A Guide Through Vertix Needles – Let’s Get to Know Vertix Cartridges

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 26, 2024
vertix needles guide- learn everything about vertix cartridges
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Machine work is slowly but surely taking over the PMU industry, and more and more artists are either switching to machine techniques from manual PMU, or adding them as extra services.

And the most common questions artists have when taking up new techniques have to do with the tools and products they should be using. With machine work, cartridges seem to cause the most confusion.

So we’re getting you familiar with Vertix needles! Let’s learn a bit about the company and why Vertix cartridges are the go-to option for many artists.

Are Vertix Needles Any Good?

Vertix needles are considered to be top tier. The company has put a lot of research into engineering and as a result, Vertix cartridges provide the utmost precision, reliability and quality.

The cartridges are constantly being perfected according to the demands of artists, so what they offer now is the most advanced technology tailored to the needs of the industry.

They pride themselves on providing cartridges engineered for the most demanding artist.

The science that goes into manufacturing Vertix needles makes the higher price-point more than justified, and artists who provide premium services swear by the brand.

While budget-friendly brands can only try to copy, Vertix actually develops new features that revolutionize the industry.

Their cartridges come in the well-known configurations, and the range is so wide it covers all forms of tattooing – both decorative body art, and cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup.

are vertix needles good?
Image source: Instagram @vertixneedles

A Bit About the Company

Vertix is a US-based tattoo supply manufacturer that specializes in needle cartridges. They work closely with selected tattoo and PMU artists and PMU machine manufacturers, so their products are highly specialized and stay at the top of the industry.

Each new line they launch entails years of research and testing, so the final product is bound to deliver.

As the PMU industry is growing, so is their range. Investing in Vertix needles means getting the most advanced products available on the market – safe, trustworthy and reliable.

Vertix Needles Collections

As we mentioned, the brand makes a wide variety of needle cartridges, and they currently offer 3 collections:

  • the original Vertix line for body tattooing
  • Vertix Nano developed for cosmetic tattooing
  • and Vertix Pico – the newest line of PMU needles with improved features

Let’s discuss the Vertix needle collections developed especially for cosmetic tattooing.

Vertix Nano Needles

When artists say Vertix, they mean Vertix Nano. This range of cartridges has become the go-to for a large portion of PMU artists, regardless of which treatments in particular they do.

Some of the particularly beneficial features of Vertix cartridges are:

The Special Hummingbird Profile

The Vertix needles have very slim, compact profiles made of clear plastic, that don’t block the artist’s field of vision. This allows you to work with less hand movement, and therefore faster and with more precision.

Vertix Nano needles
Image source: Instagram @vertixneedles

No Spray & No Drip Engineering

The hummingbird profile is actually a specially engineered tip which ensures maximum pigment flow and minimizes spraying and dripping. Unlike with other cartridge brands, the Vertix Nano cartridges are developed with a custom-tailored tip for every needle configuration.

This means the needle is neatly packed into the cartridge and there’s no unwanted pigment flow from it.

Low Tension Membrane

The special soft, low-tension membrane doesn’t only make the cartridge completely safe, as there’s no risk of the machine sucking up the pigment; it also contributes to minimizing the vibrations from the machine.

Plus, soft membrane implies less strain on the motor of your machine, and therefore longer battery life.

Top-Quality Materials

One thing artists stress is extremely important is for the needle to maintain its shape and sharpness throughout the procedure; otherwise, they have to use multiple cartridges throughout the procedure to ensure consistent results.

Vertix needles don’t bend and they don’t lose their shape as easily as other brands do. They’re made of materials that have been tested extensively, and the needle shape inside the cartridge is engineered specially to prevent loss of shape.

Recommended Line for Microbeau’s Bellar

While all Vertix cartridges are universal, the Nano line is the collection recommended for the Bellar machine.

Wide Range of Needles

Vertix Nano cartridges come in a very wide range of needle configurations (round liners, round shaders, magnums) and in different diameters (0.20, 0.25 and the 0.33 which is unique to Vertix needles). Different configurations also have different tapers.

So the line provides a lot of versatility.

Explore the Vertix Nano needles in PMUHub’s Shop.

Vertix Pico Needles

With Vertix Pico, the brand has improved the features of the Nano cartridges and added new ones to create the ultimate PMU needles.

With Vertix Pico, you get

  • even less vibrations
  • even less strain on the machine motor
  • even more stability
  • optimized pigment consumption
  • the most compact profile on the market
  • a splatter-free experience

The Vertix Pico needles come in different needle configurations with several diameter options. The collection is available on PMUHub!

What Are the Best Vertix Cartridges?

To help you decide which Vertix needles to buy, we’ll guide you through artists’ recommendations for every PMU treatment:

Best Vertix Needle Cartridges for Eyebrows

The answer depends on what effect you’re going for. Most artists use different cartridges for hair strokes versus shading, but that’s not the rule.

Best Vertix Cartridges for Hair Strokes

If you’re doing nano brows and need a cartridge that will allow you to draw crisp and precise hair strokes, the 0.20 and 0.25 1RL are the best options. With the long taper especially, you can get very precise pigment placement, which is key when doing hair strokes.

Best Vertix Needles for Brow Shading

For doing a crisp outline, you need a 1RL. The diameter you go with should depend on the client’s skin.

For shading within the outline, you can either go with a round shader, or a round liner. The best options would be the 3RS and the 3RL, with the liner being a better option if you want more detailing, and the shader a better option for shading in larger areas.

Best Vertix Needles for Lips

For lip outlining, the best option is a 1RL, just like it’s the case for powder brows.

But for lip shading, some artists like to use magnums, while others like round liners with multiple needles. A 5RL can be a good option for shading larger areas with as little trauma as possible, and also for getting the color to blend nicely and evenly.

Best Vertix Needles for Eyeliner Tattoos

For eyeliner tattoos, precision is everything, so artists like single needle cartridges. The Vertix Nano 0.25 1RL is said to give the softest pixels.

Best Vertix Needles for Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is a little different from other PMU treatments, since you don’t need the pigment marks to blend – in fact, you need the opposite.

The 3RL configuration with a seems to be the favorite, since it packs in a solid amount of pigment with precision.

So, Is Investing in Vertix Needles Worth It?

We won’t beat around the bush – yes, Vertix cartridges are pricier than many other brands. But objectively – they’re worth it.

You get reliable cartridges that aren’t prone to loss of shape, with unique features that make your job easier, whether you go for the Nano or Pico range.

If you’ve never used Vertix needles before, we suggest the Nano Sample Box as the perfect starting point – you get 5 cartridges in 8 configurations, so 40 cartridges in total. This allows you to try different ones and see which work best for you.



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