Top 10 Permanent Makeup Accessories That Make Your Job Easier

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 22, 2024
Permanent Makeup Accessories That Make Your Job Easier
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Permanent makeup artists are always striving to deliver safe, hygienic, and natural-looking results to their clients, no matter the treatment.

Good quality PMU accessories can help artists achieve symmetry and precision in their work, speed up the pigment application process, and even help them showcase final results in the best way possible.

Read this article to find our top 10 list of permanent makeup accessories that can transform the way you do PMU and make your job a whole lot easier. Let’s get started!

Permanent Makeup Accessories Worth Investing In

Besides the must-haves like pigments, machines, and needle cartridges, you can find a wide variety of PMU accessories and tools that can boost your efficiency.

Here’s our list of the top 10 PMU accessories that make PMU artists’ jobs easier:

1. Hairbands & Hair Nets

Every artist likes their clients to look and feel confident during their PMU treatment. However, when clients come into the salon flaunting a hairdo that just can’t be tamed, that can create a whole world of problems for PMU artists.

You can’t perform a safe procedure without finding a way to prevent hair strands from ruining your work, either your clients or yours, so investing in disposable hairbands and hair nets is the key.

Not only do they prevent cross-contamination, but hair nets and headbands also keep hair back off the client’s face giving you enough room to perfect your mapping and implement pigment.

They should be disposable to keep up with the highest possible hygiene standards.

2. Protective Clothing

As a permanent makeup artist, you know that handling cosmetic pigment results in some unexpected accidents. Spilling pigment just comes with the job, but you can still successfully do your service without worrying about ruining your clothes.

The best way to protect your clothing from ink stains is to get a washable apron to wear during treatment or to invest in disposable isolation gowns.

A disposable protective cover is a quick and easy solution when working with clients, but if you’re a more eco-conscious artist who’s looking to reduce plastic waste, we say go for an apron that you can wash and reuse over and over again.

Plus, these kinds of aprons have some sweet pocket spaces for storing your phone or some tools and supplies you need during mapping.

3. Barrier Film + Grip Tape

To help your PMU equipment last longer, you should always strive to protect it from ink and cross-contamination. The best way to do this is to use barrier film to secure your tattoo machine, power supply, and any cords you might be using.

To make a tight seal and prevent the barrier film from moving, you can use another very useful accessory called grip tape.

Grip tape is not only made for allowing artists to protect their equipment but also as a way to provide more comfort and control when working with a tattoo machine that is constantly vibrating.

4. Ink Cup Holders

If you’re tired of unintentionally flipping over your ink cups, investing in an ink cup holder might do the trick.

An ink cup holder is a tool that holds multiple ink cups in place during the PMU procedure, keeps them organized, and prevents them from spilling or tipping over.

Ink cup holders come in several different materials, with different dimensions and number of slots, plus some interesting additions such as tattoo machine holders or designated slots for microbrushes.

Learn everything about ink cup holders and find some more product recommendations here.

5. Pigment Mixers

Permanent makeup is all about creating the best-looking, natural enhancement that is custom suited to each and every client. To choose the best pigment shade, you’ll need to mix a customized formula that blends with your client’s skin tone and hair color.

Instead of manually mixing pigment shades and creating a mess, you can use a handy device called the pigment mixer.

It is a compact, battery-operated tool that allows you to quickly and meticulously mix and combine permanent makeup pigments, or even dilute thick pigments with a thinning agent. It saves you time and keeps your workstation clean.

Read all about pigment mixers and how they work here.

6. Power Supply Accessories

Every experienced PMU artist knows that power supplies can make or break their service. Understanding voltage is crucial for artists who offer brow, lip, eyeliner, and other permanent makeup services that require precise results.

But, besides investing in the best quality PMU power supply, you should look into permanent makeup accessories that can be helpful and truly impact your service.

We recommend trying out a foot switch or pedal to gain more control over your PMU machine and stocking up on some extra batteries instead of worrying about charging your machine in between sessions.

7. Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses are just one of those essential PMU accessories that most artists can’t work without.

They provide a clear magnification combined with a bright light, which allows the artist to see the finer details of the procedure and create precise, natural-looking results.

In case you’ve noticed you’ve been having headaches more often since you started working as a PMU artist, eye strain may be the cause. Magnifying glasses can help prevent this condition.

8. Organizers & Travel PMU Accessories

Everyone enjoys a neat workstation. Keeping everything clean and organized can send a message to your clients that they are in the hands of someone who cares about their health and their experience as well.

Clear acrylic containers are great for storing disposable items like brushes, cotton swabs, q-tips, and more, so if you haven’t already, add them to your salon.

If you’re an artist that works in several locations or likes to bring their equipment with them while traveling, you should invest in a sturdy, adjustable storage case that will keep your items in good condition wherever you go.

9. A Really Awesome Ring Light

Being able to see your work evenly from every angle is crucial for even results. A ring light is a PMU artist’s best friend for even illumination and brightness when working.

Not only that, a ring light (or, like, 3 of them) can help you take amazing photos and videos of your work, helping you boost your social media presence. Ring lights can come in many different sizes, with adjustable stands, or even as an adjustable phone clip.

Whichever one you chose, it is a PMU accessory worth investing in.

10. A Macro Lens

A clip-on macro camera lens just falls into the category of permanent makeup gadgets and accessories made especially for showcasing your work.

In this day and age, your client list relies mostly on your social media presence, so any accessory that you can use to boost your following is highly recommended.

With a small, attachable macro lens you can take high-resolution close-up photos of your work without actually having to get really close to your clients. Plus, since you don’t have to zoom in to get a clear picture, the color hues will remain true to life.

In Conclusion

Permanent makeup artists rely on several permanent makeup accessories to deliver quality services to their clients.

The above-mentioned products can ensure a safe and hygienic PMU procedure while also delivering natural-looking and long-lasting results. When it comes to permanent makeup, investing in quality accessories is crucial for both client satisfaction and business growth.



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