How to Wax Eyebrows at Home

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on June 26, 2023

Are you looking to save time & money and want to wax eyebrows at home? Read the article for a step-by-step tutorial and some product recommendations!

wax eyebrows at home

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Eyebrow waxing is a great way to keep your brows in control – removing the hair straight from its root will guarantee they grow back thinner & softer.

But, with busy schedules, going to the salon isn’t always the most convenient option. And not to mention the amount of money you’d save by waxing your brows at home!

So, is that a viable option? Our research says yes!
Keep on reading and we’ll tell you how to wax eyebrows at home!

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Can You Wax Your Own Eyebrows at Home?

Yes! If you find the right method and the proper tools, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to wax your own eyebrows.

The process itself isn’t too complicated (we’ll explain in a bit), you just need a steady hand and a bit of time, and it gets easier and quicker the more you practice.

However, before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, waxed-off hair may never grow back if the follicle is damaged, or it may grow back thinner. So be extra careful not to take off too much, or end up with a style you don’t like.

If you have allergies or generally sensitive skin, waxing may not be for you at all, since it may further damage the already unstable skin barrier and do more harm than good. Similarly, people with eczema shouldn’t do this method as well for the same reasons.

It’s also important to note that people of color may not be eligible for waxing as a hair removal method, since the wax peels off the outermost layer of the skin, which may cause discoloration in the form of either hypo or hyperpigmentation.

If you’re on your period it’s best to wait it out and wax a few days later, since the hormonal fluctuations may make the process more painful.

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How Do I Find the Right Brow Shape?

If you’re set on waxing your own eyebrows, it’s important to first decide on the shape you’ll strive for. Ideally, you should mark the starting, ending, and arch points on your face and follow that guide.

To do that, you can use a pencil, a piece of tight string, or another straight item.

Place one point on the side of your nose and aim it towards the hairline – that’s about where the eyebrow should start, but you can shift it a little according to preference.

Then, point it from the nostril to the outer corner of your eye – that’s your approximate ending point.

Finally, to find the arch point, simply place the pencil on the tip of your nose, align it with your iris, and point it towards your hairline.

Click here for a more detailed explanation if you need it!

This method is the one that most professionals use, but if you find that a different style suits you better – go for it!

eyebrow mapping
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How to Wax Eyebrows at Home: Step by Step

Now that you’ve got your perfect brows mapped out, let’s get into how you can wax them yourself. Whether you’re wondering how to wax your unibrow at home, or want to do some routine maintenance – this is the best way to approach it!

  • Prep the area. Remove all makeup and skincare products before you start. You can exfoliate one day before waxing to help eliminate ingrown hairs.
  • Prep the wax. Warm it up until it has the same consistency as honey. If it gets runny like oil, let it cool for a few moments.
  • Apply a thin layer of the wax using the wooden spatula. Always go in the direction of the hair’s growth.
  • Put on the strip, pressing down in the same direction. Don’t forget to leave a clean end so you have something to grip. Some waxes don’t require a strip, in which case, just skip this and the next step.
  • Run your hand over the strip to ensure that the wax has reached the hairs. Don’t be afraid to go over it a little more firmly.
  • Pull the strip or the hardened wax in the direction opposite your hair’s growth. It’s best to do it quickly in one swift motion. You can use your free hand to pull the surrounding skin in order to reduce pain.
  • Get rid of the excess wax. You can do that with some facial oil and a cotton pad.
  • Tweeze or shave off any rogue hairs you’ve missed, but give your skin a few minutes to rest before that.

If you’ve ever waxed any other body part, you can see that the process isn’t much different. Still, since we’re talking about the area so close to your eyes, it’s crucial that you be extra careful – getting wax into your eyes can be very damaging.

If you’re all set to begin waxing your own brows, you just need the right tools to get started!

Best at Home Eyebrow Wax

Check out our top product recommendations for brow waxing at home – we picked out the best & most convenient kit, and the most effective wax beads out there!

Best Eyebrow Wax Strips

If you’re not into doing the entire waxing procedure yourself, or want a simpler solution to brow waxing at home, wax strips might be the best option for you! These are great if you want to keep the process as mess-free as possible, while still getting the benefits of a fresh wax.

Here are our top recommendations:

What to Do After Waxing Your Eyebrows at Home

After you’re done with the wax, your skin will probably be a little red and irritated. You can ease this mild discomfort with a calming agent such as aloe vera, and don’t forget to moisturize!

It would be wise to avoid harsh ingredients and scrubs for at least 1 day.

Also, avoid anything that causes sweating, and don’t expose your skin to salt, dirt, or dust since that may irritate the freshly-waxed skin.

You can use topical antihistamines after waxing to avoid getting little bumps, but it’s best you first consult your dermatologist about it.

How to Wax Eyebrows at Home – Main Takeaways

The best way to wax eyebrows at home is to be really cautious about it. You need to be careful with heating up your wax so as not to burn yourself, and you should be aware that sensitive skin can react to the treatment. Plus, be meticulous about the shape you want to achieve.

Out of all the brow grooming techniques you can do at home, waxing is perhaps the most complex, except for maybe brow threading. So if you’re not too skilled, perhaps booking a professional treatment is safer.



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