It’s Official: These Are the Best-Selling PMU Products of 2023

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 12, 2024
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Well, cue the confetti cannons and pour the bubbly – 2023 has been a wild ride in the world of permanent makeup.

We’ve shared moments of success, faced new challenges (especially those of you transitioning into machine work from microblading!), and uncovered new PMU products that became our trusty sidekicks.

From brow game-changers to lip pigments that’ll have your clients blowing kisses left and right, we’ve uncovered the top 18 PMU gems that dominated in our shop in 2023. So, let’s unwrap your faves!

Brow PMU Pigments That Stole the Show in 2023

From precision applications to jaw-dropping transformations, these pigments have become the go-to for brow artists. Get ready to delve into the details of each product and learn what made them stand out in the crowded PMU landscape.

Brow Daddy Pigments Gold Collection Set

Brow Daddy’s gold collection set the “gold” standard in the PMU world in 2023.
This came as no shock to many PMU artists, thanks to the distinctive, fluid, and highly pigmented formula of Brow Daddy pigments, making them super easy to use with a machine.

This Perma Blend collaboration is like a PMU wizard, offering shades that match any skin tone and undertone, giving you jaw-dropping results with fewer passes.

Be aware that the Brow Daddy x Perma Blend formula has been discontinued. However, you’re in luck as we still have these collections available at our shop, so make sure to secure yours today.

Magic Corrector Set – Brow Daddy Correctors for PMU Pigments

These three mighty correctors from the Brow Daddy Magic Corrector Set became true heroes in the world of PMU in 2023. Polishing up any unattractive tones in old PMU and creating the perfect pigment potion.

Blackish Brown Perma Blend Pigment for Brow & Eyeliner PMU

Perma Blend offers a diverse range of pigments for eyeliner tattoos which was expanded further in 2023, but Blackish Brown pigment stayed your fav! The reason why you loved it so much was probably its dark value that works with any complexion.

The Lip Legends of 2023

The previous year took us on a lip-tastic journey! Get ready as we show you the lip pigments legends – the PMU lip pigments that absolutely owned the stage in 2023. These shades aren’t just colors, they’re statements.

French Fancy Perma Blend Pigment

Perma Blend’s high-quality pigments remain the top choice among artists!

In 2023, French Fancy proudly earned the title of delivering the most accurate true-to-color healed results.

Tres Pink Perma Blend Pigment

A very versatile shade that looks great in the bottle, freshly tattooed, and healed! A true all-rounder that looks great on almost any complexion, it’s no surprise that this earthy pink lip pigment is the 2nd best-selling lip pigment in 2023.

Orange Crush Perma Blend Pigment

In 2023, dark lip neutralization was a very sought-after treatment, so it’s no wonder artists started exploring corrector pigments more.

Orange Crush by Perma Blend was the one they seem to have settled on: it’s a pure orange that can be great for neutralizing dark, cool-toned lips on its own, or mixed with other lip colors to warm them up.

PMU Machines That Captivated Artists’ Hearts & Hands in 2023

From precision devices to cutting-edge innovations, these PMU machines have redefined the art of permanent makeup application past year.

Join us as we lift the curtain on the top performers and discover why they earned their status as the best in the business.

Bellar Air Stealth Black 3.0 mm Stroke Wireless PMU Machine by Microbeau

In 2023, the advanced, high-tech Bellar – the Bellar Air – emerged as a wireless powerhouse. More potent than ever, it was serving the needs of both PMU novices and seasoned professionals alike.

The Bellar Air is not just a machine, it is a versatile tool that empowers artists to work with ease on various skin types and areas, leaving a trail of satisfied clients.

Most artists seem to prefer the 3.0 mm stroke in their Bellar Air, probably due to the fact that the industry seems to be turning towards more powerful machines.

They also preferred the double-battery option. With the inclusion of two batteries, artists enjoyed extended usage without interruptions.

Spektra Xion S PMU Machine Gunmetal Gray by Microbeau

This one is an oldie but goodie!

Last year, the Xion S proved to be a strong contender in the PMU machine arena. Offering an alternative to its wireless counterparts, it attracted artists seeking a reliable and budget-friendly option without compromising quality.

While slightly heavier than its pen-style counterparts, the Xion S provides superior control and stability. This machine caters to artists who appreciate a sturdy and dependable tool, proving that some classics can definitely compete with innovation.

Bellar V2 Stealth Black by Microbeau

The original, first Bellar was retired recently and succeeded by its improved gen-2 version: Bellar V2.

The new version has all the features artists loved in the original one: a small, slim, pen-shaped body, a shorter, 2.7 mm stroke that provides gentle versatility, and simple, pared-down parameter settings.

But it’s pairable with a battery pack for cordless use!

