Powder Brows Aftercare: Day by Day

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on June 3, 2024

Learn all you need to know about powder brows aftercare in order to stay safe and healthy and achieve the best possible powder and ombre powder brows results.

Powder Brows Aftercare Day By Day

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If you decided to have a powder brows treatment or ombre powder brows, bear in mind that the powder brows aftercare is a big part of how successful it will turn out.

The powder brows aftercare instructions will be given by your artist, and you should follow them as closely as possible. 

Your artist should be available to answer all of your additional questions and help you in case something goes wrong. But in order to inform yourself on what to expect before you book your appointment, or if you need a quick reminder, PMUHub brings you the ultimate guide through powder brows aftercare.

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What Are Powder Brows?

Powder eyebrows are a semi-permanent makeup technique that implies inserting pigments of natural origin into the surface layers of the skin. 

It is performed using the ‘dotting’ technique for a misty, powdery effect on the client’s brows. 

A touch-up appointment is in most cases necessary for achieving the best possible results and it is done about 6 weeks after the initial procedure, once the powder brows healing process is over.

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What is Powder Brows Aftercare
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How Long Does Powder Brows Aftercare Last?

While the healing period lasts 4-6 weeks, you don’t need to follow the aftercare routine tips that long. 

The first 10-14 days are crucial and you have to be extra careful with your freshly done powder brows. After that, you can relax a bit, but you should still be careful not to damage your results.

Generally speaking, one your brows have stopped flaking, you’re in the safe zone.

What Are the Basic Rules of Powder Brows Aftercare?

Even though the rules are very strict, they are not hard to follow. The most important piece of advice you need to remember is not to touch your powder brows. Therefore:

  • don’t touch, scratch, or rub them
  • don’t wear makeup
  • don’t pick scabs
  • don’t sleep on your face
  • avoid physical activities that cause excessive sweating
  • avoid situations where your brows will be exposed to dust and dirt
  • avoid saunas and swimming pools as well as long showers
  • avoid sun exposure and tanning
  • avoid having facial treatment until the brows are completely healed.

What Types of Powder Brows Aftercare Are There?

If you’ve been reading articles about powder brows aftercare online, you might have noticed that some of them say that you should treat your brows with an ointment to help them heal faster. Others, however, say that no additional creams or products are allowed.

There are two ways in which you can treat your powder brows:

  • dry healing
  • wet healing

The difference between them is that the former means using an ointment after washing the brows, while the latter doesn’t.

The wet healing routine has several steps:

  • wash your brows gently with sterile water
  • dry them gently by blotting them with a clean cloth or a cotton pad
  • apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment

Some PMU artists recommend this type of healing, explaining that an ointment acts as a barrier against contamination, has a beneficial effect on the cells, and helps the skin regenerate faster.

When it comes to dry healing, there are 2 versions.

  1. The first one implies washing your brows gently, and then drying them, but the ointment is excluded.
  2.  The second one is a little more extreme and means no washing at all and no ointments. All you need to do is stay away from water and wait for your brows to heal naturally.

Eyebrows Aftercare Instructions by PMUHub

Which Ointment Should I Use for Powder Brows Aftercare?

Your powder brows artist will probably prescribe you an ointment, but it’s good to be informed in advance.

Aquaphor is most commonly used, as well as coconut oil and creams that contain virgin olive and avocado oil. They are great for moisturizing and healing the treated area.

Ointments that contain honey and propolis are good antibacterial products. Some artists are fans of Vaseline, but this might not be the best option, because it’s too thick and can’t be wiped off without rubbing.

Some ointments may contain shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax, so if you are allergic to any of these products, inform your artist.

Never use any product that wasn’t prescribed by your artist for powder brows aftercare, as they could affect proper healing and damage the results.

Best Powder Brows Healing Creams


Zensa Healing Cream

How Do I Know What Powder Brows Aftercare Type Is Right for Me?

Your esthetician will prescribe the powder brows aftercare routine that will work best for you, based on your skin type.

Follow their instructions as closely as possible.

Powder Brows Aftercare for Oily Skin

The powder eyebrows treatment works on all skin types, unlike microblading, which can be problematic on oily skin.

However, the powder brows aftercare routine for oily skin usually implies dry healing, since there is no need for additional moisturizing.

Most artists advise that freshly done powder eyebrows should be blotted a few times a day and should be kept dry. They may prescribe using a very small amount of ointment to relieve the itchiness. 

Bear in mind that everyone’s skin is different and that powder brows aftercare is adapted to your individual situation by your artist.

How Do I Clean My Eyebrows?

When it comes to cleaning your powder brows, it is best to clean the area with a damp cotton pad to remove the extra lymph. Then dry it gently, with a clean tissue. 

Depending on which kind of healing your artist recommends, you might be advised to use an aftercare ointment. Apply a thin layer of it after cleaning the area. Only use products recommended by your powder brows artist.

In addition, you might need to adapt your skincare routine to your PMU. Some ingredients found in skincare like acids and exfoliants can damage the results of the powder brows treatment. 

