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If you tried some of the permanent makeup treatments, or had an experience with a particular salon or training provider you would love people to hear about, this is the place to share it. Review a treatment, a treatment provider or a training provider and help the PMU community!

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What can I review on PMUHub?

There are three categories that can be reviewed on PMUHub: treatment, treatment provider (salon) and training provider. After logging in, a person can review as many treatments, salons or training providers as it has already tried or visited.

What should I include in my review?

Real personal experience, genuine feelings and thoughts about treatments, treatment providers or/and training providers. Keep your review accurate and useful for others.

What should I leave out of my review?
Hate, profanity and other displays of bigotry, as well as off-topic comments. PMUHub encourages people to share their real experiences, the good and the bad ones, but will not tolerate anyone acting incorrectly.

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