PMU Tattoo Aftercare Cream - Complete Guide

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 26, 2024

After any micropigmentation treatment, the skin goes through a recovery period made easier with PMU tattoo aftercare cream. We help you choose the best one!

pmu tattoo aftercare cream

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Permanent makeup treatments are done in a similar way to traditional body art tattoos, and as such, they require certain aftercare.

As the skin is broken with either a manual blade in the case of microblading, or a PMU machine in the case of other treatments, a quality permanent makeup tattoo aftercare cream is necessary to ensure smooth healing.

Using a permanent makeup aftercare ointment is now standard, as most artists consider wet healing to be superior to the dry healing routine. Yet, artists are often confused about which particular product is the best option for each treatment.

So, we’ve prepared a general guide through permanent makeup aftercare products. Read on to find out which properties to look for and how to choose the best one.

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How to Choose the Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream for Brows

In terms of choosing a suitable PMU aftercare cream, the brows are the least demanding. A wide range of ingredients can do a great job on healing brow tattoos, whether the treatment in question is microblading or machine brows.

Here are some points to bear in mind:

Scabbing Reduction

An important function of PMU tattoo aftercare cream is to minimize scabbing and ensure the scabby film is as thin as possible.

Since the brows are a relatively large area, if scabs form over them, there’s a high chance of them getting ripped off accidentally, and clients get tempted to pick them more than they do other PMU.

So, the formula should minimize scabbing as much as possible. Aloe vera and vitamin E are especially useful for this.


In terms of consistency, runny, serum-like formulas and thicker, cream or ointment formulas both work. The safest option is to go for a lotion, as that’s the easiest form to apply, it spreads easily yet doesn’t cause the sensation of heaviness.

Is Vaseline Okay?

Although some artists still swear by it, Vaseline is not the best option for brow tattoo healing (or any PMU healing for that matter).

The reason is the fact that it’s basically straight-up petroleum jelly, which creates a thick barrier and prevents the skin from breathing. A low concentration of petrolatum in a formula is okay.

A Thin Layer Is Enough

Clients should be instructed to apply a very thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream. In the case of brows, the amount they need is best illustrated by comparing it to a grain of rice – this is enough for both brows.

Best Tattoo Aftercare Creams for Brows

How to Choose an Aftercare Cream for PMU Eyeliner

In the case of permanent eyeliner aftercare, the protective role of the permanent makeup aftercare cream becomes especially prominent.

Since the area treated are eyelids, right above or right below the eyeball, it’s very important to do everything to prevent infection.

Therefore, the cream should have antibacterial properties.

Apart from that, a good choice are formulas which:

  • Are not runny – thin liquids can get into the eyes during application.
  • Have a neutral pH value so they don’t cause eye irritation if they do get in the eyes.
  • Doesn’t have anti-aging ingredients. These components are often brightening and exfoliating, which can damage freshly implemented pigments and cause the results to turn out patchy.

Best Aftercare for Permanent Eyeliner

How to Choose an Aftercare Cream for Lip Tattoos

For lip tattoo healing, it’s important to find a smooth, deeply nourishing formula, as the lips tend to flake a lot during the lip PMU healing process. Shea butter is a great ingredient for this.

Apart from that, here are some additional factors to consider:

  • A chapstick-style product isn’t the best option, because it’s applied by dragging the stick across the lips. Putting any form of pressure on healing lips should be avoided, so it’s best to get a liquid formula which is applied with clean fingers or a q-tip.
  • Clients may think they can put on chapstick they already have on lips healing from PMU. They shouldn’t to do this, not only because a firm stick isn’t a good choice, but also because the product may be contaminated from prior use with bacteria that healing lips may not be able to handle.
  • As the skin of the lips doesn’t produce any sebum, the lips can feel very dry during their healing process and need more frequent cream reapplication than the brows or eyelids. Clients should be instructed to take the aftercare cream wherever they go, to reapply whenever the lips start feeling dry.
  • As we talk, chew food or smile, the lips move a lot. This can cause the scabby film to crack, which can be very uncomfortable and prolong the recovery. To prevent this, the lips should be covered with aftercare cream all the time.

Best Aftercare for Lip Tattoos

PMU Tattoo Aftercare Cream – Main Takeaways

A good PMU aftercare cream is extremely important for achieving good healed results. So the choice of product can’t be left to the client. Artists should provide the clients with enough cream to last them throughout the process as part of the aftercare kit.

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