A Guide Through Tattoo Ink Holders + Our Product Recommendations

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 16, 2024
tattoo ink holders
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Whether you’re a brow artist, a lip artist, or even a traditional tattoo artist – pigments are something without which you can’t perform your services. But handling them on a daily basis can become quite messy, especially when mixing a custom color for each client.

To keep them neatly stored and easily accessible during treatment, most artists rely on tattoo ink cup holders or disposable tattoo ink trays.

That’s why we decided to put together a list of the best tattoo ink holders for you to try out. Let’s get started!

What Is a Tattoo Ink Cup Holder?

Tattoo ink holders come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. They are essentially organizers and trays for plastic ink cups in which you pour out your pigments.

Tattoo ink cup holders are made to accommodate two, or more different cup sizes, and hold them firmly in place while you use a pigment mixer or dip your PMU machine needle in to pick up some pigment.

For microblading artists or any artist that uses an electric tattoo device, tattoo ink holders can reduce all the spilling and the mess – that’s why we consider them one of the essential tools to have in your salon.

Discover some of our tips and tricks for setting up your microblading tray here.

What is a tattoo ink cup holder?
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Best Tattoo Ink Cup Holders to Try Out

Tattoo ink cup holders can be divided in a couple of different ways according to the materials they are made from and the purposes they serve. Here’s a list of our top product picks for each tattoo ink cup holder category:

Metal Tattoo Ink Holders

Starting off the list, we have metal tattoo ink holders. This is the best type of product to have in your salon for two reasons: sturdiness, and the ability to clean and reuse it for each session.

The metal design is light enough to move around but heavy enough to keep pigment cups in place once you fit them in their designated slots. Plus, metal holders can be pretty hard to knock over so spillage is cut down to a minimum.

Metal tattoo ink holders are also the only product that you can completely and successfully cover up in plastic wrap due to their sharp and even edges. This is a very important thing to keep in mind if you’re looking to buy a product that you can use in the long haul.

Silicone Tattoo Ink Holders

Silicone tattoo ink holder cups are a light, convenient product choice, especially for artists that work in different locations. They can provide you with an organized workspace, besides purely holding your pigment cups.

Silicone tattoo ink holders can safely store your PMU machine, microbrushes, or cotton swabs, plus much more.

The only downside to using silicone holders is that wrapping them with saran wrap can be quite a challenge. Once stained with ink, they become extremely hard to clean due to their porous structure so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Disposable Tattoo Ink Holder Cups & Trays

Disposable plastic trays can be an excellent option for holding pigments if you don’t want to deal with single cups. Besides storing ink, they usually have additional slots for holding everything from cartridges to brushes and mapping tools.

If you want to keep everything sterilized but just can’t be bothered with constant disinfecting and prepping before each session, then disposables are your best option. Once you’re done with the procedure, you can just throw them away – isn’t that neat!

Product Recommendations for Neatly Stored Pigments

Both cosmetic pigments and tattoo ink should be stored in a way that doesn’t compromise their effectiveness and longevity. But besides keeping them in a dark, cool place, you should be able to reach them and easily find the color you need for the procedure.

That’s why it is important to keep your ink organized and neatly displayed in your salon. You can find some inspo plus our product recommendations below.

neatly stored pigments on tattoo ink holder shelf
Image source: Instagram @baltimorebeauties

Tattoo Ink Organizer

Clear acrylic nail polish organizers are the most popular pigment-storing hack in most microblading salons. They can be a great asset for permanent makeup artists because they give you a clear picture of your pigment choices, but also look stylish at the same time.

If you need a pigment-organizing solution that you can use on the go, then a carrying case with designated slots for storing ink bottles is the best choice.

They usually come with a removable foam insert and some extra pockets, so you can easily fit multiple tools and accessories you need for your service.

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Tattoo Ink Holder Wall Mount

If your counter space is limited, you can get creative with pigment storage. Tattoo ink holders can be mounted on your wall and act as a contemporary, decorative piece as well as serve their organizing function.

They come in various forms like racks or shelves, but also as sturdy pigment cases that can save some extra room in your salon. Depending on your aesthetic, we’re confident you’ll find the best product option for displaying and accessing your inks.

Find more tips on how to decorate your salon here.

Why Do You Need Tattoo Ink Holders in Your Salon?

Tattoo ink holders can store tattoo ink cups safely and effectively in place to prevent accidental ink spills.

Back in the day, tattoo artists used to stick their ink cups with vaseline to their workstations which was basically an accident waiting to happen. Knocking over those tiny, plastic cups full of pigment isn’t just messy, but costly as well.

Plus, you do risk looking less professional and experienced to your clients.

Mixing pigments can also be tricky, especially when doing it with a pigment mixer. When you place a plastic ink cup on your tray and proceed to mix different pigments together, chances are it will become a mess. That’s where the tattoo ink cap holder comes in handy, especially when it’s disposable.

Final Note

Tattoo ink holders are one of the most important tools to have in your salon, besides the essentials like pigments and tattoo machines.

They can hold your pigments or topical anesthetics and prevent them from spilling, plus they can make your workstation a lot more organized. If you opt for a wall-mounted tattoo ink organizer, you can save some space and add a decorative touch to your salon as well.



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