Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup: Eyes, Lips & Brows

pros and cons of permanent makeup
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Permanent makeup has become extremely popular and it seems like everyone’s had a bit of work done. But if you’re considering taking the plunge too, it’s important to think this decision through.

Although it can be a huge time-saver and confidence-booster, semi-permanent makeup does last a couple of years and once you get it, it might not be always easy to remove it quickly.

So if you’re on the fence about getting permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyelids, or lips, check out our list of permanent makeup pros and cons.

Two sides of the PMU coin

The fact that PMU is permanent can be a blessing and a curse. Naturally, the biggest advantage of getting PMU is not having to reapply makeup. But, what if you change your mind at some point and decide you don’t want it anymore? In that case, your only options are the DIY removal at home, or expensive professional removal, which can take multiple sessions depending on the amount of pigment needed to be removed.

Although PMU is generally non-invasive and the risk of damage to the skin is minimal, there’s always the possibility of infection, or an allergic reaction, so make sure you always go to a trained, certified artist who will keep you safe and healthy. And insist on a patch test!

Permanent Eye Makeup

Permanent makeup for eyes is actually permanent eyeliner, which can be done in several styles. The effects of permanent eyeliner last up to 3 years.

Let’s take a look at permanent makeup – eyeliner pros and cons.


  • Eyeliner can get time-consuming and annoying. Whichever formula you choose, there will always be days when it simply refuses to cooperate. If you don’t have a perfectly steady hand, it can be a nightmare. Permanent eyeliner is a great replacement – no more bad eyeliner days! No more reapplying! No more racoon eyes!
  • Permanent eyeliner will never smudge when you accidentally rub your eyes, so it will soldier through allergy season untouched. It’s also great for anyone who exercises on a regular basis, or lives in an area with a humid climate.
  • It can be worn on its own for everyday activities or to the office, or upgraded with some regular makeup for special occasions. Just make sure you use a gentle makeup removal afterwards, and don’t rub too hard!
Permanent eyeliner makeup

Image source: Instagram / @marastudio_clt


  • Most people only wear eyeliner for nights out and special occasions. With the permanent kind, you can’t just take it off when you don’t feel like wearing it.
  • Some people don’t feel comfortable wearing eyeliner every day. If you decide to get a more dramatic style, chances are you’ll feel obligated to wear makeup on the rest of your face all the time, so it doesn’t stand out too much. Plus, the wings are the first part to fade and can look unattractive after a while.
  • Additionally, the procedure can be painful since the skin on the lids is very thin, while numbing creams can sting the eyes. So if you’re generally sensitive to pain, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

PMU for eyebrows is definitely the most popular type. Apart from microblading, there are numerous treatments that give slightly different effects, all of which can give you trendy, thick brows – sounds great!

But are there any disadvantages?


  • In the last decade or so, it’s unimaginable not filling in your brows on an everyday basis. Getting them touched up permanently saves so much time in the morning! It also saves money in the long run, as the effects last up to 2 years.
  • Besides bringing out the beauty of your natural brows, microblading can modify the shape of the arches and fill in any patches. It can also be used to recreate the arches from scratch for clients who don’t have natural hairs due to certain conditions.

Image source: Instagram / @proshatbeautysalon


  • The effects of microblading are so natural there’s no chance of them going out of style, but the look of ombre brows or powder brows may go out of style eventually.
  • For some people, aftercare can be a nuisance, and the restrictions don’t just end there. PMU can be affected by certain products, so if you decide to get your brows done, be prepared to follow some rules in order to avoid premature, unattractive fading.

Permanent Lip Color

Permanent makeup for lips can be done in the form of full lip color, or a more sheer version called lip blushing. There are a few more spin offs, like the ombre lips and aquarelle lips. The results of these treatments last up to 4 years.

Here are lip tattoo pros and cons.


  • Permanent makeup for lips is very convenient, since we all know lipstick is the first to get ruined. Lip PMU is resilient to talking, eating, drinking, kissing… It can’t even be ruined by facial masks!
  • Lip PMU is a way to bring out the natural beauty of the lips, camouflage possible scars or imperfections, even out their tone, and even create an illusion of fuller lips. It can also have great anti-aging effects.
  • A subtle, natural-looking shade is appropriate for every occasion.
Permanent makeup lips

Image source: Instagram / @roza_lux


  • PMU for lips is probably the most uncomfortable one. The skin on the lips is very thin, so the needling can get be very intense regardless of the anaesthetic, and it’s not uncommon for some blistering and a bit of swelling to occur afterwards.

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