Tis the Season of Generosity! Giving Back to the Community

By Katarina V.| Last updated on November 29, 2022
season of giving
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It is the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us and it is the perfect time to take a break from all the gift wrapping, gift unwrapping, gingerbreadman baking and eggnog drinking and reflect on the good deeds we’ve done and will do in the future.

Giving is the greatest gift, and permanent makeup and tattoo artists have been particularly selfless in the past few years. In the hope all of you artist and salon owners will take their example this holiday season, we give you the most inspiring stories!

How PMU artists did good this year?

We all know that permanent makeup treatments can get expensive and not everyone can afford them. So in the spirit of giving, many permanent makeup and tattoo artists have decided to give back to the community and donate their services to those who are in need of them.

Permanent makeup is a unique skill that can help people regain confidence and give them a little joy and a major confidence boost. So, why not make someone happy?

Free eyebrows for Edinburgh alopecia sufferers

Alopecia, a medical hair-loss condition that affects as many as 6.8 million people in the US alone. It manifests itself through gradual loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. One Edinburgh-based beauty technician who suffers from alopecia herself understands the struggle.

She’s been giving out free microblading appointments to members of the community suffering from medical hair-loss who can’t afford a treatment which costs from 300 to 800 pounds in Edinburgh. All of her clients claim that microblading was a life-changing blessing that helped them become their old selves again.

Complimentary scarring cover-ups through micropigmentation

All kinds of trauma can leave traces on our skin. Scarring can be a source of discomfort and it is not unusual for people with visible scarring to lose self-confidence. That’s why the founders of Angels Ink Foundation from Manitoba, Canada, have been providing cosmetic tattooing services to people who’ve gone through trauma or surgery.

The skilled artists organize fundraisers and with the money raised, they finance lip reconstruction for those who’ve got through a cleft lip surgery, microblading, and micropigmentation for scar cover-up sessions for those who can’t afford them – micropigmenatation for this purpose costs 150 Canadian Dollars per hour. They are currently accepting applications.

Free permanent makeup sessions for cancer patients

  • A permanent makeup artist Izabella Struglska from Llandudno, Wales, has been giving out free permanent makeup sessions once a month to anyone who is suffering loss of hair, eyelashes or eyebrows due to chemotherapy or any serious type of hairloss condition.

Her quest of giving back started a few years ago. Women with these conditions would come to her for consultations, but often backed out of the treatment for financial resons. She decided she couldn’t turn them down; “I know how much appearance can affect a person’s self-esteem”, says the artist. Ever since, she’s been giving a free session of semi-permanent makeup to anyone suffering the mentioned conditions. All it takes is a phonecall and a chat.

  • A mother/daughter permanent makeup duo that owns Blissologie from Florida have been donating free permanent makeup sessions every October, which is breast cancer awareness month, to women from the local community who have gone through cancer treatment. Their inspiration also comes from home; their daughter and sister is a cancer survivor.
  • Similarly, PMU artist Selena Polgardy from Franklin, Tennessee, has been inspired by her mother, who is a cancer survivor, to donate her services. She’s been doing microblading and scalp micropigmenantion on people who have gone through chemotherapy and lost their hair as a result. If you’re able to help Selena expand her range of free services and give patiens their glam back, visit her Go Fund Me page.

Tattoos for charity

The Blessed Ink tattoo and pierceing shop is the definition of giving back. The owners of this small Huntsville, Texas business are equally passionate about their work as they are about the community they live and work in. Throughout the years, Jenna and Ubaldo Casanova have found numerous ways to support charities, from donating face painting, temporary tattoos and tattoo gift certificates to those who can’t afford body art, to fundraising for the families in need. During October they organized a special fundraising event. A portion of income from every (pink) ribbon tattoo was donated to a local cancer charity.

The owner, Jenna, is in the process of mastering areola micropigmentation. She says her ultimate goal is to help women who’ve had mastectomy regain confidence.

Tattoo removal to trafficking victims

Human trafficking is one of the burning issues in the society. Victims of trafficking who’ve been saved from the system suffer serious trauma and struggle to get on with their lives. They often have tattoos with codes that traffickers use to brand them. That’s why permanent makeup and tattoo artist Katie Mohamed started a local charity service. She offers free removal of small and medium sized tattoos in order to help victims erase the reminder of a painful period in their lives.

Mohamed points out that she doesn’t suffer any major financial loss for the free removals, as they don’t take long and she only needs the removal solution and a needle. She also states that more and more removal specialists from her area have been inspired and started giving out free removal sessions.

However, she’s looking for partners that could help her step up her practice and raise awareness. So listen up removal techs and possible sponsors, she can be contacted through Dermal Enhancements FB and IG accounts.

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