How Do I Clean My Eyebrows?
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Powder Brow Aftercare – Day by Day Overview

Day 1

The healing process starts right after the treatment.

The treated area is sensitive and a little bit swollen. The pigment looks too dark.

The area is prone to infections since the wound is fresh. Therefore, you need to keep it clean. A few hours after the treatment, blot the lymph off of them with a cotton pad and just a drop of sterile water. Repeat this 2-3 times.

Days 2-4

Wash your powder eyebrows carefully as advised, with some sterile water on a cotton pad, or use antibacterial soap (follow your PMU artist’s instructions).

Repeat this 2-4 times a day to avoid the build-up of lymph in the area. Be very gentle and make sure your hands are clean.

After cleaning your brows apply a thin layer of an ointment with a q-tip if advised. Don’t put on too much ointment – your brows mustn’t look greasy and the skin should be able to breathe.

Days 5-7

The scabbing stage starts.

Be extra careful during this period. Remove extra lymph with a clean tissue and apply ointment if advised. The ointment can help during the scabbing stage because it softens the scabs.

Under no circumstances should you pick the scabs or peel them off. You can ruin your powder brows that way. Let the scabs fall off on their own.

If you notice excessive scabbing or irritation, contact your PMU artist.

Days 10-14

The aftercare period is almost over.

You can stop using the ointment when all the scabs fall off. Your eyebrows are probably light and might look a bit patchy but don’t worry. The color will return and the patches will be filled in at the first touch up.

You can slowly return to your normal routine and even start wearing makeup. Still, be careful not to use products that contain exfoliants.

Powder Brows Aftercare Days 1-14
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What Is the Ombre Powder Brows Aftercare Like?

Since ombre powder brows are just a spin-off on the basic powder brows, meaning they are done using the exact same technique, only following a specific pigment saturation pattern, the ombre powder brows aftercare routine is exactly the same as the powder brows aftercare.

It implies washing your brows according to a prescribed schedule and applying an aftercare ointment if advised.

When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Powder Brows Treatment?

You will probably be advised not to get your freshly done powder brows wet for a few days after the treatment. That means that they shouldn’t be exposed to water because it can damage your brow tattoo. However, your powder brows tattoo needs to be cleaned.

Keep your eyebrows dry 2-3 hours after the treatment, and then gently wipe them with a cotton pad and just a little bit of sterile water. Do that 2-3 times on the first day to absorb excess lymph fluid.

After the first day, you can wash your brows but very gently, without rubbing.

How Long After the Powder Brows Treatment Can I Wash My Face?
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How Long After the Powder Brows Treatment Can I Wash My Face?

You can wash it the very same day unless your artist warns you not to, but be very gentle.
Don’t wash the brows area. The best option is to clean your face with a cotton pad and some water, avoiding the treated area.
After day 10, you can wash your face the way you always do.

Am I Allowed to Shower After the Appointment?

Yes, of course, but make it quick

Steam is not a friend of freshly done powder eyebrows, so don’t shower for longer than 5 minutes, and the water shouldn’t be too hot.

There are products that you can use to protect your freshly done powder brows tattoo. Protective patches that you can order online or get from your artist can help you protect the treated area from getting wet.

How Do I Maintain My Powder Brows Once They Are Healed?

Powder brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, so it will start fading at some point.

Regular touch ups will prolong your powder brows’ longevity. Book a touch up appointment as soon as you notice they started fading. If you do it regularly, your powder brows can last up to 4 years.

Some people might notice that their powder brows fade faster than other people’s. That is perfectly normal. The speed of fading depends on your skin type, lifestyle, and your overall system.

How Do I Maintain My Powder Brows Once They Are Healed?
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What If I Mess Up My Powdered Brows?

If you follow the powder brows aftercare rules, it’s highly unlikely you’ll mess up your powder brows. 

But if that does happen somehow, contact your artist immediately. If the damage is not excessive, it is going to be fixed at the first touch up appointment.

Infections are very rare, but if your brows are contaminated and get infected, pay a visit to a dermatologist. They might prescribe some antibiotics or creams to cure the infection.

Choosing a reliable, experienced artist who works with sterile equipment and sterile conditions is very important. They should know everything about the powder eyebrows aftercare and side effects. You have to trust them and rely on them.

What Do I Do If My Powder Brows Start Fading Too Soon?

Since the powder brows treatment is semi-permanent, fading is inevitable. 

However, if you feel your powder brows have started fading too soon, it’s possible something was not done right. Either some condition you might have sped up the process of fading or it could be your artist’s fault.

Inform the artist about any conditions you have prior to the treatment. In case the treatment was not done properly and the pigment couldn’t retain, ask for a correction or refund and find another artist.

What Do I Do If My Powder Brows Start Fading Too Soon?

Powder Brows Aftercare – Main Takeaways

Powder brows aftercare rules are really not that hard to obey. 

They imply following a prescribed cleaning and moisturizing schedule, and not touching your powder brows for a couple of weeks. Simple, right?

Follow your aftercare instructions religiously and you can expect great results.



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