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How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?


s more and more women (and men) all around the world are jumping on the bandwagon called semi-permanent and permanent makeup, it seems that the options to choose from are only expanding.

For example, if you’re not satisfied with your eyebrows, microblading is not the only option to choose from anymore. Apart from that, there are also options of microshading and powder brows – and each technique is great for a specific group of people.

If you’re reconsidering having powder brows done, and you are interested in this procedure as well as the powder brows cost, take a look at this guide.

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What are Powder Brows?

Microblading is probably the only thing you’ve heard of as far as permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is concerned. Powder brows is definitely the successor of microblading. It’s also known as ombre brows (with very small differences), or microshading, and it is a technique that was first developed in Asia. The whole procedure actually resembles the procedure of microblading, but it differs in the actual technique, and the final outcome.

The procedure consists of the initial insertion of the pigment, and a touch-up that takes place a couple of weeks after the initial procedure. By injecting the pigment into the surface layers of the skin using ‘dotting’ technique, the artist creates a misty, powdery effect. 

Even though it’s also quite possible to opt for powder brows only, the combination of ombre brows and powdered brows is much more popular – that is creating a powdery effect that is lighter in the inner corners and slowly gets darker as you reach the tail of the brow.

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How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?

Just like it’s the case with any other semi-permanent and permanent makeup procedure, the prices can vary a lot, and they depend on many different factors. The experience of the artist who is performing the procedure, the quality of the work done, the quality of the materials and the place where you live all play a major role in forming the price.

The average price for ombre powder brows is somewhere around $600.

How Much Do Powder Brows Cost in the USA?

The average price of microblading in the United States is $600, but it can vary the prices vary from around $400 in Arizona up to $1000 in California.

 What’s Included in the Price?

Just like any other microblading procedure, powder brows treatment requires at least two visits. The first one is the treatment itself, while the second one is the touch-up appointment.

It’s important to note that the consultation with the artist is included in the price. Not only is this included in the price, but also all the detailed explanations on what to do during the healing period and the aftercare.

As far as the follow-up treatment is concerned, it is usually scheduled after the healing period, which means 4 – 6 weeks after the initial procedure. Even though this is included in the price, it would be best to check with your artist and your salon, just to be on the safe side.

Apart from the first follow-up appointment, you will have to book more appointments to refresh your brows. Although this will be done a long time after your initial procedure, it’s important to know that such an appointment costs around $100 if it’s done in the first year.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Is the Ombre Effect Charged Extra?

The ombre effect is something that differentiates regular powder brows and the ombre powder brows, and it gives your brows a completely different and fresh look.

Usually, this is not something that’s charged extra, but it would be very advisable to check the price with your artist. Since the procedure is becoming extremely popular, it wouldn’t be shocking if salons and artists raise the price due to high demand.

What Does the Price Depend On?

The most important factor in determining a powder brows cost is the location of your artist and your salon. The price is not the same in California, where the demand is great, and in Arizona where this treatment is still not that popular (even though it’s starting to).

Other factors include competition, the popularity of the salon and the quality of the materials. If a salon employs a highly experienced professional, the quality of the service is better, which means that the price will be a bit higher. Remember that certified artists charge more – and this is highly justified.

Based on the location of the artist or salon, below is given the table of the average powder brow cost by states and cities in US. 

City and State

Average Price

Beverly Hills, California


New York, NY


LA, California


Chicago, Illinois


Dallas, Texas


Houston, Texas


Seattle, Washington


Denver, Colorado


Miami, Florida


Phoenix, Arizona


Are Powder Brows Cheaper Than Microblading?

Try to think which of these two procedures would be ideal for you. It’s very relative to which procedure costs more.

However, the average price for a microblading treatment is around $500, even though it could go up to $1000. The price of getting ombre powder brows is fairly similar, with the average price of $550 – $600, which means that it’s just a bit more expensive. 

Some salons even have the same prices for microblading and ombre powder brows.

How to Choose the Best Practitioner Based on the Price?

It’s very important to find good salons and places where you could get great service for the amount you pay, and then compare their prices. Remember that even though this is not a small investment, eyebrows are the most prominent feature of your face, so it’s important not to save money on this.

Choosing the right person for the job is the most important thing, as this choice can either make or break your final look. For the best possible results, try to find artists who are certified, even though they might charge a bit more. Higher prices are often quite justified.

Once you find your artist, do a bit of research – take a look at their before and after photographs, read their reviews and contact them only once you’re sure you trust them.

how much do powder brows cost?

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Is there Anything Else I Need to Know?

Once you find your artist and book your initial treatment, promise yourself that you will follow the aftercare instructions to the letter. Unless you follow them carefully, you might lose some pigment in your eyebrows, which means that you will spend more money on extra touch-up appointments.

The artist will most certainly provide you with all the necessary information, but it’s never bad to remember that you should stay away from direct sun, not to wet your eyebrows constantly and not to pick them during the healing process.


For some people, the price of powder brows plays a significant part in choosing a salon and an artist. Eyebrows are an important part of a person’s face, and since powdered eyebrows are semi-permanent, this is not a moment to be cheap.

It is highly advisable to do a serious research and compare the prices of nearby salons. You should not let the price be more important than the skillfulness and experience of the artist or other factors mentioned above.

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