What Is Lash Wrapping? Learn the Popular Lash Extensions Technique

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 12, 2022
lash wrapping
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Lash extensions are a fully customizable lash enhancement treatment that comes in so many styles, colors, and materials that you can mix and match to suit every client.

Whether you’re an experienced lash technician or someone who just stepped into the lashing world, learning new techniques of applying lash extensions is the best way to stay relevant.

And lash wrapping is one of the more recent techniques!

Read this article to find out more about what lash wrapping is, how it’s done, and its most important benefits for your business and your clients!

What Is Lash Wrapping?

A popular volume lash technique where the base of the volume fan is wrapped around the natural lash instead of sitting on top of it.

This way, the natural lash is essentially encapsulated inside the volume fan.

This is a really important technique to master because it creates superior retention to the classic lash extension placement, and more adhesive power equals fuller lashes.

what is lash wrapping
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Can You Use This Technique on All Extension Styles?


Lash wrapping is a technique that can be used only when applying volume lash extensions and mega volume lash extensions.

This is because only volume lash extensions are applied by using volume fans or clusters of lash extensions, while classic lash extensions, for example, are applied by gluing one individual false lash to one natural lash at a time.

The only difference between volume lash extension lash wrapping and mega volume lash extension lash wrapping is in the fans you use. Typically, a volume lash uses 2-5 extensions per fan while a mega volume fan uses 6-16 false lashes.

Keep in mind that the strength of natural lashes plays a huge role in deciding which fans to use. The more extensions you add to a volume fan, the thinner the extensions should be, so the fans stay light enough for your client’s natural lashes.


lash wrapping eyelash extensions technique

How to Prepare Volume Lash Fans for Lash Wrapping

Before learning how to properly use the technique, we first need to learn what makes a perfect volume lash fan:


First things first, a good volume lash fan must have equal spacing between the individual lash extensions.

It also must be symmetrical and have a ratio of ⅓ size between the body and the base of the fan, plus a 2-3 mm area for glue application.


Your volume lash fans shouldn’t be wider than 6 mm. A volume fan that is wider than this tends to look messy and makes the whole application process quite tricky.

Remember, when you’re working with wide fans, make sure you don’t leave the stem too short as that can affect retention.


The most important thing is to keep your base thin. A thin base can be applied anywhere on the natural lash which can give your volumes or mega volumes that great retention we’ve been talking about.

A flat base, on the other hand, can only be placed on top or under the natural lashes and it won’t give you that wrapping you’re looking for. It can also cause discomfort to your clients because the edges of the volume base will poke their lash line.

How to Do the Lash Wrapping Technique

Now that you know how to approach making your volume lash fans, let’s take a look at the quick and simple lash wrapping process step-by-step:

Step 1 – Isolate the Natural Lash

Before reaching for your fans it is important to properly isolate the natural lash first.

If you’re a beginner lash tech, you can practice this technique by isolating a classic lash extension on a cosmetic sponge and applying the fans onto it.

Step 2 – Place the Volume Lash Fan

Dip your volume or mega volume lash fan into the adhesive and apply it on top of the isolated lash or classic lash extension.

Wait until the lash glue has somewhat adhered to the natural lash or classic lash extension, and make sure not to let it dry completely.

Step 3 – Wrap the Volume Fan Around the Natural Lash

Wrapping is achieved by gently pushing down the fan while the adhesive is still drying and placing it about 1 mm away from the eyelid. It also helps if you do this in a slight wiggle motion.

This action causes the fan to literally hug the natural lash.

Step 4 – Proceed Until All Mature Lashes Are Wrapped

The key to creating volume lashes as safely as possible for your clients is to apply them only on mature lashes.

Proceed with isolating individual mature lashes and applying your fans until all lashes are covered.

What Are the Benefits of Lash Wrapping?

Taking the time to learn and practice a technique like lash wrapping can be of great benefit to both you and your clients and here’s why:

  • This technique is less likely to cause damage to your client’s natural lashes.
  • Your clients will experience longer-lasting results due to the high retention achieved with lash wrapping.
  • By offering mega volume lashes at your salon you will be able to make a greater income since mega volume is the priciest lash extension style.
  • By putting in the hours of work you will expand your skill set and make yourself seem more professional and attract new clients.

To Sum Up

There’s no doubt that a set of professionally done volume lashes or mega volume lashes creates a flattering, bold and dark look. However, these sets take a lot of time, precision, and practice to master.

If you’re willing to give lash wrapping a try, you will quickly realize just how important mastering this skill is and how beneficial it can be for your clients, making them come back for regular infills and helping you boost your credibility.

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