Why Cancer Patients Deserve Microblading?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on October 13, 2021
Eyebrow tattoo for cancer patients
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More often than not, microblading is associated with people who want to enhance their appearance only because they don’t like the way they look at the moment. And even though this is justified as well, as everyone can do whatever they want with their body, sometimes such people do not have a tangible reason to opt for microblading or other forms of permanent and semi-permanent makeup.

However, did you know that there are also people whose lives can definitely be happier and more comfortable if they opt for microblading? Cancer survivors form a big percentage of the microblading clientele, and it’s for a good reason as it can help them feel better about themselves.

But how does this work, and when should they opt for a microblading procedure?

Who can you treat?

Most cancer patients fear the dramatic change in their appearance. Others are completely aware of this change, knowing that they might have to turn to semi-permanent and permanent makeup as a solution. But why is microblading so special and so perfect for cancer patients?

All cancer patients hope that they will, once again, be able to go back to their natural eyebrows, so it’s perfectly logical that the microblading procedure (which produces individual strokes) is the best option as it mimics hair follicles in the best possible way. 

The microblading procedure per se is a great one for any cancer survivor, and all of them, provided they have finished with chemo or if they’re not taking any other medications in the moment, are eligible for a procedure. However, even though anyone is eligible for the procedure after their recovery, it’s important to note that there is an increased risk of infection. This means that the patient should seek GP’s approval. 

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Microblading before chemotherapy

The first option for microblading for cancer patients is to have their procedure before they start with chemotherapy. If they have their eyebrows microbladed before they start losing their hair, they could prevent the fairly dramatic situation of a hair loss. These patients might not even notice when their eyebrows are gone. If a patient wants to prevent this visible aspect of eyebrow loss, then it would be best to opt for the procedure before chemotherapy.

It’s important to remember that it’s never recommended to undergo this treatment during chemo, as the tissue is very sensitive, and thus the bleeding can be much worse, which can lead to more infections.

When to do it? Probably somewhere six to eight weeks prior to your first chemo. This way, patients will have enough time for a touch-up month later, and they will heal properly before they start their chemo. Even though the second appointment is not always needed, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Microblading after chemotherapy

On the contrary, microblading for cancer patients can be done after chemotherapy as well. However, the patient needs to speak to the doctor and the nurse beforehand, as they will give him the best tips on when to do it. In most cases, patients need to wait a couple weeks before they opt for any aesthetic procedure, especially a semi-permanent or permanent tattoo.

If the patients wait to end their chemotherapy in order to go with microblading, they need to be aware of the fact that they will experience hair loss, which is quite traumatic. However, the reward of getting new eyebrows after they lost their real ones is definitely priceless, and very uplifting. 

Is there any difference for cancer patients?

Apart from the fact that will have to either opt for microblading several weeks before their chemo or several weeks after, the rest is very much the same. The procedure itself is not painful, but it might be a bit more inconvenient to cancer patients mostly because of the current state of their skin. However, if they choose the right artist, they will use a numbing cream that will prevent any pain.

The two most important benefits

Even though the procedure itself has many benefits, microblading for cancer patients has two very important benefits. The first one is confidence. Microblading is a procedure that will give everyone very natural eyebrows, which is definitely something cancer patients might need. Having pretty eyebrows can therefore enhance their mood, positivity and confidence. The right artist will use all the right pigments and movements, so that they experience their real eyebrows once again. 

The second benefit is that there is no down time, thus the patients will get their results immediately after the procedure. With a difficult sickness such as cancer, having no down time and actually being able to see the difference right after the procedure is priceless.


Everyone deserves to be happy with how they look. Microblading is not only for women who like fancy things and dressing nicely – down with the prejudice! Microblading can be quite a humane procedure, only if you think outside of the box. It can do wonders for cancer patients, and it’s a small price to pay for happiness and confidence.

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