Summer Saviour: Makeup to Beat the Heat

By Katarina V.| Last updated on January 31, 2023
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Although we are halfway through summer, there are still many scorching days to come. The heat certainly doesn’t help our makeup, not at the beach, not at work or while running everyday errands.

Worrying about your makeup running can really take the fun out of summer activities, and we all know how uncomfortable heavy makeup can be in the summer.

What is the solution, then?

The answer to all our troubles comes in the form of permanent and semi-permanent makeup – a whole range of procedures that result in long-lasting enhancement of your natural beauty. And the best thing is that there’s no need for reapplying makeup everyday or touching it up several times during one wear. How amazing is that! 

There’s a procedure to replace almost any makeup product you may actually need: for your eyebrows, eyeliner and lip, cheek blushing and so on…You can get just one area enhanced and complete your look with regular makeup (or no makeup at all), or you can get several procedures and abolish all those pricey products for good.

Here, we are giving you the list of benefits of permanent makeup during summer:

It isn’t affected by water

Permanent makup doesn’t run when it gets wet. As the makeup is underneath the skin and not on the surface, it cannot be affected by water. This is very practical when you are on vacation. You can swim in the pool or in the sea or ocean without worrying about your makeup.

This also applies to a lash lift, a procedure where lashes are semi permanently curled. The volume is doubled and you can get as much extra length as you want. Mascara is the product that runs the most, and even the waterproof ones cannot deal with saltwater or chlorine. This way, you can avoid it completely without sacrificing your look. Lash lift effects last about 3 weeks – so it can last you a whole seaside vacation.

water resistant summer makeup

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

It isn’t affected by sweat

During summer, we inevitably sweat more than during colder months, even if we’re just going about our day and not engaging in any particular physical activity. Sweat can ruin a makeup look just as much as water, so many people avoid wearing makeup when they exercise or enjoy in any sport or other summer activity. With permanent makeup, you don’t have to choose between looking fabulous and feeling comfortable. The first thing that gets ruined when we’re sweating is our eyebrows, as sweat naturally runs down them.

This is where microblading kicks in. This procedure permanently replaces all those eyebrow pencils and powders. The results of microblading last for up to two years. There are several spinoffs on basic microblading such as nano brows and powder brows, so you can choose the look that you like the most. It’s also worth mentioning henna brows as a natural alternative, but those only last about 4 weeks.

It saves time

When you’re on vacation, you should spend as much time as possible relaxing. So why waste time applying, and then inevitably reapplying and touching up your makeup throughout the day? Permanent makeup is a great way to save significant amounts of time generally, while looking as you really have spent it.

permanent summer makeup

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels

It saves money

We all know how expensive makeup can get. During the summer, you use up makeup a lot more quickly than during the rest of the year, as you reapply more often. You also might need to get some extra products, such as setting spray, waterproof mascara and eyebrow pencils, smudge-free lipstick…

Permanent makeup is a one-time investment. If you decide to get multiple treatments, you can do away with your entire makeup budget and put that money in your vacation fund.

It isn’t uncomfortable to wear

Even the most lighweight foundation is too heavy in the summer heat. Layer upon layers of makeup clog up our pores, which is particularly uncomfortable when you’re sweating. Also, if you wear a lot of makeup while you’re exposed to sunlight, you can end up with a patchy, uneven tan. With permanent makeup, this can’t happen, as it doesn’t cover the surface of your skin.

We could continue on talking about PMU benefits during summer, but would rather spend free time on the beach. So feel free to explore our comprehensive yet easy to read guides on all the best PMU treatments! 

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