PMU Artist’s Gift Guide 2023: Treat Yourself or the Artist in Your Life

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 18, 2023
PMU Artist's Gift Guide
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Are you looking for unique ideas to treat yourself, or maybe your loved one who happens to be a PMU artist? Whether you want to elevate your work, get inspired, or simply are confused about what to buy your beloved artist, we’ve got you covered!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Our festive PMU Artist’s gift guide is here to sprinkle some holiday magic. It combines the best, beginner-friendly tools that are good for everyone’s wallets, as well as those on the pricier side that will leave you or your loved one in awe.

So, grab your warm cinnamon latte, cozy up under your Christmas tree, and let’s get started with this cheerful PMU gift guide!

The Gift of Perfectly Mapped Brows: Shaping & Pre-Draw Tools

In the hands of a skilled PMU artist, tools aren’t simply devices, but wands used to create magic. Having a set of tools you heavily rely on is a good way to discover new techniques and evolve. So, let’s get started with our top picks!

Peel Off Brow Pencils Kit from Biotek

The illusion of perfect brows and lips usually starts with a crisp outline, so every permanent makeup artist needs to have all the pre-draw and mapping tools needed to create it.

This Christmas, gift yourself or your PMU loved one this peel-off pencil kit from Biotek Milano that contains 4 different shades for brow and eyeliner mapping. Such a simple but effective gift, isn’t it?

PhiAcademy White Marker Pen

No PMU artist’s tool gear is complete without a white mapping pen. It’s such a simple but powerful instrument that makes the magic come to life, permanently.

The PhiAcademy White Marker Pen is as white as snow and will make your holiday pre-draws even better.

If you want to get your eyebrow measuring to the next level, then the Phi BB Compass will be your or your PMU loved one’s best friend!

It helps you measure someone’s eyebrows or lips with precision in just a few seconds while preserving the golden ratio. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced artists and a handy tool to use every day of the year.

The Gift of Painless Beauty: Numbing Products

In the world of PMU, it is important to create a comfortable, safe space for clients, especially those who have sensitive skin and a low pain threshold. Elevate your numbing game or your loved one’s with the gift of topical anesthetic creams!

Zensa Numbing Cream

Whichever treatment your favorite PMU artist offers, a simple gift that will eliminate the discomfort of needles will surely be appreciated, so why not opt for the best possible formulation?

The Zensa numbing cream is a reliable, fast-acting, and intense topical anesthetic made for pre-numbing and secondary numbing, meaning, the client is guaranteed a completely painless experience. Now, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

Ultra Duration Numbing Liquid

Oh, happy days! The Ultra Duration Numbing Liquid is a fan-favorite numbing creme that guarantees smooth sailing during microblading and PMU.

A guaranteed way to ensure your client stays pain-free, this is a fast-absorbing option that provides immediate relief!

Tag 45 Numbing Gel

Tattooing sensitive, broken skin is always tricky for both the artist and the client. Many artists love the Tag 45 Numbing Gel because of its convenience and effectiveness.

It’s suitable for use on all skin parts, including the most sensitive ones like the areola.

The Gift of Precise Strokes: Tattooing Machines

Speaking of magic, machines are the part of the kit that turns an artist’s vision into reality. A professional PMU machine is an essential tool and a luxury gift as well.

Choosing the right one can be overwhelming, especially if you are buying it for someone else, so here are some of our faves!

Bellar Air Blue 2.1 mm Stroke Wireless PMU Machine

If you’re looking to buy something sturdy and precise, but that looks expensive and elegant as well, the Bellar Air Wireless PMU Machine is your best bet.

The OG Bellar Air is wireless and allows you to have full control with maximum precision. Artists around the world enjoy this one the most since it is very versatile, lets you work on every skin type, and is also beginner-friendly.

Also, if you are gifting it to someone, just know that it comes in a sleek bag that gives off that festive, luxurious vibe!

Spektra Xion S PMU Machine

For those who want to spend a bit less but get something just as good as the Bellar Air, we recommend checking out the Microbeau Xion S.

It’s a bit heavier than the Bellar Air, but some artists really enjoy that feature because they can control the machine better.

The Gift of Long-Lasting Color: Pigments

Let’s bring some color into this holiday gift guide with pigments! Cheerful season is upon us, and we all need some sparkle in our lives. From natural tones to bold shades that make a statement, these pigments bring beauty ideas to life.

Brow Daddy Pigments Gold Collection Set

Starting with cult-favorite, Brow Daddy has a range of high-quality brow pigments you can choose from. We need to talk about this Gold Collection Set that looks like a beautiful tree ornament, it is too Christmassy!

It includes 10 eyebrow pigments ranging from blonde to black. Isn’t it sleek?

Sultry Lips Set by Perma Blend

If lip pigments are something that sparks your interest, look no further than the Sultry Lip Set by Perma Blend.

It contains a selection of the most prized pink and red lip blush colors. Just like the name says, it helps PMU artists create sultry, juicy lips with ease!

The Gift of Crafting: Mixing Tools & Needle Cartridges

Let’s not forget that every PMU artist strives to make their procedures more efficient, so why not gift them with tools that will help speed up the process? Check out our picks below.

Phi Mixer

Before you start the process of tattooing, it’s important to get a reliable tool to mix the pigments and create the brows or lips of your client’s wildest dreams.

Rudolf the reindeer has spoken: the PhiBrows Phi Mixer Machine is fast and efficient, and will surely give the results anyone would want.

Vertix Nano Sample Box PMU Needle Cartridges

To ensure the precision of every stroke and get the best outcome possible, every artist wants a tattooing needle that lets them paint with ease and accuracy. After all, we all know that a machine isn’t complete without a good set of needles.

So, if you aren’t sure about which needle you should be buying, take a look at this Vertix Nano Sample Box. It allows you to try out 8 different ones and decide for yourself which one suits you best. Who doesn’t enjoy trying out new stuff?

Now, Let’s Wrap It All Up…

No gift is complete without the perfect packaging!

If you aren’t quite a gifting master or you don’t know how to recreate your vision in real life, we’ve prepared a few packaging options for you.

A box that’s already wrapped up in cute Christmas wrapping paper? Festive bags with different size options that will look adorable under your Christmas tree? Sign us up!

Final Thoughts

So, whether you are a PMU artist yourself or brainstorming gift ideas for your loved one, our holiday gift guide is here to give you recommendations on the best 2023 products and their benefits.

There’s no need to panic this Christmas. From unique gift sets to useful tools, Santa’s little helpers have crafted this work for you!



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