if you are not very skillful, can cause your lashes to fall off prematurely. But a professional lash technician will make sure that’s not the case.

How Much Does a Lash Bath Cost?

The average price of a lash bath in a salon is $10-15.

If you decide to give your lashes a bath at home, it will cost you much less. All you need is a wide makeup brush and a good lash foam, which you can get at around $15-20 or even less.

How Often Do I Need to Wash My Extensions?

You need to clean your eyelash extensions at least 2-3 times a week, but the best option is to do a lash bath every day. If you go swimming or exercise, it’s important to wash your lashes properly afterward.

If you do that regularly and know how to clean your lashes properly (which is really not that hard), you don’t really need a professional lash bath. You can get one before a lash fill. But if you are a person who wears extensions a lot, it’s good to get them cleaned by a professional every now and then.

Is Lash Bath Before a Lash Fill Necessary?

Again, before you come in for a lash fill, your lash tech will advise you to clean the lashes properly. However, some lash techs include a lash bath in the lash fill service. It is really necessary to clean the lashes properly before applying additional extensions.

Is Lash Bath Before the Appointment Mandatory?

Before you come for the first set, your lash tech will advise you to remove all the makeup residues from your lashes. If you are not sure your lashes are completely clean, you can probably ask for a lash bath.

Some lash techs give their clients a complimentary eyelash bath before the appointment, to make sure the retention is really good.

If You Are a Lash Technician…

Educate your clients on the importance of cleaning their lash extensions regularly. Make sure they understand that eyelash extensions need regular maintenance that includes brushing and cleaning.

There are certain risks associated with not cleaning eyelash extensions, and infection is one of the most serious. The eyes are a sensitive area and your clients really should understand that this area needs cleaning.

You also want the best for your clients and if they don’t do their job, your reputation can be compromised.

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