4 Ways to Tame Curly Eyebrows: Products, Treatments & Tricks

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 10, 2024
Curly eyebrows fixes
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A lot of men and women struggle with bushy and curly brow hair that is hard to tame. This is usually just the way their natural curly eyebrows are, but in some cases, the brow hair can be frizzy due to damage.

If you are one of these people, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can maintain and handle your brows so they look well-groomed and fit your face perfectly.

We have plenty of tips, at-home products, and professional treatments you can try to tame your curly eyebrow hair, so scroll on!

At-Home Grooming for Curly Eyebrows

So the first option are of course at-home grooming methods. We know that a lot of you just want some tricks you can use to successfully solve this problem by yourself, without overplucking your brows and causing them damage.

We have 3 suggestions that will help you do that, so based on how curly and coarse your brows are, and what kind of look you want to achieve, choose one of the following methods (or combine both).

Stray Hair Removal

If your brows are generally neat, but only slightly curly, it might be enough to pluck out a stray brow hair here and there, from around your ideal brow shape, or from the brow body, if they poke out due to their length.

You can try tweezing or shaving.

This is the most basic kind of brow grooming and we won’t linger on it for long. And if your curly brows are intense, you probably need a more targeted solution.

Eyebrow Trimming

So after you’ve removed the extra hair around your brows, you are still left with long brow hairs that are messing up the shape of your brows. You don’t want to tweeze them out because you don’t want to sacrifice the volume and risk bald patches.

An easy solution to this is brow trimming.

Trimming means shortening the long eyebrow hairs that are poking out and making your eyebrow shape look messy, and it’s usually done with scissors, clippers, or an electric tool meant for eyebrow trimming.

If you don’t feel like you’re skilled enough to do this yourself, and you’re afraid of messing up your brows, then you can go to a professional and they will know exactly what to do.

But if you want to do it yourself, here are some at-home tools you can use to make that process easier.

Extra Tip:

If you want to trim your eyebrows yourself and make sure the shape won’t be messed up in the process, there’s an easy way to do that – all you need is a piece of tape.

Place it across your eyebrow forming a desired shape and just trim the hairs that are peaking out!

@odalydecena Before y’all come for me: The tape works as a shield + straight guide to trim them cleaner. It doesn’t yank any hair & my brows have always grown hellllaaaa fast! #eyebrowtrim ♬ original sound - Odaly

Soap Brows for Curly Eyebrows

If you don’t want to trim your brow hairs but just make them stay in place all day, then the viral soap brow trend will be the perfect solution for you.

To get this sleek, polished brow look, all you’ll need is a mascara brush and some glycerin soap.

So just dampen the brush in water, go over the soap with it, and brush your brows in a desired shape. And you’re done!

This method is great for keeping your brows in place, but whether it will last you all day or not depends on how coarse your brows are, how oily your skin is, how much you sweat, and the climatehumidity is the biggest enemy of soap brows!

If you want to make the process of this even easier, you can buy a brow gel that does pretty much the same thing. Just brush your eyebrows the way you want them to look, then apply the product, and the gel will stick them in place.

Extra Tip:

If you’ve tried this method or you used some brow gels or waxes but you feel like it’s still missing something to help you brush out your brows and get the right shape, then we just got the solution for you.

What you need is an interdental brush while combing the soap through your brows. This is a brow lamination hack, but since soap brows can achieve a similar look, it applies to it too.

Professional Eyebrow Grooming for Curly Eyebrows

Really long, really curly eyebrows require more work in order to really make them straight and stay in place. In this case, you might feel like you’ll need a professional hand to solve this.

We’re giving you two options to choose from, plus some tips so you can decide which one will work better for you.

Salon Brow Shaping and Trimming

We mentioned that at-home brow trimming requires you to remove the unwanted hair around the brows and after that trim them with a tool of your choice.

But for someone who has thick and curly eyebrows, this is easier said than done.

Most of the time people with such brows will feel like simple tweezing won’t do the job properly and will take too long to do. That’s why they usually opt for eyebrow waxing instead.

But since waxing already requires practice and patience to master, doing it on an area such as the face, plus in a specific shape, can be problematic to DIY.

So a professional brow tech will do all of this for you, including mapping your brows first to get the perfect shape for your face, removing unwanted hairs, and then trimming the long ones, leaving you with the super sleek-looking brows you always wanted.

Extra Tip:

If you don’t like the idea of waxing an area on your face, another great option you can either get done professionally or by yourself at home is eyebrow threading.

It’s a method that plucks multiple hairs from the root at a time so it’s much quicker than tweezing.

Eyebrow Lamination for Straightening Curly Eyebrows

And now we’ve come to the ultimate curly eyebrows fix, the most powerful and long-lasting method for taming those curly brow hairs for up to 6 weeks – brow lamination.

Lamination uses chemical solutions to straighten out curly eyebrows and fix them into place. They are free to move around, but they’re much easier to brush and manipulate.

The price for brow lamination is between $35 and $250 in the US. The price can also vary depending on if you’re getting tinting and waxing or not.

Remember if you overdo this treatment it can cause damage to your brow hair, so only get it done again if your brow artist approves, and also don’t forget to follow proper after care.

Curly eyebrows laminationImage source: Instagram @somacosmetix

Extra Tip:

If you want an at-home method that is more permanent than using soap or brow gel every day, but you don’t want to do the professional brow lamination, then we have great news, this treatment has a DIY method.

It’s safe and easy to do, just make sure to read the instructions and follow all the steps on how to do an at-home brow lamination on our blog, and check out the best products to use as well.

Damaged Frizzy Brows

The cause of frizzy eyebrows can also be damage from eyebrow lamination or any other treatment you might have done to your brow that caused them to look dry and messy.

Although brow lamination is generally a safe procedure, there are still potential side effects.

Those side effects include swelling, itching, redness, and discoloration. If you get an allergic reaction to brow lamination it’s best to see a medical professional.

Read more about what happens when brow lamination goes wrong and what to do in those cases here.

But if your only side effect is frizzy, damaged eyebrows, there are certain things you can do at-home to recover your brows and grow them out faster.

A number of oils and serums can help regrow your eyebrows. It will take some time, but your brows will gradually go back to their original state. Look for natural oils that nourish and condition, like these:


There are several methods for taming your curly brows and you can choose between at-home or professional options, depending on how much maintenance your eyebrows require and if you want to do it yourself or not.

If you’re unsure of what to choose, we can recommend trying first to trim or soap your brows yourself. Watch some tutorials on how to do it, and see how it works for you.

If that doesn’t keep them in place, then you can always book with a professional and they will solve your curly brows problem in no time.

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