What are the Biggest Frustrations of Permanent Makeup Business Owners?

What are the Biggest Frustrations of Permanent Makeup Business Owners pmu job challenges
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The competition is getting strong in the microblading game. Owners of microblading and similar permanent makeup businesses are constantly trying to step up their game and attract new customers.

Every job has it’s challenges, but being an owner really takes it to the next level, especially when you’re working directly with clients.

So if you’re considering opening your own permanent makeup business, be prepared to deal with unqualified competition, headstrong clients, and abundant paperwork. 

According to artists and business owners, these are their biggest pet peeves:

Underqualified competition

Having to constantly justify your price can get tiring.

In order to become a licensed microblading artist, you have to invest quite a bit of time and money into proper training. So it’s understandably frustrating when self-taught half-amateurs pop up around your city or area and start charging half your price.

Obviously, they are highly likely to take away a portion of your clients. Even if you have an established clientele that’s loyal to you, new clients who don’t know that much about the procedure will go for the cheaper treatment, despite the health hazard

As a result, trained artists have to invest significant amounts of money into advertising and maintaining their image, as well as raising awareness. If this doesn’t work, some of them are forced to lower their prices.

Possible solution:

That’s why there’s a reason why licensing laws must be more strict. If you don’t have an approved course certificate, you can’t get licensed, so any untrained person offering microblading services is not to be trusted.

Such self proclaimed ‘artists’ are not properly trained to keep their clients safe and healthy, not to mention the high probability of a botched job.

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Fixing someone else’s mess

Underinformed clients who end up going to an untrained technician often end up with unsatisfactory results which another trained artist will have to fix.

It’s much more difficult fixing someone else’s permanent makeup mess than starting from scratch. On top of that, corrections cost less than a complete job, yet often take a lot more effort and concentration.

A large portion of removals is due to the fact the hand that did the microblading simply wasn’t experienced enough.

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Stubborn clients

It’s common for clients to show up to their consults with a photo of a celebrity whose eyebrows they want. This is a good way for the artist to get the sense of what the client wants done and offer them advice on how to adapt the style to their features.

However, if the client is very strict about the look they want and refuses to listen to the artist’s advice, they could end up with unsatisfatory results, which leads to countless touch ups, bad reviews and you were right’s.

It’s  very important to consider all facial features when microblading, as well as skintone, undertone, and haircolor.

The eye of the artist is trained to adapt the shape and color of the arch so it fits with the rest of the face. That’s why their advice shouldn’t be ignored.

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