Squirrel Eyelash Extensions: All About the Popular Lash Style & How to Recreate It

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 3, 2023
squirrel eyelash extensions
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The lash extension business is booming at the moment, and lash technicians just keep coming up with new trends and styles that bring out their clients’ best features.

One of those lash styles are squirrel eyelash extensions, deemed the most versatile look for almost every eye shape.

In this article, we will explore what squirrel eyelash extensions are, how they’re done, which kind of lash extension map to use, and which eye shapes they suit the most. So, let’s get started!

What Are Squirrel Lash Extensions?

Squirrel eyelash extensions are one of the most popular lash extension styles that can be customized to suit each individual client’s eye shape.

They are designed in a way that gives the appearance of long, wispy lashes and resembles those of a squirrel (hence the name squirrel lash extensions). This eyelash extension style also goes by the name kitten lashes.

Squirrel style eyelash extensions are a popular choice for those who want a fluttery look that draws attention to their eyes but can still look natural. They can be more or less dramatic depending on their volume.

Squirrel lashes are done in a way that keeps the inner and outer corner lashes short and gives maximum length to the lashes just below the eyebrow arch, which makes them great for people with downturned and close-set eyes, but also a wide variety of other eye shapes.

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Who Do Squirrel Eyelash Extensions Suit Best?

Squirrel eyelash extensions are one of the most universal looks that suit almost every eye shape and are very similar in design to the growth of our natural eyelashes.

This style opens up the eyes and gives them a slight cat-eye appearance, without being overly dramatic like cat eyelash extensions are.

One of the biggest advantages of this style is that it won’t make the eyes look droopy nor will it make them look too round like doll eye eyelash extensions can.

This makes squirrel lash extensions perfect for people with close-set eyes, people with high-brow arches, and people whose outer corner lashes grow downwards. It also suits people with almond-shaped eyes and rounded eye shapes.

It is important to remember that not all eye shapes are the same, and customization is key when it comes to achieving the perfect squirrel eyelash extensions look. So make sure you pay attention to proper mapping.

How Are Squirrel Eyelash Extensions Done?

The key to achieving eyelash extensions squirrel is to keep the shortest lengths in the inner and outer corners and place the longest extensions below the arch of the eyebrow.

Let’s take a look at the best curls and mapping to use when applying squirrel style eyelash extensions:

Which Curls Are Best for Lash Extensions Squirrel?

When doing squirrel extensions, the best curls to use are C, D, CC, and DD. These curls are available in different lengths and thicknesses, depending on the desired look of your client.

What Is the Best Squirrel Eyelash Mapping?

As a lash technician, you know that the end result of your service greatly depends on the mapping you do beforehand. A map also allows you to check the symmetry of your set, which is crucial for creating beautiful results.

Depending on the client’s desired density, the squirrel lash extensions style can be created using volume or classic sets.

When doing squirrel eyelash mapping, the choice of eyelash extension length is the first step in the process. Mark the inner and outer lashes first, then put a mark in the center of the eyes.

The shortest lengths should be 6 or 7 mm long, and the longest should be 12 mm. Remember, your chosen extensions must match the client’s natural eyelashes in length, thickness, and placement.

The longest lashes should be put under the brow arch to achieve that squirrel-like lash effect. It is essential to transition smoothly from one length to another so the eyes can open up visually.

If you’re a beginner lash tech, check out our list of the 10 essential items to have in your lash kit.

squirrel lash extension map - how are squirrel eyelash extensions done

How Long Do Squirrel Style Eyelash Extensions Last?

Just like any other style of lash extensions, squirrel eyelash extensions last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks with proper maintenance.

Lash extensions are attached to your natural eyelashes, which means that as soon as your natural lash growth cycle ends, your extensions begin to fall out. However, if you pull on your extensions or use oil-based products on and around your eyes, this can all lead to premature shedding – more on that below.

If you wish to prolong the effect of your squirrel eyelash extensions, you can book regular infills with your lash technician, generally 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment. Learn more about lash infills here.

Eyelash Extensions Squirrel – Maintenance & Aftercare

The most important thing to do concerning lash maintenance and aftercare is to prevent your lash extensions from getting wet the first 24 hours after the procedure, or until the lash adhesive used during the procedure completely dries.

After that period, you should wash your lashes regularly using an oil-free cleanser, micellar water, or a specialized lash shampoo, or to be exact, give them a regular lash bath.

By adding regular lash baths in the evening to your regular skincare routine, you can prevent oil buildup and bacteria growth, lowering your chances of developing an eye infection like blepharitis.

Remember to also brush your lashes regularly using a spoolie, to keep them nice and separated.

Image source: Instagram @nenas_studio

So, Should You Try Squirrel Lash Extensions?

Squirrel eyelash extensions are among the most sought-after lash extension styles to date because of their versatility. They can do a lot for the eye shape and give off a very natural or a very dramatic result, depending on your preferences.

By choosing the right squirrel eyelash mapping and customizing the application for each client, you will be able to create a look that will suit almost anyone.

Pay attention to extension curls and make sure to add the longest length below the eyebrow arch.

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