Artists quickly recognized the benefits of the new and improved Bellar, and it won itself the title of 3rd best-selling PMU machine in our shop in 2023.

The Best PMU Cartridges of 2023

Vertix needles are one of the best-selling PMU products of 2023 in PMUHub Shop.

The artists have spoken and Vertix engineers have listened! These cartridges provided artists with the utmost precision, reliability and quality during 2023.

Vertix Nano Sample Box PMU Needle Cartridges

When it comes to Vertix, Vertix Nano was the go-to choice for most artists in the previous year.

The best-selling configurations were:

Since the top 2 are 1 liners, it’s obvious artists put versatility first: this configuration can pull off almost any PMU effect, including hair strokes.

The 3 shader is perfect for lip blush. Since lip blush was hugely popular in 2023, it’s no surprise that 3RS was the 3rd best-seller.

You can try the eight most popular Nano cartridges with the sample pack. Explore different configurations and discover the perfect match to complement your unique style.

Vertix Pico 1 Round Liner 0.25 mm Medium Taper PMU Needle Cartridge

Vertix Pico is a newer collection, but some of the configurations quickly became staples on many artists’ trays. With its redesigned tip, artists had more control, which resulted in cleaner work and optimized pigment consumption with each needle stroke.

Experienced artists unanimously favored the Vertix Pico Round Liner last year, but the 0.25 was the most popular option.

This remarkably delicate and flexible needle was instrumental in achieving unparalleled precision and producing enchanting results. It’s a great, versatile option.

Vertix Pico 1 Round Liner 0.33 mm Medium Taper Polished Pink PMU Needle Cartridges

And our 3rd place goes to the same Pico configuration, only with a slightly thicker diameter. The 0.33 mm diameter is something unique to the Vertix range. It’s a thicker needle that packs in more pigment while causing minimal trauma.

It’s great for less experienced artists who might overwork the skin with a thinner needle.

Best Numbing Creams and Gels of 2023

If there is one thing all PMU artists can agree on – your clients’ comfort is paramount!

Stay with us while we uncover the best numbing creams and gels that made PMU procedures a breeze in 2023.

These products aren’t just about comfort. They’re about transforming the client experience.

Tag 45 Numbing Gel – Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Gel

Tag 45 emerged as a star performer in the world of permanent makeup, securing its position among the best-selling PMU products of 2023.

The convenience and effectiveness of Tag 45 Numbing Gel won the hearts of many artists, making it a go-to choice for addressing the challenges of working on sensitive or broken skin, where precision and comfort are paramount concerns.

Ultra Duration Numbing Liquid – Topical Anesthetic

Ultra Duration has earned a devoted fan following as a beloved secondary numbing liquid, ensuring a seamless and pain-free experience for PMU procedures – primarily lip blush.

Its fast-absorbing formula swiftly delivers immediate relief to clients, making it a reliable choice to keep discomfort at bay during cosmetic tattooing sessions.

We compared Tag 45 and Ultra Duration in this article. Head over there to learn which secondary numbing fits your needs better.

The Most Adored Aftercare Products

The journey doesn’t end when the PMU procedure does – it continues with Aftercare!

Discover the products that became the unsung heroes of post-PMU care, ensuring optimal healing, reduced scarring, and lasting results.
From balms to wipes, we’ll shine a spotlight on the aftercare products that became essential for maintaining the beauty of freshly done permanent makeup throughout 2023.

PhiWipes Aftercare Wipes for Microblading & PMU

And the Oscar goes tooo – Phi Aftercare Wipes! This unique product is the absolute winner of 2023!

These multi-purpose aftercare wipes truly stole the spotlight with their exceptional versatility.

Not only were they a trusted companion for artists during every step of the microblading process, but they also proved to be the perfect take-home option for clients, simplifying their aftercare regimen and ensuring a smooth cleanse.

Biotek Gloss Bomb Lip Aftercare Serum

Another notable addition to the aftercare arsenal in 2023 was the Biotek Gloss Bomb Aftercare Serum.

This is a great option for getting perfect after photos. It’s a high-shine gloss that makes any freshly done lip PMU look stunning.

With its compact size and potent formula, this serum became a go-to choice for artists and clients. It provided a touch of luxury to the before and aftercare routine while maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of PMU results.

If you’re a lip artist, you have to try this one!

So, Which Products Deserve a Spot in Your PMU Kit in 2024?

These aren’t just the best-selling PMU products of 2023. They’re the MVPs that transform your clients’ treatments into works of art.

As we say goodbye to 2023, let’s remember that the world of permanent makeup continues to evolve.

These products have not only reshaped the industry but have also transformed the way we perceive beauty and self-expression.

Here’s to a future filled with even more innovation, creativity, and stunning results in the world of permanent makeup. Cheers to a beautiful journey ahead!

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