Permanent Mascara Treatments: How to Achieve the Look

By Deana D.| Last updated on May 14, 2024
permanent mascara
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There’s just something about mascara that makes a makeup look complete and makes us look more awake. If you’re someone who feels naked without their mascara, then you’ve probably wondered How can I make my mascara last longer?

Well, you’re in luck because permanent mascara exists and it’s highly beneficial to everyone struggling with applying makeup or wanting to save some time on doing their makeup in the morning.

Read this article to learn everything about permanent mascara – what it is, how it’s done, and how to achieve the look at home.

What Is Permanent Mascara Exactly?

Let’s start off by saying that permanent mascara isn’t exactly permanent, nor a mascara – it is rather an umbrella term for several lash enhancement treatments that have semi-permanent results.

The list of these treatments most commonly includes lash tinting (which can be done in combination with a lash lift) and lash extensions, but also some interesting alternatives like the lash dip and falscara lashes (more on this later).

All of these treatments are done with a certain goal in mind – to create natural-looking, darker eyelashes that people can easily mistake for several coats of truly great mascara.

Not only that, permanent mascara treatments provide long-lasting and waterproof results, which beats reapplying your mascara on a daily basis.

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How to Achieve the Semi-Permanent Mascara Look

Semi-permanent mascara treatments are great solutions for cutting your makeup routine in half and looking fresh and glammed up every day of the week.

The most popular way to achieve the effects is to either get a lash tint or lash extensions so, let’s take a closer look at these two treatments:

Lash Tinting

The lash tint is like a mascara that permanently tints eyelashes. It’s a quick, affordable option for enhancing your natural eyelashes by giving them a darker color and as a result, a bolder look.

Lash tinting is a process that implies coloring lash hair strands from the base to the tip with semi-permanent vegetable dye.

However, this process alone won’t give your lashes any curl or extra length – you will need a lash lift to achieve that. Fortunately, these two treatments are most often done together.

If you’re looking to give your lashes a darker color and give your mascara a well-deserved break for up to 6-8 weeks, we recommend trying out a DIY lash tint at home.

This can give you a mascara-like effect that is almost the same as getting a professional lash tint. Just remember to use eye-safe, FDA-approved products and carefully follow the instructions.

lash tinting permanent mascaraImage source: Instagram @jennakoryn.aesthetics

Eyelash Extensions

There’s a common misconception that eyelash extensions always look fake. However, eyelash extensions come in many different styles and are highly customizable, so achieving a permanent mascara look can be a breeze.

The procedure itself is fairly simple and involves gluing semi-permanent fibers to individual natural lashes. So if you want to add some length and volume to your lashes and tinting just isn’t doing that for you, lash extensions are your best bet.

You can opt for some of the most natural-looking lash styles for a slight enhancement, or to achieve a full mascara-like effect, opt for wet look lash extensions. An experienced lash tech will advise you on the look that suits you best.

Lash extensions can last up to 8 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and the care you put into maintaining them.

Learn everything about proper lash extension maintenance and aftercare here.

classic and hybrid eyelash extensions Image source: Instagram @hellobambilashes

What Is a Lash Dip?

A permanent mascara treatment that has been all the rave in the 2010s, the lash dip is a procedure during which a black jelly coating is cold-air-cured onto lashes to give them a mascara-like effect.

Once the lash dip dries and hardens into its final state, it’s completely moisture-proof so you can enjoy swimming and working out without worrying about it running down your face.

The lash dip aims to achieve the lift, separation, and hold of a really good mascara, but with results that last up to 6 weeks.

A lash dip can also be done in combination with lash extensions. Adding a few lashes, approximately 10 at each corner prior to dipping, can add that extra oomph and really make the eyes pop.

It is important to note, however, that there have been mixed reviews about this treatment over the past decade, stating that it can be quite uncomfortable on the eyes.

Also, lash corners tend to stick together days after the procedure so touching your lashes isn’t really recommended.

If you have sensitive eyes or don’t like the feeling of hardened mascara on your lashes for a longer period of time, we would recommend skipping this treatment. If you can even find a salon that offers it, that is.

What Are Falscara Lashes?

Falscara lashes are a DIY lash extension technique made to replace standard strip lashes.

A starter kit by the brand KISS contains everything you need to successfully apply falscara lashes at home – 24 wisps, bond & seal solution, applicator, remover, and an additional long-lasting sealer.

The Kiss Falscara lashes are applied to the bottom of your natural lashes instead of the top, creating a more natural, mascara-like effect.

This also makes them more durable and longer lasting – you can enjoy the benefits of your falscara lashes for up to 10 days.

So if you’re not willing to commit to lash extensions or eyelash tints but want to make a statement with your lashes, this could be a happy medium for getting the best-looking results.

Learn everything about the Kiss Falscara here.

So, Which Permanent Mascara Treatment Should You Try?

If mascara is something you just can’t live without but are tired of the constant reapplying, permanent mascara treatments just might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Whether you opt for lash tinting, lash extensions, lash dipping or even DIY falscara lashes, you will be able to get customized results that suit you best and not worry about them smudging or wearing off during the day.

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