The PMU Insider: WULOP Balkans PMU Conference 2023 Report

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 10, 2023
WULOP Serbia report from 2023
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In September 2023, PMUHub covered WULOP Serbia Vol 4, an extraordinary event that connects regional permanent makeup artists and the industry’s leading experts from all over the world year after year.

The World Universal League of Permanent Makeup (WULOP) is a worldwide PMU championship with semi-finals in 64 regions. Attracting more and more artists each year, it gives the best of the best a chance to represent their country in the prestigious final event in Turkey.

However, this is not just a PMU competition – it’s a celebration of artistry, skill, and innovation that brings together the best in the industry for an unforgettable experience.

The semi-finals for the Balkans region was held in Belgrade, September 20-22 2023. Read on for highlights from WULOP Serbia 2023!

Video Recap + Artist Talks!

WULOP Serbia 2023 Highlights

As a media partner, PMUHub was there to feel the atmosphere, record all the best moments, watch all those talented artists in action, and create fun, useful content for our audience!

Here’s what you missed:

Word of the Day: ENERGY!

Live events like these are always – well, eventful, with 3 days of dynamic activities.

Between the 3 rounds of competition, the educational segment and the live demos, WULOP Serbia was a comprehensive experience!

The organizers, the participants, the judges, the speakers, and all the backstage personnel – including yours truly, the media partners – shared so much positive energy it was infectious.

Events like WULOP Serbia truly remind everyone involved to take a second to appreciate the fact that the PMU industry is one that celebrates beauty.

Making people feel good about themselves is so rewarding that combining the love all artists have for their jobs accumulates into a memorable burst of energy that connects us all.

With as Many as 100 Participants, the Regional PMU Scene Is Booming

With the rapid growth of the PMU industry in the past few years, it’s no wonder artists are more eager than ever to showcase their work and stand out.

So they’re definitely jumping at any opportunity for self-promotion, and competing in WULOP and similar competitions attracts more and more participants.

Being a relatively small market, the Balkans region is saturated in so much PMU talent it’s no surprise so many industry leaders started their careers right there.

Amazing new artists are emerging every day, and if we can judge by the works we saw at WULOP 2023, we can expect the WULOP Serbia winners to bring home some trophies!

Local artists have a track record of winning top positions in the finals, and PMUHub wishes all the luck to this year’s champions!

Take a look at the winning works of the Balkans semi-finals:

A Spotlight on Pigmentology

If there’s one topic that’s been at the center of the PMU discourse in the past year or so it’s definitely pigmentology. In the past, knowledge was limited and hard to obtain, but industry leaders are changing things up.

After all, PMU implies tattooing people’s faces, and knowing what you’re putting in their skin should be a must!

So a number of lectures focused on pigmentology and correct color selection in different techniques, and world-famous artists Akira Nitsche, Olga Hanafy and Svetlana Popova generously shared their expertise.

One takeaway from all this? You can’t know color theory without knowing some chemistry!

What Is WULOP?

WULOP is a comprehensive global organization combining congresses and championships with worldwide representation.

The competition works like any other global league. It consists of 2 stages: the semi-finals and finals.

Semi-finals are held in 64 countries all over the world, uniting the local/regional PMU communities. As one of the initial semi-finals WULOP Serbia was a part of the organization from its very beginning, so it’s already a part of PMU history.

The semi-finals hosted in Belgrade this year were a 3-day event where artists from South-Eastern Europe got to compete in one of the 5 chosen categories:

This year, the regional semi-finals attracted close to a whopping 100 participants. The winners from all categories competed in the finals.

The finals are a true clash of the world’s best PMU artists; it’s a huge international event that takes the industry to a whole new level.

WULOP is not merely confined to individual artists – instead, it embraces the collective spirit by forming country teams comprising the winners of the semi-finals.

This fosters a sense of friendship and collaboration, allowing artists to learn from one another and create lasting connections.

Each year, the organizers go out of their way to secure the best speakers, so that the participants get to perfect their expertise further.

Speakers taking the stage at the congress are carefully selected to share the most popular techniques, innovative information, and exciting industry news with the participants.

What Can WULOP Ex-Yu Do for PMU Artists?

WULOP has taken permanent makeup to a whole new level by incorporating international congresses, world championships, and the finest country representatives. Let’s see how WULOP Balkan Countries benefits PMU artists:

It’s a Gateway to Global Recognition

WULOP Serbia/Balkans serves as the gateway for talented, local permanent makeup artists to gain global recognition.

By showcasing your skills at the semi-final event in Belgrade, you not only have the chance to win a coveted spot in the final held in Turkey but also to interact with top-notch artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

It’s a Chance to Learn from the Best

Each guest speaker is handpicked to ensure that attendees receive the most valuable information, the latest trends, and groundbreaking techniques.

The WULOP Congresses and WULOP Ex-Yu without exception, provide an enriching experience for both established professionals and aspiring artists alike. You can broaden your skills and learn about new techniques that you haven’t had the chance to dive into.

learn from the bestAngelina Slatvinska demonstrating her technique

It’s a Celebration of Art and Friendship

At WULOP semi-finals, it’s not all about competition and learning. It’s also about celebration and fun! The event is designed to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and a joyous atmosphere.

Participants will have the opportunity to unwind through special entertainment breaks, connect with fellow artists, and build friendships that transcend borders.

Numerous activities, cultural exchanges, and networking opportunities ensure that you return home with unforgettable memories and lasting friendships.

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