Permanent Makeup Removal Cost

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 1, 2022

Read our guide through the permanent makeup removal cost to find out how much you’ll need to set aside to get rid of unwanted permanent makeup. The price varies depending on technique, and from one tech to another.

Permanent Makeup Removal Cost - PMUHub's Market Research

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With the huge rise in the demand for permanent makeup treatments, there also comes a need for permanent makeup removal. A large number of practicing artists inevitably means that there’s some low-quality work out there clients regret getting.

Even if they’re initially thrilled with their PMU results, some clients change their mind after some time and want to get rid of their eyebrow tattoo or their permanent eyeliner. Then, there are cases of PMU not fading the way it’s supposed to, or pigments migrating outside of the initial outline.

All these are more than valid reasons to seek PMU removal. If your PMU is a source of insecurities, it’s definitely worth investing in removing it. But just how much does PMU removal cost?

Keep reading to find out the results of PMUHub’s research into permanent makeup removal cost.

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How Much Does Permanent Makeup Removal Cost on Average?

Permanent makeup removal cost is usually charged per session, and you will most likely need 2-8 treatments.

The price can vary a lot from technician to technician. The average saline and laser permanent makeup removal price is similar – $215 for laser session, $250 for saline session.

Glycolic acid removal is a bit pricier – the average price is around $400 per session.

The PMU removal price range is quite wide, so you can find it as cheap as $100 and as expensive as $700 per session.

How Can Permanent Makeup Be Removed?

Permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing that uses semi-permanent PMU pigments instead of traditional ink. The pigments are formulated in such a way that allows the body to break them down over time, so the effects eventually fade away.

The average longevity of PMU results is around 2 years, with the exception of scalp micropigmentation, which generally lasts longer than that.
But in some cases, waiting for the pigments to fade is not an option.

Luckily, there are 3 PMU removal methods that can eliminate the results quite successfully:

  • Laser removal
  • Saline removal
  • Glycolic acid removal

Laser breaks down the pigment molecules into even smaller particles the body can extract, while non-laser removal methods open up the skin and use chemical solutions to extract them directly through scabbing.

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How Can Permanent Makeup Be Removed?Image source: @studiokarenkirchner

How Much Does Permanent Makeup Removal Cost in the USA?

The permanent makeup removal cost varies a lot. The price depends on the method, and the skill and expertise of the technician. The choice of method depends on the state of your PMU, but the choice of tech should primarily be based on their experience, not their price alone.

In the chart below, you can find the results of PMUHub’s market research into permanent makeup removal cost in the US.

NOTE: The PMU removal price list in the chart refers to 1 removal session. Most clients need between 2 and 8 sessions to get satisfactory results, so the total PMU removal cost is unpredictable.

Most techs offer discounted package deals, or charge lower prices for follow-up sessions.

Some of them charge extra for consultations.

Taxes and additional fees may apply.

PriceLaserSalineGlycolic Acid
Price Range$100 – $500$120 – $500$150 – $695
Average Price$215$250$400

PMUHub’s research – permanent makeup removal cost

How Much Does Emergency Permanent Makeup Removal Cost?

The saline removal technique can be used for emergency PMU removal within 48 hours after the procedure. It’s done by applying the saline solution directly to the treated area – as the cuts on the skin haven’t closed up yet, there’s no need to open the skin up again.

In most salons, there’s no difference in regular saline and emergency permanent makeup removal cost. But some salons charge a special emergency permanent makeup removal price – either more or less than regular removal.

The average emergency saline removal cost is $295.

Some techs charge less for emergency removal than for regular saline removal because they have less work, since there’s no needling or machine work. Others charge more because of short-notice bookings.

Does the PMU Removal Price Depend on the Area Treated?

Most clients come in for microblading and other eyebrow tattoo removal. That’s something all removal techs offer.

Lip tattoo removal and eyeliner tattoo removal are more tricky, and not all removal technicians offer these treatments. The skin of lips and eyelids requires a special technique, and that’s why some removal techs who do work on these areas charge more than eyebrow PMU removal price.

If this is the case, the price difference is not that significant – usually $50 – $100 dollars more than the eyebrow PMU removal price. Study the price list of the tech you’re considering booking beforehand.

Here is a list of permanent makeup cost for each PMU treatment and technique:

  • Saline eyebrow tattoo removal cost: $250
  • Laser eyebrow tattoo removal cost: $215
  • Glycolic acid eyebrow tattoo removal cost: $400
  • Saline eyeliner tattoo removal cost: $300
  • Laser eyeliner tattoo removal cost: $350
  • Glycolic acid eyeliner tattoo removal cost: $450
  • Lip tattoo removal cost: $450
  • Emergency PMU removal cost: $295
  • Scalp micropigmentation removal cost: upon assessment

Body Tattoo Removal Prices

All the above mentioned techniques can also be used to remove decorative body tattoos. The regular tattoo removal prices are determined upon assessment and usually charged according to the size of the tattoo.

Since most body tattoos are no smaller than PMU tattoos, you can take our permanent makeup removal price list as a starting point – it won’t be cheaper than that, but it could be more expensive.

How Do I Choose a Tech Based on Their PMU Removal Price?

Permanent makeup removal is a complex service that involves creating deliberate trauma to the skin. All 3 methods involve breaking the skin, and they all entail certain risks, such as infection and scarring.

That’s why you want to get the most experienced tech you can find.

A higher permanent makeup removal price is often justified. You want to make sure your tech is licensed and certified, and that they use top quality supplies or devices.

A price significantly lower than average can mean little to no experience (which doesn’t necessarily mean a poor service), or no certification, which is a red flag and could endanger your health.

A tech’s permanent makeup removal cost can be used as a starting point, but the best way to make sure they know what they’re doing is to check out their portfolio and read their online reviews.

How Do I Choose a Tech Based on Their PMU Removal Price?Image source: Instagram @phimaster_zarrin

Permanent Makeup Removal Cost – Main Takeaways

Sometimes, waiting out for permanent makeup to fade away is not an option. Luckily, permanent makeup removal is possible and there are 3 methods – laser, saline, and glycolic acid removal.

All 3 require multiple sessions, usually 2-8. Removal is usually charged per session, and the prices vary from $100 to $700. The average laser permanent makeup removal cost is around $215, for saline removal it’s $250, and the most expensive option is glycolic acid removal, which is priced at an average $400. The permanent makeup tattoo removal cost primarily depends on the experience of the removal tech.

Some techs charge extra if the area treated are lips or eyelids, and some have a special emergency PMU removal cost.



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