Powder Brows Scabbing

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 2, 2023

Powder brows scabbing is the most uncomfortable stage of the healing process. Prepare yourself by reading all about it in PMUHub’s guide through ombre powder brows scabbing.

Powder Brows Scabbing Explained in Detail

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Having your brows tattooed means that they will need some time to heal before they take their final shape. During the healing process, your powder brows will go through several stages, and one of them is powder brows scabbing.

Keep reading to find out exactly what that means and how to behave during that period.

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What is Ombre Powder Brows Scabbing and Is It Normal?

Powder brow scabbing is a usual part of the healing process. However, not every scabbing is normal. Flaking and peeling are completely common, but heavy scabbing is problematic as it can take all the pigment out.

After your powder brows peel, they leave light brows underneath but the pigment will reappear once the healing period is over.

What is Ombre Powder Brows Scabbing and Is It Normal?
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Why Does Scabbing Happen?

Everybody heals differently. It can depend on the skin type, and some people are just prone to heavy scabbing. Or it can mean that something was not done properly.

Maybe your powder brows artist went too deep or overworked the skin, which caused scabs to form and to pull the pigment out. Sometimes the pigment is all gone after the heavy scabbing, and sometimes the pigment reappears, but it is too light.

Also, not following the aftercare tips may cause heavy scabbing.

How Does the Aftercare Affect Scabbing?

The powder brows aftercare routine is very important and it has strict rules that you need to follow. There is a difference between dry and wet healing. Wet healing means that you use an ointment to moisturize the wound.

No matter which type of aftercare your artist recommends, the WOUND NEEDS TO BE CLEANED. This means that in the first 3 days after the treatment, you need to gently clean your brows with a little bit of sterile water on a cotton pad. If you don’t clean your brows, the lymph will build up and cause scabbing.

Will My Powder Brows Disappear After Scabbing?

Your powder brows may fade after the scabbing stage is over, but this usually happens if you experience heavy scabbing.

Pigment usually reappears after the flaking/peeling period is over. It is usually lighter than it was immediately after the treatment. More pigment will be added at the touch up appointment to make your brows look the way you want them.

If you pick the scab, you can ruin everything and leave your powder brows with no pigment.

Will My Powder Brows Disappear After Scabbing?
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Do Everybody’s Powder Brows Go Through the Scabbing Stage?

Most people experience powder brows scabbing. As said before, everybody heals differently, so the amount of scabbing varies.

How Long Does the Scabbing Process Last?

The powder brows scabbing usually starts 5 days after the treatment. It lasts for about 7 days. If you notice your powder brows are scabbing weeks after the treatment, contact your powder brows artist.

What Does Powder Brows Scabbing Look Like Day by Day?

Days 1-5

Your brows are freshly done. They look great, but a little bit dark and there may be some redness.

Days 5 -14

The scabbing/flaking begins. The amount of flaking is not the same for everybody. It will pull out some pigment and leave lighter and sometimes patchy brows.

scabbing process after powder browsImage source: Instagram @maru__pmu

Days 14 -28

The powder brows scabbing process is finished. The pigment is coming back and now you can tell what your brows will look like.

Days 28-42

The mandatory touch up needs to be done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. It will fill in the patches and make all the necessary corrections. It takes less time to heal and after that, you can finally get the perfect powder brows.

What Does Powder Brows Scabbing Look Like Day by Day?
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How Do I Know if My Brows Are Infected?

Heavy scabbing followed by inflammation, itchiness, and redness or pus after day 5, mean that you have developed or are about to develop an infection.

Contact your powder brows artist. They will advise you what to do.

How Do I Treat My Eyebrows During the Powder Brows Scabbing Process?

The most important thing to remember is not to touch the scabs. Also, the brows need to be cleaned, to remove the lymph buildup.

Clean your brows gently with antibacterial soap and water. No soaking, but you have to keep the tattoo clean. If your powder brows artist recommended so, use an ointment to moisturize your eyebrows.

How to Wash My Brows During the Scabbing Stage?

As said before, you need to clean them, not soak them. The most commonly advised option is to use a little bit of green soap and sterile water and go over your powder brows once or twice a day.

Do I Need to Use the Ointment During Ombre Powder Brows Scabbing?

If your powder brows artist prescribed wet healing, yes, use the ointment to moisturize your eyebrows. Be careful how much you use. Only a very thin layer is enough. If you put on too much cream, the wound is clogged and it can’t breathe, which can cause more scabbing and poor results.

How Can I Wash My Face During the Scabbing Stage?

Very carefully. It is important not to get your powder brows wet. Use protective patches if your artist has given you any or order them online.

What If I Accidentally Scratch Powder Brows Scabs?

This is very risky since it can affect pigment retention. If this somehow happens, contact your powder brows artist. They will probably tell you that more pigment will be added at the touch up in that spot.

What Will My Brows Look Like After the Scabbing Process is Finished?

This is also individual. Those lucky ones will have great brows after they are healed and almost no additional work will be needed at the touch up. However, most people end up with patchy or too light brows. And that is why powder brows tattoo requires two sessions – to correct all the imperfections.

What Will My Brows Look Like After the Scabbing Process is Finished?
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Powder Brows Scabbing – Main Takeaways

Powder Brows scabbing is completely usual and normal. Don’t freak out if you notice that the skin underneath is too light. It is important not to be alarmed and judge the brows until they are completely healed. So, wait for 6 weeks and then you can tell how your powder brows have turned out.



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