What Are Microblading Cons & How to Avoid Them

By Emily M.| Last updated on August 16, 2022
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Perfectly shaped brows are a trend that’s been going on for a while now, so many different techniques of permanent makeup tattooing are on the rise. Among them, there is microblading.

In case you aren’t familiar with microblading, it’s a cosmetic tattoo that gives the appearance of fuller and defined brows.

Microblading is a very hyped-up procedure – and for a good reason. It saves time, money and gives long-lasting results. However, no cosmetic procedure is without downsides. Let’s see what microblading cons are.

What Are the Cons of Microblading?

While there are numerous undeniable pros, it’s important to objectively consider the relatively high price, the risks of things going wrong, and the fact that removal isn’t that simple.

To many, having perfect eyebrows all the time is worth overlooking the cons of microblading. But when deciding whether you should get your eyebrows microbladed, you should be aware of microblading cons as well. Let’s look into the common cons of microblading in more detail.

Microblading Isn’t Exactly Cheap

The average cost of microblading procedure is somewhere around $600, but the price range is quite wide ($200-$2000).

If you are looking for great results you need to book with an experienced professional. That means you might spend a bit more on the procedure but it’s the best way to ensure you’re not getting botched (nor an infection).

Microblading isn’t something you should save money on. If you decide to go for it, do it right. It will be more expensive to fix poorly-done microblading than to invest in a great looking one in the first place.

An Underqualified Artist Can Do a Botched Job

Since microblading is so popular there are many salons offering this procedure. And, as we said, the price varies – a lot. It can be tempting to book with someone cheaper, but an unqualified and untrained artist can ruin your brows, maybe even permanently.

There’s obviously the risk of your brows turning out not too attractive or wrong for your features.

But there are also more serious issues in case of improper technique.

Without proper knowledge and experience, your artist might deposit the pigment too deep into the skin, possibly even causing scarring. If that’s the case, the pigment won’t fade properly and your eyebrows might end up looking bluish or grayish. The strokes can spread and look thicker than they’re supposed to.

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Removal Is Possible, But It’s a Long, Painful Process

It can be quite discouraging having to remove microblading right after you’ve just spent money on a treatment, only to be unhappy with the outcome. The removal procedure can not only be costly, but it can also be quite painful and sometimes even lead to scarring.

There are several ways to remove the pigments from your skin, so if you are unhappy with your results, talk to a professional about your options.

Here’s a rundown of microblading removal techniques (some are more effective than others) along with detailed guides:

Glycolic acid
Removal creams
Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

While official removal techniques (laser, saline and acid removal) are quite successful at removing unwanted microblading, they take several sessions and they’re not exactly comfortable.

Alternative solutions in the form of topical products might fade the results a bit, but can’t really remove them.

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There’s a Possibility of Allergic Reactions

Although rare, allergic reactions are possible, which is why you need to do a patch test beforehand. The patch test is usually done during a consultation or 48 hours before the procedure.

By placing each of the products that will be used onto your skin and letting it sit for a while, technicians can determine if any cause skin irritation.

Even though the pigments used for microblading are body-degradable and of natural origins, different people have different levels of sensitivity so not everyone will react the same way to the same pigment. This also goes for numbing cream and some aftercare products.

Risk of Infection

Microblading, like any other cosmetic procedure, entails some risks and possible side effects.
One of the risks is an infection. To avoid contracting an infection, it’s crucial you don’t book with just anybody but look for licensed professionals instead.

They have undergone health training and know how to sterilize equipment and their working space properly. Using unsterile and low-quality equipment can lead to many skin issues.

But infection can also happen after the procedure, if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions and get the freshly bladed brows contaminated. More on that below.

Messy Healing Process & Complicated Aftercare

Another one of microblading cons is having to endure quite a long healing process and meticulous aftercare regimen. There are a ton of aftercare rules you need to follow so as not to mess up the results.

Adhering to the rules ensures you get the best results. The most important ones are not getting your brows soaked, sweaty, and staying away from makeup; these are non-negotiable! You don’t want to compromise your healing process and endanger your health.

You also need to be aware of the fact that your brows won’t look too attractive during the recovery period, but this is only, like, 2 weeks.

Learn all about the aftercare here.

emotions during microblading healing process

So, Do the Advantages Surpass the Microblading Cons?

After all the cons of microblading were listed out, you might be left wondering is it worth it? Well, the answer is individual and based on how much you desire the results this treatment provides.

Even with all these cons of microblading, this treatment is still a favorite among cosmetic procedures, especially because you can go around most of the microblading cons if you book with someone trustworthy.

Among its many benefits, long-lasting, natural-looking results seem to be all it takes to persuade people to get their eyebrows tattooed. So, for the majority, yes, it is so worth it.

microblading cons and advantagesImage source: Instagram @elicia_marie_beauty

To Sum Up

Most microblading cons can be avoided if you book with a licensed and experienced professional. In that case, you don’t have to worry about any of the gone wrong scenarios. So, to repeat once again: book with an experienced professional, don’t skip the patch test, and follow the aftercare rules. In that case, you have (almost) no microblading cons to worry about.

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