Under Eye Concealer Tattoo – Does It Work?

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 25, 2022
Under Eye Concealer Tattoo - Does It Work and Is It Safe?
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Dark under eye circles can be a major source of insecurity for a lot of people. While it’s a natural, harmless condition, having to cover them up with a ton of makeup every single day can get very frustrating. Not to mention spending a ton of cash trying out different concealers to find that one that gives sufficient coverage.

So many people must have thought about how great it would be if there was an under eye concealer tattoo they could do away with all their under eye circles insecurities.

Well, there actually is. It’s called permanent concealer, and it’s a popular treatment in many parts of the world. But is it as great as it sounds? Let’s find out all about the under eye concealer tattoo.

What’s an Under Eye Concealer Tattoo?

An under eye concealer tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing, meaning it’s supposed to recreate the look of wearing makeup. It’s a lot different from traditional tattooing, and it doesn’t last forever.

It implies placing pigments (or tattoo inks) in the color several shades lighter than your complexion under the skin, in order to neutralize the darkness. The principle is, since dark under eye circles are caused by dark tissue and blood vessels under the skin, adding a layer of light color between this tissue and the skin surface can minimize their appearance.

What’s an Under Eye Concealer Tattoo?Image source: Instagram @princessbrows

How Is It Done?

Well, first off, we have to note that the under eye concealer tattoo is not one, uniformed and standardized treatment. Different artists have different methods of doing permanent concealer.

Mainly, some artists use tattoo inks, while others use pigmented serums (a more common practice). The first method is closer to tattooing and it lasts longer, while the second lasts a couple of years, but blends into the skin more naturally.

In either case, the application process implies poking the skin over and over again with an electric needling device and injecting the color into it. It might sound scary, but the needles don’t go deep into the skin, so an under eye concealer tattoo is considered non-invasive.

The treatment isn’t painful – a topical anesthetic is used – but it may be uncomfortable since the eye area is quite sensitive and your eyes may get irritated.

For an even more detailed description of the treatment, plus information on healing, aftercare, cost and more, check out our guide here.

How Is Under Eye Concealer Tattoo Techniques Done?Image source: Instagram @moonlight_cosmetique

And How Long Does an Under Eye Concealer Tattoo Last?

This depends on whether the artist you chose works with inks or tinted serums.

The version with inks can potentially last up to a decade. Even though the inks can’t be broken down by the body in the way PMU pigments can, frequent washing and sunlight exposure fade the color, so the results don’t last forever.

The more common version, the one with tinted serums, is actually meant to fade over time, so the results last 2-4 years. The pace at which the effect will wear off depends on your skin type, body chemistry, lifestyle, the amount of sunlight exposure, etc.

Sounds Good, But Does It Actually Work?

Well, an under eye concealer tattoo can definitely give an improvement, but it has to be done right.

You have to choose an experienced artist who knows how to choose the right shade. If they go too light, the results will look very obvious, just like when you pick the wrong shade of regular concealer. But if they don’t go light enough, it won’t make much difference.

In order to look good, the results have to be subtle and blend into the skin naturally. This takes a lot of experience to master.

There’s one more thing we have to mention – the possibility of your under eye concealer tattoo turning unattractive after a while.

Does Under Eye Concealer Tattoo Actually Work?Image source: Instagram @skndeep

What Do You Mean It Can Turn Unattractive?

Well, since you’re getting color lighter than your natural skin tone implanted into the skin, you have to be aware of the fact that, if you get a tan and your complexion darkens, the pigments/ink of your under eye concealer tattoo can look like discolored patches.

And that’s not all. Pigments/ink used often contain a significant amount of titanium dioxide, a type of white pigment. This component is notorious in the industry because it’s been known to turn yellow or greenish in the skin after a while. And it can’t be removed with laser (the go-to removal method), since a laser beam touching titanium dioxide makes it darken. It can also rise in the skin and give it a bumpy texture. 

There are alternative removal options, though.

So an under eye concealer tattoo can work great in the beginning, and it can fade away without any problems, but do be aware of the potential long-term side effects.

under eye concealer tattoo removalImage source: Instagram @kinga_kowalczyk_pmu_remover

Is It Safe?

Apart from the potential unattractive side effects, the risks of getting permanent concealers are the same as with any PMU treatment:

  • Infection. Since the skin is opened, it can get infected in case of unsterile equipment or contamination before it’s had the chance to heal.
  • Allergies. A patch test should always be done before the treatment to make sure you’re not allergic to the pigments/inks or any other product used during the treatment.
  • Permanent scarring or skin damage. The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate, so the artist has to be extremely careful and gentle.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

There’s another permanent treatment for complexion perfection that you can look into – BB glow. While an under eye concealer tattoo only camouflages under eye circles, the BB glow tints the whole face for a lightweight foundation look. However, it’s just as controversial as a PMU concealer and they carry similar risks.

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