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I am a certified and licensed esthetician.
I have completed 750 hours of training at the Aveda Institute of Dallas for my esthetician license. My License number is 1721724.I have 2 years of permanent makeup experience so you can be confident I will give you beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows that you'll LOVE
I've Done Microblading For DOZENS of happy microblading clients who can tell you they LOVE their gorgeous new eyebrows.

I use Vegan formulated pigments to assure the best quality and safety
My pigments are made from organic pigments – sourced from the earth, vegetable glycerin, and ethyl alcohol.

I follow strict safety practices to keep you safe
I have been trained and certified in BloodBorne Pathogens.

I use sterilized disposable blades ensuring the quality of safety. Infection control is the top priority and always provided to every client. Services are always pre-prepped as the client arrives with all disposable and/ or sterilized supplies along with all equipment Pre-sterilized with Cavi wipes and spray. Hair bonnet and tissue liner are placed on the chair for every client. I wear a mask and gloves to ensure the safety for myself and the client. I prep skin with an alcohol wipe and apply numbing agent covering with plastic wrap for 20-30 minutes. I then use new disposable single-use blades for each client.

I will get rid of your eyebrow imperfections like gaps, sparse spots, scars, and bald patches; It will be like they never existed
You will no longer need to worry about covering up flaws in your eyebrow each morning. I'll fill in any gaps, scars, bald patches, and sparse spots you have so that your eyebrows are fuller, thicker, and still natural-looking.

You will wake up and go all day looking 10 or more years younger
One woman said after she got microblading, "I look 20 years younger..."

I won't promise you'll look 20 years younger, :) but once I fill in your brows to make them look thicker and fuller, you won't have bald patches and sparse areas that make you look older.

Your microblading / permanent makeup will last .5 to 2+ years between touch-ups
Microblading & Permanent makeup is always a two-step procedure. You need an initial treatment, and a touch-up 6-weeks later, to make sure that your permanent makeup lasts 1 year between major touch-ups.

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