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A group of industry experts living and breathing PMU, constantly researching, learning, and collaborating with professionals to bring you the information you need.

Honest, objective & available to everyone.

pmuhub editor in chief

Emilija Micković, Editor-in-Chief

+ Head of Content at SEMRail

Every industry in the world has an independent, objective media outlet that helps it grow. My job is to keep PMUHub your go-to source for all things PMU & more.

As a senior web journalist with 5 years of specialization in the field of permanent makeup, I’ve been working very hard to build and curate a resource that brings you all the info you need, in the form you want. Yup, that’s me that you’ll find on our YouTube channel! I’m also the one running around all the congresses trying to interview you.

I even tried some of the treatments to give you my honest review.

Over the years, I’ve been following all the happenings in the permanent makeup industry – from the rise of the microblading craze to the machine revolution – I’ve seen it all. And I’m excited to see what’s yet to come!

pmuhub editor

Katarina Vislavski, Senior Editor

+ Senior Content Marketing Expert at SEMRail

My job is to ensure you get the info you need: fact-checked, accurate, and objective. Oh and most importantly, fun!

I’ve been a web-journalist-turned-editor specializing in the files of PMU, lashes and skincare for the past 5 years. 

I was the one who wrote the very first guide on PMUHub. I’m pretty sure it was The Ultimate Guide to Microblading, way back in 2019. Looking back, I’m so proud of how far the platform has come!

My editing process back then and my process now share the same principles: consulting the leading experts in permanent makeup, reading through medical studies, keeping up with every little shred of news, and checking, checking, checking!

Dejana Dulović, Journalist & Content Creator

+ Content Marketing Expert at SEMRail

I can honestly say that I know the industry inside-out and my every day is dedicated to helping you make educated decisions, whether you’re a PMU professional or a potential client eyeing a treatment.

I’ve been a part of PMUHub for 2+ years, and every single piece of content you’ve read on here has passed through my hands. I’ve either written it or fact-checked it.

Before I joined this PMU powerhouse, I spent years researching, testing, and writing about innovative fashion and beauty products. So once I joined the PMUHub team, it was natural for me to specialize in covering innovative treatments.

I love bringing you all you need to know about the craziest PMU and beauty experiments, consulting PMU and tattooing experts to ensure a comprehensive approach to my research process.

Our Expert Advisors & Contributors

Our strength lies in the army of permanent makeup & beauty experts we consult daily, PMU business consultants who help us help you grow your beauty business, and PMU technicians who generously share their expertise with you.

They’re too many to name, but let’s shout out some of our most dedicated advisors & review board. They are the true heroes.

pmuhub founder and owner

Predrag Obradović, SEMRail

PMU Marketing Expert & Business Consultant

  • A digital marketing expert with 10+ years of experience helping beauty businesses reach their full potential
  • Business consultant to some of the biggest players in the PMU industry
  • Performance marketing educator
  • Oh, and the owner & founder, visionary & innovator behind PMUHub!

An honorary mention goes to all our lovely Contributors who go a step further and write a portion of our content independently, sharing their insights and helping you improve your work at no cost at all.

How Do We Create Our Content?

First, we find questions that need to be answered.

Then we dig deep to find every single piece of information available.

We filter it through our 6 years of knowledge and experience to separate fact from fiction,

Next up, consult the army of permanent makeup artists and trainers who are generously sharing their own expertise with us, fact-check against medical and scientific resources, and distill the most objective, most credible and practice-backed answer.

And finally sprinkle it with real-life, real-work examples we know you want to see!

The fact that we are not a salon, not an academy and not a manufacturer allows us to see the bigger picture, hear every side of the story, and come up with the truth. No filter, no hidden agenda.

Our Story

The idea behind every branch of PMUHub is to help the PMU industry grow.

It all started with your needs.

The idea was born in 2017. Some call it the Golden Era of PMU. We call it the Dark Ages.

Why? Because you couldn’t find information anywhere. Your only source of information was the handful of educators who were willing to share their secrets (most weren’t) and the occasional Facebook group.

We thought artists and their customers deserved better.

An objective, specialized media outlet dedicated to the PMU industry didn’t exist. So we made one.

wulop 2023 celebration
Melinda Gaspar, Artist and Trainer, and PMUHub Team

PMUHub went live on July 1st, 2019, after an extensive period of hard work researching the most famous treatments and preparing content that would answer all the questions people didn’t know who to ask.

A group of journalists with a passion for beauty has been bringing you the most thoroughly researched, objectively written content ever since.

We are proud to say we have more than 6 years of experience exploring the PMU industry inside-out.

We collaborate closely with PMU artists, trainers and academies to fact-check everything and bring you information you can trust.

And most importantly – we listen to YOU.

We will keep covering topics you want to know more about, keep improving our content based on your feedback, and keep doing our best to give you what you need.

pmuhub team at wulop congress
Jasmina Babić, WULOP Balkans Organizer, and PMUHub Team

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