4 Ways to Fake a Lash Lift at Home Without Kit + Supplies

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 30, 2024
lash lift at home without kit
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So, you want the glam of a lash lift but don’t feel like visiting a salon or risking it with a DIY kit? We got you!

Believe it or not, there are ways you can fake a lash lift at home without kit. Not only will these methods save you the effort & energy, but the supplies you’ll need are also much cheaper than a professional lift, and you probably already own most of them.

Still, you can’t expect to get the same exact results – doing a DIY lash lift at home without kit will still leave you looking gorgeous, but the effect won’t be as dramatic so these methods are probably better suited for those trying to achieve a more natural look.

If that’s you, keep on reading and choose the best method for you!

Method 1: The Vaseline Lash Lift

This way of doing a DIY eyelash perm at home without kit is not only super simple, but it’s also good for your lashes!

As you could’ve guessed from the title, it includes using Vaseline, which you already know is a very powerful moisturizer. So, using it on your lashes keeps them thick & strong and works in a way that’s similar to a conditioner.

However, bear in mind that you absolutely need to keep the Vaseline out of your eyes. If some of it does accidentally get in, rinse it out immediately using clean hands and cool water.

To do this method, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Clean your lashes,
  • Apply a bit of Vaseline onto your lash curler and use it as usual,
  • Use a clean spoolie to brush the lashes upwards while they’re still in the curler.

Your lashes will look darker afterward, so you may not even need to put on any mascara. But if you still want to, keep in mind that the Vaseline can break down the wax inside and make it more prone to smudging than usual.

Follow this link to learn all about the Vaseline lash lift!

If this sounds like a great solution for you, check out the products you’ll need:

Method 2: The Pulsing Curler

This method was around since way before the lash lift, so you may remember hearing about it back in the 90s. The fact that it’s still relevant proves that it’s effective, although it does take a little bit more time than the others.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Heat up the lash curler using a blow drier, or get a heated curler,
  • Place it near the root of the lash, slightly bend up, & hold for a few seconds,
  • Reheat the curler (skip if you have a heated curler)
  • Repeat on the middle section of your lashes,
  • Reheat again and repeat near the tips.

The heat should keep the lashes lifted for a longer time, similar to how a curling iron holds your hair in place. Just be careful not to burn your eye when doing the base!

For this method, you’ll just need a good, reliable curler. You can either go with a regular one you’ll heat up, or look into self-heating versions. Here’s what we suggest:

Method 3: The Transparent Mascara Gel Lift

This method is a great way to achieve a similar look you would with Vaseline, but without any of the risk – the mascara gel shouldn’t be harmful to your eye at all since it was specifically made for this purpose.

You can use a clear gel without any regular mascara to achieve the all-natural lifted effect, but adding a layer of black mascara won’t ruin it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Heat up your curler like in Method 2,
  • Apply the transparent gel,
  • Apply 1 coat of mascara (if you want).

Make sure to not overdo it with the gel – 1 to 2 even coats are enough. Otherwise, the lash will get too heavy and won’t be able to hold the curl for long due to gravity.

The same goes for mascara, and ideally, you should do 1 layer of gel + 1 layer of mascara or just 2 layers of gel.

If you don’t already have a transparent mascara gel handy, here’s where you can get one:

Method 4: The Wiggly Mascara

This is the simplest one on the list and doesn’t require buying any additional products – your regular curler and mascara will do.

It might take some practice, though. Using too little mascara won’t give you the look you want, whereas using too much of it may get too heavy and ruin the curl, so it’s basically a game of trial and error.

To achieve a lash lift-like look with this method, you’ll need to:

  • Heat your lash curler,
  • Curl your lashes as per usual,
  • Apply waterproof mascara by starting at the root of the lashes, then slowly moving toward the tip while slightly wiggling the want left to right,
  • Check whether a second coat is necessary.

The curling motion helps disperse the mascara in a more even coat, while also helping you avoid clumps and tangles. For a truly natural look, you can go back with a clean spoolie and comb through the lashes again to really get a clean look.

If You Still Want a Kit…

It’s possible that these no-kit methods won’t bring you the results you want, since they can’t be as dramatic as a regular lash lift. If that’s the case, there are some great options for at-home lash lift kits that can give you all the glam you need!

These are our faves:



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