Rainbow Eyebrows – Regular Makeup vs Permanent Makeup

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 1, 2022
rainbow eyebrows
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Love it or hate it, the rainbow eyebrows trend has been resurrected once again! But this time it’s a bit more refined and much more fitting with the very popular eccentric makeup looks.

Let’s dissect what the newest versions of rainbow eyebrows is and explain what a more modern version of this trend represents.

What Are Rainbow Eyebrows?

Well, the name for this trend is pretty self-explanatory: the brow hairs are colored in rainbow colors, either one color you don’t usually expect to see on the eyebrows, or multiple.

This trend appeared a few years ago, around 2016, when rainbow and unicorn everything was all the rage. Back then, it could only be done with regular makeup, but nowadays people are really committing to this trend more long-term.

Seeing as the bleached brow trend skyrocketed in 2022 as well, different-colored brows seemed like a natural progression. It was the perfect base for playing around with color.

what are rainbow eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @darker_sideofthemoon_

How to Do Rainbow Eyebrows with Regular Makeup

Rainbow eyebrows are really easy to do with regular makeup.

There are several ways to put the rainbow into rainbow eyebrows. You can do the whole brow or go a bit more subtle and only color in the tails of the brows or focus the colors only on the underside of the brow.

We’ll guide you through the process of coloring your whole brows, but you can adapt it along the way.

Step 1

Before you start officially creating this colorful look, you need to lock down your brow hairs first. You can use an eyebrow gel or glue to do this step.

Step 2

What you’ll do next depends on whether your brows are bleached already. If not, you’ll need to fake that look. Use concealer to cover the darkness of your natural brows. Wait for it to dry before continuing onto the next step.

Step 3

Time for coloring in the brows with a makeup product of your choice.

Pat on an eyeshadow of your choice gently. Or if you’re using cream products, apply the pomade or eyeliner with a slanted eyeshadow brush, blending slightly. You can also try colorful mascaras. See what works best for you.

Here are a few product recommendations for temporarily coloring your brows:

Step 4

The last step is to clean up the excess makeup and sculpt with concealer.

Doing your rainbow brows with makeup allows you to play around and experiment. The combinations are truly endless! Which is what we love about makeup in the first place.

Dyed Rainbow Eyebrows

If you’re a big enough fan of this trend to do rainbow eyebrows daily and are looking to save some time when getting ready – dying them is just the thing.

Again, same as with makeup, there are several different styles, from more subtle ones to full-on rainbow arches.

The process is simple, but know that it will probably require bleaching your brows.

Step 1

Clean your eyebrows and protect the area around them with vaseline.

Step 2

Unless your eyebrows are really light, you will probably have to bleach them before you can dye them with the target color. If your eyebrows are already so light they look white enough, skip this step.

For bleaching, you will need bleach and an activator, along with some tools.

If you’re not using a pre-made bleaching kit, then you need to mix the bleach and the activator in a 1:1 ratio. Apply a generous amount of the paste and wait for it to process, checking the development process along the way.

Then remove the paste and wash away any residue.

Step 3

Apply your rainbow color(s). Mix the color with a recommended developer and brush the solution on with a regular makeup brush in any style you wish. You can use a thin angled brush for maximum precision during the application.

If you’re doing a gradient, blend the colors slightly.

Step 4

After waiting a recommended time (each brand is a bit different in their instructions so it really depends on which product you’re using), wash it off and enjoy your semi-permanent rainbow eyebrows!

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Rainbow Eyebrows Tattoos

Permanent makeup trends have been following regular makeup trends lately. So it’s no surprise that everything that is sought after makeup-wise will eventually get its own more permanent version.

No matter how passable the trend may seem.

So now, rainbow eyebrows are also a thing within the eyebrow tattoo category. They are done the same way regular eyebrow tattoo is, only with colorful pigments.

Some artists use regular tattoo pigments when doing rainbow brows. While this isn’t recommended for doing basic permanent makeup, it’s the only option if a client wants a really specific color that’s not available as a PMU pigment.

Multicolored Rainbow Eyebrows

Having a rainbow on you at all times no longer has to be just a pigment of your imagination (get it?). Rainbow eyebrows can be achieved with any tattooing technique.

Mostly though it’s done either with microblading or powder brows style, depending on the desired effect.

Ombre powder brows are perfect for rainbow arches as this technique can blend the transitions seamlessly.

multicolored rainbow eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @marta_perlin

Mono Colored Eyebrows

If the multicolored brows are a bit much for you, you can go for a more simplified colorful look. A monochromatic brow is more common, with pink being the most popular color.

Powder brows give you the look of filled-in, shaded brows. This choice is especially loved by people with neon hair as it allows them to finally match their brows to the hair color, without needing to fill them in with makeup daily.

mono colored eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @brows_on_fleek_au

Just a Pop of Color in the Eyebrows

Hairstroke brow techniques are mostly used for rainbow accents rather than going full out.

A few colorful strokes in the tail of the regular brow tattoo is a really subtle, yet super fun way to turn this trend into something that is everyday appropriate.

color in the eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @o.martynenko

We Have to Warn You, Though…

We admit that rainbow eyebrows are a bit out there and not for everyone. If you are over the moon about rainbow brows and want to get them tattooed, bear in mind that you’ll likely need to commit to relatively frequent touch ups.

Even if they’re done with traditional tattoo ink, your brow tattoo will lose intensity and fade faster than a tattoo elsewhere on the body would, due to the pace of the skin cell turnover cycle of facial skin.

So think this through before you tattoo!

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