Rainbow Freckles Tattoo – Yes or Pass?

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 14, 2022
rainbow freckles tattoos
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When facial micropigmentation became a thing, people started coming up with all sorts of ways to use it for expressing their style and creativity. They realized it could give them all those statement looks they used to create with regular makeup in more permanent versions.

When the freckle obsession started a few years ago, freckle tattooing was the logical step. First, there were faux freckles drawn with a brow pencil, then there were natural-looking freckle tattoos, and finally, it all culminated in the rainbow freckles tattoo trend!

Let’s explore it.

What’s a Rainbow Freckles Tattoo?

Exactly what it sounds like! This is a cosmetic tattoo treatment which recreates the look of having freckles, only in a custom color the client chooses.

Using the tattooing technique, marks are made on the face (mainly the bridge of the nose and the cheeks, but some clients want them on their forehead, chin, jawline, on the shoulders and around the collarbones… basically wherever) in little dots.

It’s also possible to do tiny shapes like stars, moons or hearts, for an extra effect.

rainbow freckles tattoo on a girl's faceImage source: Instagram @tattoosbysky

How Is It Done?

Facial freckle tattoos can either be done with a machine, or using the more traditional stick-and-poke method, where a longer hand-held needle is used.

Regardless of which tool is used, the skin on the face is broken and ink is inserted into the punctures. The skin then goes through a healing process, and the ink settles into the skin, where it will stay for several years.

While regular freckle tattoos are done in shades of brows somewhat darker than the client’s skin tone to achieve a natural look, a rainbow freckles tattoo isn’t supposed to look natural, so it can be done in any color palette.

The colors, however, should be chosen carefully to best suit the skin tone and undertone, so they heal and fade attractively.

For more information on how freckle tattoos are done, check out our Comprehensive Guide Through Freckle Tattooing.

rainbow freckles on a girl's faceImage source: Instagram @locallahantattoos

What Does a Healed Rainbow Freckles Tattoo Look Like?

As with any tattoo, and especially with facial micropigmentation, the healed results look lighter, softer and less prominent. Something along the lines of pastel shades.

Right after a tattooing session, a rainbow freckles tattoo looks very bright and the color is very vivid. Some clients love this, others get taken aback, but in any case, this is not the final result.

As the punctures made in order to implement the ink are closed up with new skin and the ink is tucked in beneath it, the spots soften and blend into the skin, so to say. There’s also the fact that a certain amount of ink leaves the skin during the healing process.

Artists know this, so they choose the color of the ink accordingly. They may go a bit darker.

If the healed results don’t pop as much as the client wanted them to, they can be touched up and more ink can be added to get more saturation and a brighter color, but only once the skin has had time to make a full recovery.

healed rainbow freckles tattooImage source: Instagram @daisylovesick

Are Rainbow Freckle Tattoos Permanent?

No, but they can last out several years.

Just like regular freckle tattoos, or any facial pigmentation for that matter, a rainbow freckles tattoo will fade over time. Generally, around 3 years, but the pace of fading depends on many factors:

  • Skin type. Pigments/inks fade faster from oily skin as the sebum pushes them out.
  • Skincare routine. Aggressive brightening and exfoliating ingredients, mechanical exfoliation and frequent facials can all cause the results to fade faster.
  • Amount of sunlight exposure. Sunlight fades colors in general, and pigments/tattoo inks are no exception. Wear your SPF!
  • Amount of saltwater or chlorine water exposure. Chemical reactions can occur and the ink could change color or fade.

The fading happens over time, so it’s not like you’ll wake up one day with your freckles gone. When the color starts looking significantly faded, you can have the freckles refreshed and prolong the results.

If you decide one day you no longer want your rainbow freckles tattoo, you can wait out until they fade, covering them up with a foundation in the meantime, or go for one of the removal options – the same ones that are available for permanent makeup.

Learn more about removal options here.

Is This Trend Going to Stick?

When the first rainbow freckle tattoos appeared on social media, opinions were divided. And boy, were people vocal about them!

The trend definitely has fans. People who enjoy adding color into their look loved it, and tattoo artists started getting more and more inquiries regarding this treatment. But of course, there are haters who claim this is just a temporary craze that clients will regret a couple of years down the line.

In any case, it’s great that micropigmentation is so versatile it can be used to give anyone a custom look they’ve always wanted. And at the end of the day, it’s a matter of personal choice that shouldn’t be bashed.

But we agree it’s something clients should think through before they take the plunge. After all, it’s a facial tattoo you can’t just wash off if you wake up one day and decide you don’t like it anymore! Take your time with the decision and find an artist who has experience with facial tattooing.

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