PhiFaves #1: Mersida Hodžić Ramić, Grand Master of Honor

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 13, 2024
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Welcome to PhiFaves – a series where we chat with artists to reveal their go-to Phi products & how they use them.

To kick off the series in grand style, we spoke to Mersida Hodžić Ramić, who you probably know (and follow!) on Instagram as @mersy_pmu.

As one of the biggest names in microblading, Mersy is recognizable for her perfectly delicate and very natural microblading. But since she discovered the power of the Phi Master Machine, she has perfected the hair stroke technique down to every detail!

You’re probably curious about the products she uses to create her brow magic. Watch the video and read the article to find out!

Mersy’s Favorite Pigments

Grand Master Mersy is a true SUPER formula girl – she uses the PhiBrows SUPER pigments both for microblading and for machine hair strokes.

PhiBrows SUPER pigments have been the gold standard for microblading for years, but did you also know that many artists like using them for machine brows, too?

“I really like using PhiBrows SUPER (or SUPE) for machine hair strokes because they have warmer healing. When working with the new Phi Master machine, I don’t even need to make them thinner, because the machine catches pigments really well even without using the thinner for diluting, and makes a precise stroke.”

What she also loves about these pigments is that they are the “cleanest pigments in the world.” This means that they allow Mersy to keep her clients safe, protect their health long-term, and ensure the best possible, most true-to-color fading of the results.

The shades she uses most often are Brown 1 and Brown 2, since those shades match the hair color of the majority of her clientele.

SUPER Brown 2 Image Source: Instagram @mersy_pmu

But the colors don’t work on their own – you have to use color theory to your advantage. That’s why Mersy often adds a little bit of the color Red, especially into Brown 3, and sometimes does pigment masks at the end of her BoldBrows treatments to warm up the tone and make sure the strokes heal more neutral.

pigment mask

Mersy’s Favorite Blades

Mersy’s go-to blade is the PhiBrows U304 Master blade. Specifically, she uses the disposable tool with this blade in 99% of her BoldBrows treatments.

In certain cases, she’ll also go with the disposable tool with the U24 Nano Blade – the PhiBrows Grand Master. This blade is the thinnest in the collection, so it makes the microblading pattern even more airy and delicate. In the hands of Mersy, it gives extremely realistic results.

Whichever tool she chooses, she never forgets the sticky pad! The self-adhesive blade cleaning pads that come with the disposable tools are a must-have for Mersy. In fact, if there’s one piece of advice she would share with the community, it’s to clean your blade often between strokes so there’s very little pigment on it.

Mersy’s Favorite Cartridges

Mersy stays loyal to one single cartridge. She does all her machine PMU treatments with the 0.30 1RL, including hair strokes, shading for combo brows, and even powder brows. “It’s my favorite!” she says.

This cartridge configuration allows for control over every pixel. It requires gradual saturation, which means you can create different effects, from more pixelated to more solid.

Mersy’s Favorite Machine

Mersy has been among the first to try the new Phi Master machine – and she loved it so much it inspired her to master the hair strokes technique! That’s how amazing she found the machine to be!

Master machine + 0.30 1RL + SUPER Brown 3 & RedMaster machine + 0.30 1RL + SUPER Brown 3 & Red
Image Source: Instagram @mersy_pmu

The Master is an advanced permanent makeup machine. It features a dual mode so that you can adjust its performance for shading and hair strokes. This unique technology is what sets it apart and makes it a truly unique option on the PMU market.

Read more about the new Phi PMU machines here.

What’s on Mersy’s Tray?

Here’s Mersy’s setup for a machine hair strokes treatment:

setup for a machine hair strokes treatment

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Why Take Mersy’s Advice?

With an Instagram following of 100k+ Mersida Hodžić Ramić is one of the most famous microbalding artists in the world, and a highly sought-after trainer. She’s been doing microblading since 2016, quickly gaining experience, and transitioning into education a few years later. Today, she’s super famous for her unique microblading pattern, but her skills also include machine PMU.



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