Artist’s Corner: #PMUHubSuccessStory with Sasenka Martic

PMUHub Success Story Sasenka Martic
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Welcome to the very first interview in the new expert series provided by PMUHub!

In Artist’s Corner series expect to read about the most compelling and empowering permanent makeup business stories under a hashtag #PMUHubSuccessStory. We’ll be sharing some incredible career paths by successful PMU artists, and their motivating business stories with PMUHub’s audience. 

In our first interview we’ve asked PhiMaster Sasenka Martic questions related to her career development in the permanent makeup industry. The purpose of this interview is to show each artist’s individual path to success and motivate some future generations of professionals. So, tune in!

1. Have you ever imagined how far you would come when you just started in the beauty industry?

Sasenka: First of all, I have entered this industry as a hobby, so I have never thought this is going to be my real job. You know, you always think a job has to be something you have to do, not what you are really passionate about…No, I have never imagined I will be where I am now.

2. What was your first career goal? Compare today's business challenges with ones when you first started your career.

Sasenka: My beginning was in 1995. It was really a long time ago, when permanent makeup was not that popular as it is now. It was hard to explain or emphasize the advantages of permanent make up back then. Also, the advertising tools were not so sophisticated, or so accessible as they are today (some kind of it at least, not all) .

3. Which set of skills is important for success in the permanent makeup industry? Is it a raw talent, ability to sell, good communication, marketing and advertising, or pure luck?

Sasenka: Luck has no connection with any success. Skill is just a part of it. When you have a skill you need to upgrade it and be constantly updated. It is constant education. Never stop learning! One moment when you stop, you will finish your career.

All the things mentioned make an important part. Nobody can rely on good work only. You can have the best work in the world, but if you don’t have marketing, so that clients can see you, or skill to sell it, you will complete only one part of your job. Each segment is very important.

Personally, I truly believe that each part has to be done with professionals.

Personally, I truly believe that each part has to be done with professionals.

4. What is the competition like in the PMU industry? Is there collaboration and genuine support?

Sasenka: Competition has been hard for the last 5-6 years. One problem in particular has arisen in recent years – people take a course and the following day they start to teach. This produces a lot of artists who can’t do a job properly because they lack a real knowledge and support.

Yes, there is really good support and collaboration between the same academy artists and other artists, as well. Personally, I don’t make distinctions between academies. For me there are good and bad artists. That’s all.

PMUHub interview Sasenka pmu master

5. How important is the responsibility towards clients? How do you manage to balance out client’s wishes and your own vision of beauty?

Sasenka: In the relationship with clients, we are professionals and have a high responsibility to explain well what the procedure is about. Client has no obligation to know anything about procedures, an artist has. That’s why it’s important for artists to take time during consultations to explain clients step by step procedures, advantages, risks (if there are any). We have to give them the best advice, but the final decision is on them.

On the other hand, we all have boundaries we’re not ready to cross when it comes to client’s wishes. Consultation serves us also to decide if we want to fulfill these wishes. Sometimes, clients expect us to do what’s not considered a good practice.

If I consider something to be outside of the rules and disturbing, I’ll refuse to do it. After all, every work is my business card. We know for sure later that the client will never explain that he/she is the one who insisted on the design… so, we have to defend our reputation.

6. Is getting out of your comfort zone the right recipe for success? What does success mean to you?

Sasenka: In most cases, yes. Success is the ability to work what you like while being able to make a living and fulfill small pleasures in your life.

For personal experience, I am telling constant education is a key. Also, personal practice and discipline. I have never ever abandoned particles on latex.

7. What was the turning point for the success of your PMU business?

Sasenka: When I moved from Serbia and realized that in this part of the world nobody knows about Microblading, and other advanced PMU techniques.
Also this was the point when I have started to take a lot of educations and perfection trainings.

For personal experience, I am telling constant education is a key. Also, personal practice and discipline. I have never ever abandoned particles on latex.

8. What was the most valuable lesson you learned about business over the years?

Sasenka: You have to be persistent and understand that quantity shouldn’t be your first aim. The success will come with the quality, and this way it will be in the long run.

9. What is the best career advice you ever got and would like to pass on to other striving artists and beginners in the PMU industry?

Sasenka: Education, practice, constant development. This industry is fast changing and we have to be updated.

Marketing, selling, and presenting yourself has to be done with professionals. You can’t do everything by yourself. This way you will save much time and achieve top quality.

10. Since we have just entered 2020, can you tell us what PMU trends are expected to emerge or stay this year?

Sasenka: A demand for permanent makeup removal is climbing due to more bad work and changing trends in the industry. Machine work is more visible (lips, eyeliner, brows shading).

About PhiMaster Sasenka Martic

Sasenka Martic is a Puerto Rico based PhiMaster, specializing in permanent makeup removal. Sasenka is well known for providing PhiRemoval training worldwide. Besides removal, she provides microblading and microneedling services in her Academy, as well as other pmu services on lips, scalp, eyeliner.

She has been in the permanent makeup industry since 1998. In 2016, she began organizing courses for PhiAcademy, and in 2019 she became a Master of PhiAcademy. 

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